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A Berber fleece face silences the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® barrier, while body-mapped Primaloft® Silver Insulation traps body heat right where you need it. Our innovative diagonal-zip design seals out the wind, while the zippered front muff keeps your digits toasty. A magnetic closure rangefinder pocket, safety harness pass-through port, and internal gasketed cuffs finish out this deftly honed tool.

Wind Stopper PrimaLoft

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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Features & Benefits

Diagonal Full Zip

An innovative diagonal front zip adds additional wind protection while allowing convenient placement for the hand muff and grunt tube and rangefinder pockets.

Safety Harness Pass-Through Port

The safety harness pass-through port allows you to wear a harness closer to your body and add or subtract layers without removing the harness as conditions change.

Complete Warmth with Windproof Protection

A PrimaLoft® Silver Active Insulation core adds lightweight and breathable warmth while a 100% windproof GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane with a plush hydrophobic Berber fleece face stays deadly silent as it seals out the cold.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Rangefinder & Grunt Tube Pockets

Strategically placed pockets make for quiet and easy access to your rangefinder and grunt tube.

Insulated Hand Muff

The insulated hand muff provides quiet and easy access to keep your hands warm without the need for bulky gloves, enabling more accurate shooting.


WINDSTOPPER® products shelter hunters from the adverse effects of bone-chilling winds. The WINDSTOPPER™ membrane works with our base layers to prevent overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape.

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PRIMALOFT Technology

PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/ GORE® WINDSTOPPER®
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a scent-free, gentle detergent
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- Visit Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.

