Bomber Belt

Bomber Belt

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Beefy and substantial, the Bomber Belt maintains altitude for your pants and heavy accessories. The torsionally rigid 1 5/8” construction is ideal for firearm and bear spray carry.

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 WARNING: Cancer -
  • Aluminum Quick Release Buckle: Durable and easy to manage release system.

  • Sizing Suggestion: Medium // 30 - 36 Large // 36 - 42 Extra Large // 42 - 48

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9 Reviews
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Keith G Stamper
Reviewed On 10/31/2019

Pros: low profile, nice slim line cobra type buckle that doesn't bind, solid web belt material.
Cons: wont stay tight the brushed simi polished metal on the Male buckle causes slippage on The high quality nylon.
Difficult to weave I found it easiest to take the male end off and re thread it.

*I wouldn't recommend this belt in the field.

-Sitka should through a solid piece of hook and loop on the belt to retain tightness. Like some tactical belts offer.

Joe R
Reviewed On 10/06/2019

Not going to lie when I saw the price of this belt I kind of felt like I could live without it. My curiosity got the best of me and on a late night Sitka buying binge I threw it in the cart. I usually wear a 32-34 belt so I went with the medium. First impressions were that it fit, but I didn't have much a tail when I snugged it down. I weaved it into the traverse pants for my first archery hunt of the year. It felt comfortable riding on my waist and held it's tightness. I threw a cheap knife on the belt thinking it wouldn't last on that belt and would fall off eventually. I trudged through some pretty thick stuff retrieving my game and my knife stayed on the entire hunt. This belt is bomb proof.

Reviewed On 03/10/2019

Love the belt! Solid and no slip. I can’t figure out what everyone else is complaining about. This belt is great.

David A Valencia
Reviewed On 03/03/2019

Bought this didnt like it . Maybe because I'm a big boy 280 but all muscle...ya right. Lol Anyways it keeps loosening up on me might be because my belly but didnt like it and for everyday use it's a chore to get through loops. I have the smallest version and like it much better. Like I said not for me or big bellies

Reviewed On 10/28/2017

Perfect comfortable and very functional. You MUST weave the strap on the inside and not the outside like it’s displayed or it will not stay. You can call customer service and they will explain.

Reviewed On 10/03/2017

Like everything about it, except that it won't stay where I put it. Slips really bad with a weapon.

Wm Lee Shawhan
Reviewed On 12/29/2016

Belt will not stay even remotely snug. Have to continue tightening throughout the day. Not a good design.

Reviewed On 12/28/2016

Belt is solid as they come. Could use as a tow strap if need be. Buckle has solid snap and built well. Cons. Very difficult to thread this belt through any of the Sitka bet loops. Just to wide. 1/8th inch less would have been perfect. Another issue with the belt is that it loosens every 5 min. Becomes an inconvenience. The constitution is there but the design is not. This belt needs to go back to the drawing board.

Taylor P.
Reviewed On 10/05/2016

I got this as a replacement to the belts that come with some of the newer pants, and I am glad I did. The belt is heavy duty, buckle has a good solid snap to it, and there is plenty of adjustment in the belt giving you some wiggle room. Also works extremely well as an EDC style belt with a weapon holstered on it. My only complaint associated with the belt is that it tends to slip on the adjustment, so you may have to periodically re-adjust it through the day. Otherwise, fantastic belt that you should add to your daily wear.

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