Core Silk Weight Boxer

Core Silk Weight Boxer

Hunting Solids
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The Core Silk Weight Boxer is our lightest weight boxer designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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9 Reviews
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Ezra Crist
Reviewed On 07/07/2019

Bought these to try out when kayaking fishing to help keep me cool and I must say they did the job. I will be purchasing more to work in.

Rich Mealey
Reviewed On 02/11/2018

A must for a sheep hunter them on a 13 day hunt.

Ryan Lynch
Reviewed On 01/12/2018

These boxers are very comfortable. You don’t get uncomfortable wedging and you can wake at them in very hot conditions and they will keep you cool. The one critique I have is that they seem to be less durable than other options. I have had to replace three pairs over last five years as they just don’t hold up. But then again, this is a silk weight boxer. Tougher fabric boxers will hold up longer but won’t be as comfortable in warmer conditions.

Reviewed On 12/26/2017

Ordered one pair, was unsure if I’d like the silk vs. Merino. I will be ordering 4-6 more pairs. Incredibly comfortable. The merino sometimes has a bit of a inch (atleast for me) some people dont have this issue, however since trying the silk weight i will be a forever buyer of the sitka core lineup.

Ron Phillips
Reviewed On 10/07/2017

I love the fit and comfort overall. I find the elastic waist band tends to double over itself ending up at half the width with added constriction over the remaining width. This is more of an annoyance than a discomfort. I think the waist band could be improved to eliminate this issue.

Dusty Hall
Reviewed On 08/17/2017

This could be my favorite item. I love my Sitka secrets!

Justin Weir
Reviewed On 03/23/2017

Product wasn't quite what I expected. The feel is more along the lines of athletic compression shorts than underwear. I'll give the merino pair a try next time.

James Doucette
Reviewed On 09/04/2016

These shorts are polyester why call them silk? completely different.

Scott Rowe
Reviewed On 08/29/2016

I never thought the value ($) of my underwear drawer contents would have the potential to exceed my wife's. However with these the potential now exists...not b/c of their's because these are so awesome I want a pair for every day of the month!
Unlike a lot of comparable products on the market, these DO NOT ride up on my thighs no matter what I'm doing. I've worn these while running, working & in other problems. I've worn UA for years & the Sitka Core Silk Weight Boxers make the other brand's product seem like they are a 150 grit sandpaper thong. I highly recommend these.
The ONLY negative is the screen printed logo on the inside, back left "cheek". It tends to want to stick to your skin especially when you sit down. Do away with that and the product will be perfect.

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