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Bryon | 06. 13. 19
This jacket is extremely warm, I only use a base layer underneath and I am fine in 30* and I cant stand the cold, Plenty of pocket space, you do not want to walk around with it unzipped. Sitka is pretty awesome clothing.
jim boggess | 04. 03. 19
have this jacket and have hade it about 6 years and had some wear and damage ,so sent it back to them ,they repaired it and cleaned it and sent it back all for free and they also put a ball cape in the box I am a customer for life , best gear I have hands down! THANKS
Jason Ard | 01. 22. 19
just got this jacket was gonna use it as a stand alone over a t-shirt on the cold days in north Florida. does not get really cold here often, well this past sunday 1/20/2019 it was in the high 20s with 20+mph winds. so I had just 2 short sleeve t-shirts on with UA scent control t-shirt with a thin long sleeve over that and a basic sweatshirt over that then the fanatic jacket over that. on my legs I had the UA cold gear pants over cheap walmart long jons and had Irish setter snake boots on...the only part of my body that was warm is where the fanatic jacket covered the wind was cutting through my pants and boots never felt the high winds touch my arms or chest area.. never thought I would spend this much for a jacket but its worth every penny you get what you pay for...called sitka CS they where very helpful i am now gonne get the fanatic hoody and the the core mid weight zip for the real cold days so its not so bulky..I will also get the bibs or maybe the stratus pants... cant say enough good things about this jacket the pockets are great the side zip is different but u get used to it. well thought out gear for the bow hunter in cold weather. Sitka will have my business from here on out....
Dick Johnson | 11. 26. 18
Very nice product. The grunt tube is perfect to slide rubbers into when needed. Exceptional wind protection gear. Me and my wife love this piece. Sometimes we cuddle with its so good. Seriously. She loves it. If you want to pull the sticky icky, buy this jacket.
Jerad Newgard | 11. 24. 18
Absolutely love this coat and bib combo. I use it for late season bow hunts in North Dakota. I couldn't be more impressed with it!!
Mike | 11. 23. 18
I bought the Fanatic jacket and bibs specifically for late season bowhunting here in Wisconsin. I will tell you that you will not get cold in this system even with minimal base layers and I recommend that you not wear them on your walk in as if it is a far walk you will be sweating by the time you get to your stand. The jacket and bibs are as comfortable as can be. There is a negative to this system and that when it gets cold out the jacket and bibs are so loud good luck moving in them let alone drawing your bow without spooking deer, its like sand paper rubbing together. if its windy you can maybe get away with it but not on a calmer day. I love all my sitka gear I own but the fanatic is way too loud, its become my rifle season gear simply because the deer are generally farther away and can't hear me move. So if your getting this system thinking its quiet its not.
Chad Wright | 11. 21. 18
I have been going to Illinois hunting whitetail for 16 years. This was the coldest 14 deg. F 10-20 mph wind and snow I have been in. The other product (not Sitka) I had been using the zipper busted and had to find a retailer online. Ordered and shipped overnight. I purchased the Fanatic jacket, bibs and beanie. I am very impressed with the performance of this garment. I never got cold or wet. I would have given 4 stars if the design of the rangefinder pocket and grunt tube pocket was a little different for easier access and prevent snow from getting to the lens of my rangefinder. I would recommend spending the extra money for a quality product such as this!
Steve F. | 11. 21. 18
Bought this jacket over a year ago and wanted to test it in most conditions before I put in my review. I have been out with this jacket and bibs in some fairly cold days (5-30 degrees) here in Minnesota and can only say WOW! I always layer up with a good base layer and a couple other pieces, but I have always done that and usually start to get cold after a couple hours. Sitting in a tree when its 10 degrees and wind blowing in your face and you can be comfortable. I have hunted with a friend and he uses cheaper clothes and a little heater in a blind and gets cold when I am fine up in a tree with no heater, just my awesome Sitka gear. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more to get great stuff that should last a lifetime and you will be more successful and happy. Can't go wrong with this gear.
Caleb Hennek | 11. 17. 18
I bought this jacket for MN whitetail hunting late season bow or muzzleloader. The jacket does have a sort of "goofy'" zipper that took some getting used to, but its made that way because of the hand muff in the front, so I understand why it has to be like that. The jacket itself is too warm for me to walk in. I hear guys say that it looks like a burr magnet, and it would be, if you walked into the woods wearing it. Definitely dont wear it while walking in, or it will collect burrs and you will sweat.I think this jacket is as quiet as it gets, there's not much else out there like it. 100% recommend this
