Waterfowl: Marsh/Field

Delta Deek Glove 


The Delta Deek Glove is our go-to glove for late season, cold weather conditions.

Dry Field, Wetlands
Mild, Cool, Cold
Waterfowl Marsh
8.80 oz.
Other scenarios for the Delta Deek Glove
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Cold Conditions

Dry Field

As winter closes in and the birds begin to move, this system gives the hunter layering options to adapt to volatile, colder weather with confidence.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Marsh/Field
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Dry Field
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Concealment: Optifade Waterfowl Marsh

Features & Benefits

100% Waterproof and Breathable GORE-TEX® Laminate

Complete waterproof protection.

Elastic Wrist

Traps heat and further blocks the elements.

Removable Liner

A removable mid-pile liner adds warmth when needed.

Draw Cinch Cord

The cinch cord adds additional bombproofing when the weather gets nasty.

Product Comments
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
Warm, dry, useful. Even into the coldest morning and evening hunts. Great grip pattern so you won’t drop your shotgun or anything else you are holding. Only waterfowl glove that hasn’t failed me no matter the conditions.
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Nathan | 11. 19. 17
I find these gloves to be absolutely essential on cold hunts. I've even driven back home after forgetting them! They're completely waterproof (I've submerged them), well cut and comfortable. I've had two full seasons with them (hunt 4-5x/week) and they're still like new. I do prefer to use a slightly thinner wool liner glove with these - it helps with grip a bit.
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Blake F | 10. 19. 16
My review in one word - versatile. Why? Lets start with the Gore-Tex outer layer. I've been a fan of Gore-Tex since I was a kid huddled in my fathers parka to stay out of the elements. With just the outer layer, these gloves will keep your hands dry and wind off of them. When the temperature drops, add in the fleece liner gloves and you have a piece that will keep you warm well into late season. Move over neoprene gauntlets... No more one-size-fits-all approach to waterproof gloves.
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Brad R. | 04. 08. 16
These gloves are not waterproof if you actually stick your hands in the water, but they'll keep you dry in most rain or snow. They're about as warm as gloves get - the next step is mittens. The gauntlets can be both tightened and loosened via the draw cord with the gloves on. If you tighten them down over your coat sleeves, they do a good job of keeping snow out. If you snug them down enough to fit them under your coat sleeves, rain doesn't run down your arms into them. The liners have leather palms and can also be used alone.
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Steiny | 03. 10. 16
I've never been much of a glove kinda guy but I decided to give these a try this year to wear while running the boat. They kept my hands warm when running the boat and dry when picking up decoys. Only thing I would have liked to have seen done to these gloves would have been some sort of 'grip dots' or something of the equivalent. Had a bit of a hard time with the tiller handle not slipping through my grip while running the boat.
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Jack | 12. 01. 15
VERY Warm, dry,comfortable, and durable. Something I've been looking for for years in a Waterfowl glove. I have tried at least 15 pairs of gloves in the past and all have failed me until now. I will never leave to the pond or field without these. I have used these gloves hard now, completely submersing them in freezing cold water, and they have yet to leak a drop. They are nearly bulletproof. The removable liner is a huge plus as well. I have found this to be very useful for warmer days when you don't need that much insulation but still want to keep your hands dry. Vice versa, I have used only the liner on days when I need to keep warm but don't necessarily need the waterproofing. It gives me a feeling of comfort I never had in the past when heading into the field on a 10 degree day knowing I don't have to worry about my hands getting wet or cold.
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VTHunt | 10. 14. 15
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Oz Khan | 06. 11. 15
I am writing this review after using these gloves for a whole season. When you are deploying or picking up decoys these gloves are your best friend. I used them on the water for ducks, and in the field for geese, and they proved themselves over and over. The fleece liner inside is an absolute delight and keeps your digits warm while the strong outside waterproof shell protects your hands. I have used the fleece liner when using my shotgun, and then put the shell on when picking up decoys. They are so easy to take on and off with the cord and the tab. Definitely one of the most functional, and high quality item in my arsenal of waterfowling gear.
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Wing clipper | 11. 11. 14
These gloves have just amazed me over the last few days of late season hunting. 19 degrees setting diver decoys getting my hands wet up to the elbows running gang rigs not one drop of water got through these gloves. I've used a lot of other brands but Sitka did it right with these! Paired with the Boreal jacket I've never been more comfortable in nasty conditions. Not a gear tester. No affiliation with Sitka.
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shawn hurla | 08. 15. 13
The Delta Deek gloves have a special spot in my gear bag; they were a Christmas present from my three daughters. As a Gore tester I have several items from Sitka's waterfowl line but had not tried these. At first glance the gloves seem bulky and cumbersome but in reality they are nimble and fit very well. Untying decoy bags and untangling decoy lines was not an issue. Being fully waterproof and having the fleece liner, the Delta Deek Gloves have become a necessity. I highly recommend using these when breaking ice for late season mallards or setting full bodies in snow covered corn fields for January honkers.
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