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Mountain Pant

Mountain Pant

Product Rating   Star Star Star Half Star   31 Reviews

Light, warm, and tougher than gnarly scrub, the Mountain Pant specializes in moving fast in the mid and late seasons. For 2016, we rebuilt it from the ground up with a more precise fit and a newly-developed fabric, making rugged stalks quieter and more comfortable then ever.

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Product Detail

  • Articulated Patterning
  • New Softer & Lighter Removable Knee Pad
  • Side Cargo Pockets

  • DWR Finish

    Fabric Details
  • 4-Way Stretch Woven Polyester

    Tech Drawing
  • tech


Light, warm, and tougher than gnarly scrub, the Mountain Pant specializes in moving fast in the mid and late seasons. For 2016, we rebuilt it from the ground up with a more precise fit and a newly-developed fabric, making rugged stalks quieter and more comfortable then ever.

Athlete Perspective

Athlete Perspective

“The Mountain Pant is my go to pant in the Sitka Gear line up. I wear these from July to January in all types of conditions. The feature set in this design is perfect at handling hunting necessities such as wind checkers, gloves, a bandit and calls. The Mountain Pants are also extremely durable, I still wear a pair that have six full hunting seasons of use on them. The fabric on the Mountain Pants stretches well, breathes wonderfully and dries in a snap.”

- Sitka Athlete Mark Seacat

Read Reviews (31)

Brad B
September 17, 2016
Star Star Star

I really like the pants, they've held up well after 100+ abusive days in the backcountry. A recommendation for improvement however...add zip vents in the legs. Inner, outer, either or, both. That's the only thing these pants are missing. (None of the pants have them, and they all need leg vents) Won't add much weight to a pant that's a little on the heavy side already and can get hot hiking in warmer weather or during hard charges.

Richard Stapleton
August 25, 2016
Star Star Star Star

These pants were literally the most comfortable and useful pants that you could buy! I used them on an Alaskan Dall sheep hunt! We got a sheep and these held up to the abuse of sliding down a mountain covered in sharp rocks with 80 pounds of meat on my back. only a few small tears but any pants that would've happened to trust me. Thank you Sitka and your customer service is unmatched with any company ive dealt with. You will always have my business!

April 27, 2016
Star Star Star Star

These are the best hunting pants money can buy.... This is just my opinion. I bought my first pair in 2010 and they are still going strong. They provide good stretch and do not limit your abilities. I used to hate the run of the mill camo pants that the crotch was half way down my thigh and I had to pull crotch up to cross a log. I remember telling people how much they cost and they would freak out... That was years ago though it seems more people have bought them now and it's not such a big deal. I have always said you get what you pay for....

January 27, 2016
Star Star Star Star

Love 'em. Tried all sorts of pants from everyone, and these are the best. Comfortable, great cut, quiet and durable. Can't go wrong with these!

December 30, 2015
Star Star Star Star

I bought these to wear on a 7 day elk hunt in CO this past September and they were AWESOME! They are a good weight as they aren't too hot and just right for those cool morning hikes. The knee pads are what drew me to the mountain pant and they performed flawless. They are priced a bit high but are worth every penny as I'm sure they will outlast other slightly cheaper brands. Money well spent!

December 1, 2015
Star Star Star Star

I wore and washed pants 9 days in a row during this years mule deer season. One small tear due to a bob wire fence. I have several items and this is by far one of the best.

November 18, 2015
Star Star Star Star

I have had these pants for several years, just a great piece of gear!! Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho hunts all under the belt of these. Durability along with functionality and fit are superb!

Kurt McFarlane
October 31, 2015
Star Star Star Star

These are my favorite pants. I wear them all year. I wear them spring and summer bear hunting. Then all fall for Deer, Elk and sheep hunting. And they are my go to pants that I lion hunt in all winter. They are not to hot in the summer and real good for hiking all winter. I have crossed many rivers with them and with gaiters on I stay pretty dry. Then they dry out real quick. I wish they would start making them in lead color.

October 31, 2015
Star Star Star Star

The ultimate early season bow hunting pant. I have hunted/guided in the same pair of mountain pants for 40+ days for the past 2 falls. The fit and durability of the pants is second to none. The knee pads were surprisingly helpful. They fit true to size! What else can I say about how great they are. If you're a bow hunter buy em!

September 6, 2015
Star Star Star Star

First day in the Mountain pants and they were great. It was wet and they kept Me dry and warm. Very comfy pants.