Dustin K | 11. 17. 18
I love this coat and would have given it four stars, except for one thing. I can't wear it on those rare, cold days in Iowa when there is no wind... why?!? It is too noisy. I wouldn't think of wearing this coat if the wind isn't blowing at least 5 mph, as there is no chance you'll be able to draw your bow without the deer hearing you. This would be the perfect bow hunting coat if they could just figure-out how to make it as quiet as my Celsius Midi and Fanatic Lite Bibs. Aside from the noise, I love everything else about this coat. The kangaroo pouch in the front helps keep hands toasty warm, no matter the temperature, and all the accessory pockets on the front are well-thought out... especially for right-handed guys. (As a lefty, I wish they offered a coat with the pockets oriented towards my left hand as it would make using the coat with my bow in my right hand much easier. But, it's tolerable the way it is.) Overall, I would say this is a pretty good coat and well-worth the money. Just don't wear it on calm days.
JOE H | 11. 10. 18
Wow! What a product. I have been hunting with Cabelas late season gear for years and have always been cold. I just purchased both the Fanatic Jacket and bibs and love them. They are comfortable, quiet, have tons of storage options, but most importantly, warm. It was in the 20's with a NW wind the other morning and I was warm and comfortable for an all day November vigil. So impressed with this product! I see why Sitka is sold out of these! Thank you Sitka for a fantastic product! I am 6'2'' and 215lbs. I bought both in an XL and everything fits great. I use Merino wool base layers, and as for the jacket layering, I use the Celsius shacket, Equinox hoody and then the fanatic jacket. Top it off with the Fanatic beanie and you are good to go. Cannot recommend this product enough!
Grant Ginther | 11. 05. 18
Just purchased the Fanatic bibs and jacket and could not be more impressed. Wind was blowing 8-15 MPH for 3 days and rained for a day and a half straight and was bone dry underneath them. The outside of the bibs and jacket were soaking, but every layer underneath was not even damp... couldn't believe it. It is hard to stay dry in good rain gear and the fanatic bibs and jacket are the only reason I could sit in the tree stand the whole day. I was never cold and the windstopper is a game changer in the deer stand. For anyone that puts all fall into chasing whitetails then this suit is the way to go. Spot on suit for white tail hunting. Had over 40 deer just this weekend within 20 yards or less and not a single deer picked me out due to standing out. I will not buy anything but Sitka going forward and will make the same recommendation to anyone else.
Dale Edwards | 07. 20. 18
Wore this jacket along with the Fanatic bibs on a cold morning hunt last November. It was 11 degrees. I packed it in on my climber and placed the jacket on in predawn darkness. Wow, I was plenty warm. And, it is an atheletic fit. I am 6-2, 220 lbs. and the XXL fits perfect. I'd never get into an XL.
Danny white | 06. 09. 18
Nice warm jacket but it needs a hood like womens fanatic jacket !
Jordan | 03. 26. 18
This jacket keeps everything out. Ive used it hunting ice fishing the works so far. I love this to death, I probably shouldn't be wearing it as much as I have been. Its been amazing and I hope to beat it up some more now that I've gotten my own. Hope it lives up to its name more than it has already. Really love the products sitka has to offer.
John | 01. 26. 18
I am absolutely amazed by this jacket and the matching bibs. I can honestly say ive never worn anything like them. Incredibly warm and deadly silent, these are my go to once the mercury starts to drop. The only negatives I will point out is these are cut to a athletic fit so they do run smaller. If you plan on layering up underneath I highly suggest going a size up. Also EVERYTHING sticks to the outside fabric. I myself haven't had to much of a issue with this since I am picky about rubbing up against branches, grass, ect while walking in. So I usually clear a good walking clear to my stand well before season. All in all this is a amazing system and I highly recommend it to any whitetail hunter who takes their hunting seriously.
Mike | 01. 16. 18
I wanted to purchase Sitka but chose a slightly cheaper route with Cabela’s 10Point Parka and Bibs. Was heading out on an out of state hunt and Cabela’s didn’t have Sitka in my size. I made my Sitka List of about $2500 on Amazon to buy through this next off season. (Which I’ll add that the prices here on the site pretty much match Amazon or Cabela’s) One evening I found this jacket (which was on my list) in the Bargin Cave at Cabela’s. Nicely discounted so I couldn’t leave without it. I decided to wear it out for the last weekend of the season and couldn’t be happier and I knew this was the gear to own. I stayed warm in temps that were at low to mid 20’s. All I had on under was Cabela’s Base Layer. (Sitka Base is on my list) Super quiet! (My biggest complaint about the so called quiet Cabela’s 10point stuff, it was loud. This jacket isn’t bulky, loved the Hand Muff and ease of pockets right where you need them. My grunt call and Vortex Binoculars stayed in place the whole day. I can’t say enough about this jacket, I cannot wait to get the rest of the gear on my list. Well done Sitka!!! You have a new very happy customer!
Ryan Lynch | 01. 12. 18
If you need the quietest jacket you can get for cold temps, this is it. It is not waterproof and will soak thru if inundated with snow or rain. However outside of those situations, it is an extremely warm jacket that is stealthy quiet in any situation. Brush up against a branch you forgot to clear in your draw? No worries, no scratching sound. And the diagonal zip may be odd to use at first, however it is easy to learn to love with what t allows as a key feature of this jacket: the built in muff. It allows you to wear more dexterous gloves and keep em warm while you want for that big buck to arrive.
JUSTIN | 01. 09. 18
The best hunting in late October and November in the midwest whitetail jacket I have found. Well thought out details. Runs small. I am 6 foot 200lbs wear L in everything else and got an XL in this it fits perfect.
B Marino | 01. 06. 18
I just got back from hunting late season archery in Pennsylvania. The temps were in the single digits with wind speeds of 20 miles per hour. I decided when I got home I had to write a review about how great this product is. I was wearing the jacket, the fleece bibs, the fleece gaiter and fleece cap. I sat in my tree stand for 3 1/2 hours, getting pounded with wind and never even felt chilled. Unbelievable products! Everything sticks to it so stay out of the thick stuff. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes!!! Great products!
Barth Marino | 01. 06. 18
I just got back from a late season archery hunt and have to write a review about this jacket and bibs. I was hunting out of a tree stand in the northeast in sub zero temps with wind speeds of 20 mph. The jacket and bibs along with the fleece hat and gaiter kept be unbelievably warm. I sat out for 3 1/2 hours and never even felt a chill. Great product. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes!!!!!!
Zach T. | 12. 23. 17
I purchased both the fanatic Jacket and Bibs several weeks ago after a long debate on weather to actually spend the money as this system is considerably more expensive that any other on the market. Several weeks later after some field use I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Prior to this set I was using a heater body suit to stay warm on the cold hunts of the season but after a few years, although very warm it proved to be inconvenient in the stand. I will say the fanatic system keeps me as warm as ill ever need to be in the stand here in wisconsin. Today was my test and coldest hunt of the year so far here in wisconsin, with 15mph North winds and 8 degree temps all i had on was a thin base layer on top and bottom and the fantastic jacket and bibs over it and not once was i cold or uncomfortable, Super impressed, the prima loft insulation is the real deal and the gore wind stopper is amazing to say the least. It is also well thought out and the kangaroo pocket is amazing as i did not even need gloves in 8 degree temps with this pocket and thats without hand warmers i might add. Very quiet material and fits perfect for the bowhunter, very low profile. We have below zero temps coming next week and you can bet im excited to get this system out in it and see what it can do. My next purchase will be the stratus vest and fanatic hoodie! If you've been debating sitka's prices for years like i have, please do not waste your monty on another set and just go straight to sitka, you will not be disappointed. The only thing i have to say other than this is we will see how well it holds up over time, but im not too worried. Keep it up Sitka!
Brian Davis | 12. 17. 17
The Fanatic series is the best hunting gear I’ve ever owned. It’s confortable, super-warm, quiet and true to size. I wore this as an outer layer with heavy weight fleece underwear in mid-20s temps with a 10mph wind and never got chilled. I was hesitant based on the price but I’ll never own anything else. It’s not marketing hype folks... this stuff is legit!
Mike Cullison | 12. 10. 17
Simply hands down one of the best investments in Gear this year. I was able to hike in with Merino core & Heavyweight core on this weekend, set a stand and sit for a full day of 20mph winds with 18 degree temps thanks to the Fanatic jacket. This system simplified my gear to lighten the load and provided perfect warmth/ weigh ratio. I highly recommend the layering system designed by Sitka, it's not designed as a sales gimmick, this system is a tool designed by hunters who've been there. Don't prepare all year, purchase top notch equipment and bail early in the stand due to element submission. Proper clothing is the connecting link between preparation and success while pursuing cold weather ventures.
Chad Annon | 11. 26. 17
Wear the Fanatic line and never get cold again. In the past I would dread hunting cold weather because I would have to really bulk up to try to stay warm. Fanatic is ideal for Cold November days. Hunt harder, stay out longer wearing this!
Brandon K. | 11. 25. 17