Austin W.
August 19, 2015
Star Star Star Star

Absolutely love my mountain pants! I live and hunt in Utah, so in August when our season starts and the temps are in the mid 80s or low 90s my mountain pants are breathing and moving with me. Not sticking to my thighs or bunching up, my only complaint about them is that they aren't water proof!

David Smith
July 5, 2015
Star Star Star Star

I am 48 inch waist and 32 inch inseam. do you make these in my size?

June 20, 2015
Star Star Star Star

These pants are amazing. They move with your every stride and form with your body so you have zero constriction. One of the most comfortable things you will wear while elk hunting in September.

November 6, 2014
Star Star Star Star

I absolutely love the feel, fit, stretch, durability, and everything else there is about them. The only con I have is there was a small 1 to 2 inch tear on the inside of the pant around the ankle area. This was probably do to packing out a cow that my buddy harvested in September. Sometime that night going back to camp it happened and boggles my mind because these pants are truly tough, bomb proof pants. I've taken them in some pretty nasty terrain and never seen so much as a fray anywhere. I assume it was due to a really sharp rock where the elk died. I purchased a set of these and the Kanab First Lite pants last August. I wore the Kanab's the first day, then tried the Mountain Pants on the second. I honestly prefer the Mountain Pants over the Kanab's. I love how they move with your body and keep you more comfortable than sweat pants. I didn't put the Kanab's back on until later in the season. I can't say enough about these pants as well as the Merino Quarter Zip Shirt from Sitka.

October 20, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Buy. These. Pants. I wore these on a caribou hunt in Northern Quebec. Temps ranged from the 20s to the 50s. The wind blew into the 40s one day and was still the next. It rained and snowed--in the same hour. Had to break trail through heavy brush on the way out and the way back from camp. These pants were perfect. I was comfortable, warm and dry the entire time and had no complaints. Bottom line is you get what you pay for. If you want to buy your last set of hunting clothing; buy Sitka. It ain't cheap; but the good stuff seldom is.

October 18, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

Love these pants. Wore them recently on an 8 day Mule deer hunt and they were amazingly comfortable and the flexibility is incredible. My only complaint with them is the material color is much more tan than any of the other pieces that bought at the same time. Other than color they are every bit the gear to have for Eastern Oregon hunting.

Sitka Customer Service
September 12, 2014

Hey Clint - We appreciate the feedback. We strongly recommend wearing them around in the field a bit. The foam knee pads will form and loosen up a little with use. They do ride low but the reason we designed them that way is because your pant leg will rise when you take a knee. This positions the pads exactly where they need to be. If the knee pads were higher you would loose that protection. We could shorten them up but we appreciate the additional protection that length and position provides your lower knee and upper shin in uneven terrain. Designed with intent. Try them in the field and if your not happy with or without the knee pads give us a call to discuss a different option for you.

September 12, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

I just received my mountain pants in the mail today so I haven't tested them in the field yet. They are well made and very comfortable. My one complaint thus far is that the knee pads hang too low with the top of the pad hitting the top of my knee cap when I walk. This is annoying and distracting. I looked to see if there was a size 36" waist with a shorter length available so that the pads would ride in the right place. I was disappointed to find that a shorter length is not available.

August 29, 2014
Star Star Star Star

These pants have been my go to pants. Before these pants I was wearing some old, camo denim and that was all I knew. When I begin wearing these, I realized how much weight I had previously been carrying. I also noticed the flexibility and give that these pants have. The Mountain Pants are strong, yet flexible, they dry quickly, and have held up very well to the Oregon high country! For the mid to late season hunter that wants a do all pant, meet the Mountain pant!

Kevin Swedin
August 25, 2014
Star Star Star Star

I wear these pants almost every day of the season in almost any condition, from early season into some pretty cold weather. They are super tough, tear resistant and the knee pads are a total must-have when stalking mule deer in sage and cactus covered areas. The fit and four way stretch is perfect when packing heavy loads.. even when you are sweating like crazy the pants don't get heavy and retain their fit, allowing your legs to move with ease. I've put mine through some serious abuse and they've held up extremely well. I get to test products for Gore, and the mountains pants are by far one of my favorite pieces of gear.

Sitka Customer Service
August 25, 2014

Hey Glenn - Appreciate the insight and the kind words! The Mountain Pants are highly abrasion and tear resistant but there are certain types of Thorns that can damage just about anything that's not 500D Cordura.