Decided to purchase this for that fact that i got tired of being cold and not being able to sit still in the stand. Honestly one of the best purchases I have done. Temps were around 30 with 16 mph winds and was perfectly comfortable with this jacket and only one base layer on. Can easily take you down to much colder temps. Beyond happy with this product. Quiet, super comfortable (like wearing pajamas), and perfect for the bowhunter. The thought that goes into these pieces is incredible and can't wait to purchase more Sitka gear!
Kyle Wescott | 11. 20. 17
I have been lucky enough to have purchased this jacket and used it late into a Maine deer season. 11 hour sits with the temps in the low 20s and moderate wind. This jacket was like wearing a heated blanket! I should have bought this years ago when I first saw it. Sometimes spending the extra money is completely worth it and this jacket is one of those times.
Gareth Harris | 11. 19. 17
I purchased the full fanatic system after having done a lot of product research. I live in Canada and weather in November and December can be cold and nasty. So far this season this system has performed well beyond my expectations. The wind stopper material is a key element to this system in my opinion. I have yet to be cold and have yet to need any extra layers under the jacket and bibs. I have been out in rain, wind and snow so far and have been very impressed with the performance. Temps have dipped below 0 c and I have been nice and warm for hours on stand. If only I could find boots that worked this well I would be all set! I highly recommend the fanatic bibs and jacket for any cold weather hunting. The last point I will make is regarding the camo pattern. I was skeptical at first and not sure how the deer would react to it. After having put it to the test I think it is better than traditional camo patterns. I have had both bucks and does look right at me and not even give me a second glance. The science behind the pattern works! If you are thinking about spending the money on these products I say do it. You will not be disappointed!
Austin Rasmussen | 11. 17. 17
Great jacket! Very warm and comfortable, however the rangefinder pocket is great except for the fact the pocket is to small and unable to close with the magnet. Other then that the jacket is worth the money. Bibs will be next.
Luke Bawel | 11. 17. 17
Fantastic jacket. I had been debating purchasing due to cost for a long time but I am glad I did. Sat today in 30 degree temps with wind and was not cold at all, don’t even notice the wind. AND, I only wore a merino base and a T-shirt under it. Only downsides in my opinion, the range finder pocket is too small and this jacket needs a hood. Due to not having a hood I will always need to bring something to keep my head dry if there is a chance for rain. I would definitely recommend this jacket for those of you tired of getting cold in a tree stand.
Taylor B | 11. 13. 17
I purchased the Fanatic jacket and bibs before the 2017 season and have loved them so far. They are not only very warm and quiet but comfortable as well. Top notch company with quality products.
Taylor B | 11. 13. 17
I purchased the Fanatic jacket and bibs before the 2017 season and have loved them so far. They are not only very warm and quiet but comfortable as well. Top notch company with quality products.
Tony W. | 11. 12. 17
Very warm is the best thing about it. Wind stopper works great. How ever it's like wearing a jacket made of Velcro. Everything and anything sticks to it. Its also very loud when brushing up against anything. Sounds like Velcro being peeled apart. My Cabela's Berber fleece is much quieter and much less sticky. Pocket for range finder is is to small and the magnet closer is comical (useless). Hand warmer pocket is very nice. IMO if burrs stick to it. It's a material ment for blankets, not hunting public land in Wisconsin.
Dusty Ahrens | 10. 27. 17
Last year was my first year using Sitka, and I love it. If you layer correctly, it can be subzero and you only have a merino too, bottom, then the Fanatic jacket and Bib. I wore this tonight with my Fanatic Bibs in 35 degree rain for 3 hours, and wasn’t cold or wet underneath the top layer. I do not think it’s meant to be waterproof either. This jacket is the real deal.
Colt minton | 10. 26. 17
This was my first Sitka order and I couldn't be happier with this fanatic jacket! The layout is great super warm. I highly recommend this for the mid to late season hunter. I like it so much I think I will order another just to have. 5stars
Ken Rawcliffe | 10. 26. 17
I have bow hunted 51 years. Last year I bought my Sitka as a retirement gift, from me, to me, I wore them today for the first time. The Fanatic set is amazing, pockets in just the right places, well designed, and very well made. I will be buying more Sitka , the gloves, and Beanie are next.
Jordan Miller | 09. 18. 17
If your a late season whitetail hunter this is the Jacket for you, when paired with the Fanatic Bibs I literally feel invincible in sub freezing temperatures with this system. As usual, you can really tell how much effort went into designing this piece and the strategic locations of the pockets are on point. My absolute favorite piece to date, Sitka continues to come through for the hard core whitetail hunter.
Rodney C | 08. 04. 17
I have tried all kinds of gear, bibs & patterns...Sitka blows everyone away. I have jumped does & mature bucks walking out in early season and I froze and they stomp around trying to see what they think they. saw but they just can't pick me out when I'm down wind. I have hunted with Sitka Forrest for 6 years and elevated for 2. Superior performance, warmth and concealment.....not to mention quite, and comfortable for long sits. Their warranty is the best I've seen, and customer service is also top notice Happy Hunting
Ray Clark | 07. 12. 17
This is my got to jacket when the temps hit the freezing digits! By far the warmest jacket that I have ever put on and the wind stopper is awesome! You don't feel wind at all absolutely love it!!
Mad Dog Mike | 01. 29. 17
Bought this and it is my go to coat if it turns colder. Here in Montana, out fall 2016 was mostly rain and very damp conditions...I packed this on my Badlands Day pack, and when sitting or spotting, this was on me and I stayed warm. It is my alternate used coat with my wool KOM
Randy Bomar | 01. 26. 17
I wore this jacket everyday whitetail hunting this year and it is excellent. The hand warmer pocket is great, the pockets function as advertised. It is expensive but you will wear it everyday and love it. Well done!
Jason | 01. 05. 17
This is an awesome jacket. It replaced my bulky 150 gram waterproof jacket. The fanatic was much warmer and I was able to shed a sweater and a down vest worth of layers. I was amazed how something so lightweight was so warm. The next day I purchased the bibs. I have spent many hours in the stand at sub freezing temps and am amazed everytime how great this jacket performs and the thought that went into designing it. The hand warmer pouch is my favorite feature. Thank you Sitka
Patrick Clark | 12. 28. 16
This is hands down the best garment I have ever taken to the field with me. I spend a lot of time in the late season sitting in both tree stands and box blinds and this jacket has kept me from lugging around a buddy heater to the blind. Many garments made for late season are bulky but this jacket is cut for the bowhunter in mind, the fit it perfect for layering. I literally hunted in -23F with 30mph winds with only a single base layer under this jacket and fanatic bibs. Unbelievable what Sitka has done with this product.
Nick | 12. 24. 16
Great gear. Montana deer, elk and antelope hunts. Range of weather conditions from all day soaking rain to snow below zero with 20 mph wind. Have recommended it to others. Worked spotting, stalking and packing game out.
Tim | 12. 04. 16
Nice coat - great quality but returned it due to the diagonal zipper. Goofy! Not sure why its better in the first place. I've never had an issue with wind through the zipper anyways since they are covered but why would diagonal be any better. Still in front. The big deal is walking with the jacket unzipped. One side of the diagonal zipper with more material hangs much lower on one side. Feels uncomfortable.
Jeremy | 12. 03. 16
The absolute best jacket I have ever owned. The hand warmer pocket along with the placement of the other pockets are perfect. I hunted in temps ranging from 60 to 20 degrees with rain and sleet. The Fanatic Jacket kept me both warm and dry. Even though the jacket isn't rated as waterproof it did the job.
Ryan S. | 12. 03. 16
I received my Fanatic jacket and bibs on 11/30/16 and put them to use on 12/1/16 in Ortonville, MI. Conditions were 32 degrees, 14 MPH winds, lite snow, and a wind chill factor of 22 degrees. Not at one point throughout my hunt did I get cold. It takes a little getting use to the cross zip on the coat but the front hand pocket makes up for it. Only issue with the clothing is it will be a cling for every leaf, burr, or stick. Overall, probably will never go to any other hunting line.
Rob Totenhagen | 11. 30. 16
Very warm! But the material sticks to the tree in cold weather. Every time I leaned forward the noise from pulling away from the tree was loud so had to lean forward the whole time in stand.
Jim | 11. 26. 16
I'm not one to write reviews but after all the research I did and reviews read by others, I felt I needed to share my experience with Sitka. The fanatic series jacket and bib was amazing!! Conditions were 22 degrees, 15-20 mph wind and snow in the mountains of NY. I spent an entire week in these conditions and have never been so warm! I simply followed the layering system, and wow! I had Core lightweight shirt, heavyweight zip-T, fanatic hoody and fanatic jacket. Bottoms I only wore heavyweight bottoms and fanatic bibs, fanatic hat and neck gaitor. This set up was perfect! Thank you Sitka!
Jack | 11. 21. 16
VERY warm and comfortable. I really got to put this jacket to the test in 35mph winds this last weekend. The windstopper technology did its job wonderfully and made it so my core stayed warm all day. The hand pocket up front is very warm and makes it so you don't need to have bulky gloves on while archery hunting. I highly recommend this jacket for anyone thats looking for a warm, quiet, and comfortable article of clothing. Also, I'm very long limbed so I thought a large would be a little short in the sleeves (especially when at full draw). This is not the case at all...there is plenty of length to keep you covered up!
Shad Morgan | 11. 14. 16