August 25, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

These pants are tremendous for moving quickly across rugged terrain. The cut is slim without being confining. I never have to wear any layers underneath unless I plan on sitting in cold (below 0 degrees Celsius) for more than an hour. One minus is that the material gets small pulls on it after bushwacking through thick rugged brush. This is disappointing as the pants are explicitly designed for this type of rugged use.

chris pascua
June 29, 2014
Star Star Star Star

by far my favorite early season elk pants, wore these for 22 days in September without any issue.

Michael Hayashi
June 24, 2014
Star Star Star

I just picked a pair size 34, I have shorter legs so it seems kind of long. And it's odd that the knee pads would be in a size Large. Seems like 34 waist should be a knee pad size Medium. Everything else is as advertised. I am taking them out a scout next week so they will be up for a summer adventure in Northern Arizona.

Josh D.
December 30, 2013
Star Star Star Star

I purchased these pants a few years ago and have to say that are well worth the investment. They are built with the backcountry bowhunter in mind with an athletic fit and quick drying materials. I have packed numerous elk out of the backcountry without a single stitch breaking and for me that is the true test of quality clothing. Great gear!

Brandon Purcell
December 17, 2013
Star Star Star Star

I bought these pants long before I was a Gore Hunting Tech, hands down the best pants ever. Bombproof construction. I bought these pants 4 years ago and have put them through just about everything. Antelope archery in August, where the knee pads are critical for long crawls across open cactus covered prairie. Hunting the high desert of Colorado, or the rugged badlands of eastern Montana. These pants do it all, and will hold up to anything and everything.

November 24, 2013
Star Star Star Half Star

Was pretty skeptical with the price. But after the first day in the woods in northern Vermont I was very pleased. Temp went from 22 to 50 degrees that say and there was a layer of tracking snow that melted by afternoon. I was dry warm but not to warm. The only thing I didn't like about the pants was the knee pads. When not kneeling I felt they were in the way so I took them out. And the pants worked great.

Chad Hensley
October 30, 2013
Star Star Star Star

I used these pants exclusively on our hunt in the mountains of Colorado for Elk and Muleys. They are by far the best hunting pants I have ever purchased. It snowed the first night we were there, so the next day we were in anywhere from 3" to 18" of snow, depending on how high up we went. The bottoms of the pants stayed tight to my boots, not letting in snow, and when the pants got wet, it didn't take very long for them to dry. That was the biggest thing, because I was in the snow a lot. I also really liked the knee pads. They weren't as cumbersome as I had thought they were going to be. I as on a lot of steep, slippery terrain and they paid for themselves in those conditions. It is also nice when you can drop down to your knees with a heavy load on your back without tearing them up. The one improvement I can think of is thin padding on the butt to protect from elements. That part dried the slowest, and was the only time I remember thinking my pants were wet.

Jason Phelps
July 25, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Whether hunting above timberline or riding my bike miles behind a gate these are now my go-to pants. These pants will work in any condition that early September to late November can throw at me here in Washington. I love the stretch and the pants ability to move with me. Being 6'4" the inseam is long enough to keep my legs covered while sitting.

Jason Peak
July 24, 2013
Star Star Star Star

In the interests of full disclosure, I test products for Gore. But I purchased the Mountain pants at full price and think they are worth every penny. These are my all-around pants. We get to hunt deer and antelope in Nevada in August when temps climb over 100. That is when I have my Ascent pants. But as soon as the colors start to change on the trees the Mountain Pants come out and I wear them until the end of the season. They are bulletproof--I have owned the same pair for three years and although they are a bit faded and have a few snags, they still perform. From the elk rut in September to sheep hunting in December, these pants have held up to extreme conditions. I rarely use the knee pads, so it is a nice touch that they are removable. They fit perfectly, the inseam is a bit long to cover you up while sitting down glassing, and they move like a pair of track pants. No binding or restrictions. Sitka definitely did a great job with these pants.

July 14, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Took me awhile to swallow the almost 200$ price tag of these pants,but now I wouldn't think twice. The mountain pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn afield. There are absolutely no movement hindering seams in them,they are form fitted to shape. I wear them from early to late season,whether it is mid summer or winter in the nw where I live they are perfect. I've always had hard time finding hunting pants that fit right ,but no more the talks fit my 36 inseam perfectly. I will never wear anything else while hunting again. Thanks Sitka gear!

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