I am going to give this jacket the full 4 stars. This is my 2nd season wearing it and am happy to hear that they put a harness pass thru in the back of the coat.(I was actually hoping to make this suggestion to Sitka, but no need now) My only other complaint is the fleece picks up every stick tight and burr in the Michigan woods. I wish it had some finish or coating to make removal of the burrs easier. As for the warmth, it is my go to jacket for most of the fall season in Michigan. When it is real cold I have to change up to my super cold weather gear, but until then the Fanatic jacket and Kelvin Vest is an ideal set up.
Brad | 11. 11. 16
Really warm and comfortable in the stand with this jacket and bibs. The front pocket is great, though the side zip takes getting use to. I did deduct half a star for lack of a hood. A removable hood like the stratus jacket would be perfect. For the price there really isn't any reason not to have one.
BILL Nailling | 08. 23. 16
Wife bought me the jacket and paints for xmass hunted in them the first time in 16 degrees weather never got cold best cloths she ever bought me
Drew | 06. 18. 16
I have been looking for a heavy jacket that i can wear during late archery season in KS. This jacket was everything i had hoped it would be, the pockets are perfect for sitting in the tree stand. This is the only jacket i have been able to wear and stay warm in 20 degrees and snow. Highly recommend. Only downfall for me is the fabric does like burrs, but it is more meant for sitting in a tree stand.
John R | 02. 18. 16
This is a really nice cold weather jacket. I did not wear it much this year, but I did stay warm when I did in temps down to 25. Super quiet and the fit is nice. For a heavier garment, maneuverability was real nice. Once again, I'm not a huge fan of the diagonal zipper setup. The kangaroo pouch is nice, but I would just as soon have the standard zipper with separate pockets. I would guess most guys really like the grunt tube holder and range finder pocket. They do not mean much to me. I would just as soon have a standard zip pocket.
Craig | 02. 11. 16
Another perfect product from Sitka! I have the jacket and bibs. I gave it four stars because I couldn't give it more. Even with the bur issue, that's already been talked about. When hunting, especially bowhunting late season, I want my gear quiet! Period. And it does that. I want warmth, with no bulk to stay on stand all day. It does that.. I'm in Southern Iowa and this system gives you completely everything you need to hunt from Nov-Jan. No matter the cold temp and the wind.. Everyone that is fortunate enough to own any Sitka Gear knows you spend more money for the quality. But show me a better quality hunting clothing product on the market. I've not found one..
Ryan | 01. 28. 16
AMAZING COAT! Wore this jacket in Northern Arizona at the Grand Canyon this past December when it was -11 degrees Fahrenheit, windy and snowy....I was warm and comfortable to say the least! I wear this coat for non-hunting purposes as well because I can't get enough of it...well worth the money. As far as the pockets, they are well thought out and each one has a specific purpose. Side zip which enables the front muff is awesome! I just now ordered the matching bibs and I can't wait to try them out as well..I'm sure they will be fanatic, I mean fantastic ;) Looking forward to bow hunting in CT in my Sitka Gear next fall!
Kent | 01. 13. 16
I bought this coat (along with the bibs) to get me through Ohio's late bow season. I've been very impressed. I hunted in a wind chill of -11 (winds were 20mph) and put he wind stopper to the test. I had on a thin base layer, a Fanatic hoodie, my bibs, a Celsius vest, and my Fanatic coat. I was plenty warm enough. I'm confident I could have gone without the vest for sure. This set is very quiet and well though out. Every aspect of this hunting system has been well thought out. The muff pocket is perfect! Not only is it soft but I had on a pair of mid weight gloves and my hands didn't get cold at all. I had hear packs with me and never even considered opening them. This gear costs a lot of money. It's tough on the average working man but I can say that it's money well spent! I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy mine and I look forward to spending many years in it. As for the sizing, I'm 6'1", weigh 250 and have a 38" waist. XXL for everything fits me with room to spare. I'm a Sitga fan sure!
CJ Brown | 12. 18. 15
I purchased the Fanatic (jacket and bibs) set for a late season muzzleloader hunt in Northwestern Kansas this year. Simply put, this is the best set I've hunted in. Most days the temperatures ranged from 10-20 degrees with high winds and I never got a chill. All I wore underneath was a light base-layer on the top and bottom. It really eliminated the bulk and cut down on what I had to pack for the hunt. I loved different pockets to keep my range finder and grunt call in and the handwarmer pocket is incredible. Must buy for hunters who want to stay on stand longer in really cold temps and increase their odds on big game.
Grant | 12. 13. 15
I bought this jacket as a late season solution for the cold late season Illinois whitetail hunts. It is the best piece of gear I have ever worn and I have tried a lot of different products. The best part of the new fanatic system is how warm it keeps you without all of the bulk, and it is very quiet. The hand warmer and kangaroo pouch are both excellent features of the jacket. I do not ever wear gloves since I have this built in hand warmer, even in ten degree weather. The product states that it is for extremely cold weather, and it is, but the great thing about this jacket is that it is more versatile than the product gets credit for. It can be worn up to 50 degrees with nearly nothing under it as long as you aren't walking far to the stand, but also be comfortable to temperatures below 0. The only reason I did not give this jacket 4 stars is due to the fact that it is a burr magnet. I have had burrs on lots of products before, but once they are in this product they are very hard to get out due to the nature of the material. I would definitely buy the jacket and the bib again, but I just wished I was warned about the burrs before spending hours picking them off. All in all, this product is the answer to request hard core whitetail hunters have been asking for for years. If you do not get it you are missing out!
Charles | 12. 05. 15
The Fanatic Jacket is really really nice. The only reason for 3 stars instead of 4 is because it's not as quiet as I had hoped. (not to mention expensive). Excellent quality and very warm. Wind is not a factor with Windstopper. The hand warmer is the best feature on the jacket. I've never used a hand warmer that worked quite this good. I hunted in a stand a few days ago in 27 degree weather in Arkansas and didn't wear gloves. I think because the pocket is connected to the jacket it gets some of your core body heat to help warm your hands. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Matt P. | 12. 02. 15
I've had the Fanatic Jacket out a few times so far this season and I'm really impressed. The fit and finish of this jacket are terrific. I've been out in the PA woods in 31 degree weather with a 10-15 mph wind and have had no issues... In fact, the "8:30am chills" are a thing of the past. The built in muff is key! My only suggestion for improvement would be to have a slightly deeper range finder pocket. Otherwise this will be my go to jacket for years to come.
Al | 11. 29. 15
Clothing can make or break any situation. This is so true when we are looking to maximize performance. The Sitka Fanatic line is spot on with fit, function and performance. If you are sitting on the fence because of the price. This is the jacket you should have regardless. It will keep you on the stand longer and more comfortable.
M.R. | 11. 25. 15
I tried this coat on at a local hunting store and immediately fell in love.It hurt the pocket book but was worth every penny.The coat is quiet, warm, and love the cammo, I used it all my November hunting season with temps usually in the -10/-15 C, (14/5 F) out most of the day. I was rifle hunting so it was a combination of sitting and stalking.The other day it was -25 C (-13 F) with a wind chill of -32 C and I put it to the test I went for a 30 min walk with only a light tee shirt under neath, other than my face frozen I was perfectly warm this coat is awesome.The only problem I experienced was the rangefinder pocket was too small for my leopold range finder, I tried my friends Nikon and it didn't fit as well.The pocket would hold the range finder but the pocket was too small for the magnetic closure to work.Great when walking or sitting but don't bend over to grab something. Still a great coat and I would highly recommend it.
Robert M. | 11. 15. 15
I bought this jacket and paired it with a set of Stratus pants for my 2015 Illinois hunt. Simply stated, this gear works. Mornings were around 30 degrees with 15 mph winds and wore this jacket with only base layers, never got cold. Along with being warm, the jacket was very functional, not bulky, and the accessorie pockets were extremely convenient. Lastly, the Elevated II camo is the best I've ever used. Deer seemed to look right through me on some of my low alt. sits. Very impressed with the Sitka system and will be adding to it next year.
Rod Shepard | 11. 12. 15
This review is pretty simple; if you're a bow hunter and do not have this jacket, sadly you are missing out. It's very quiet, warm, and put together extremely well, with the bow hunter in mind. In fact, you don't have to be a bow hunter, as I plan to wear this jacket during the upcoming rifle season. Thank you Sitka.
Big Jim | 11. 11. 15
They got the name wrong...should be called the Fantastic. First time wearing the gear on a foggy, soggy, morning @ 38F. Only had long underwear under my Fanatic bibs, jacket, and cap. Super comfortable, super quiet. Love the location and thoughtfulness of the zippers, pockets, athletic cut, and quality construction.
Wildman.Kerfoot | 11. 10. 15
I actually purchased the series that the Elevated 2 replaced. This jacket is built by bow hunters for bow hunters. The layout of the muff pocket is spot on. I can easily keep my hands warm without keeping them stuck in the conventional handmuffs. The optics pocket with built in cleaning cloth is a agreat idea, however it can be a bit bulky if you intend to keep binos in that pocket. I found it can get in the way of your draw. The windstopper material is exactly that. I wore this jacket and some wool layers underneath up in the frozen tundra of Alaska with 30 and 40 mph winds, and didnt feel a breeze. The hood has a built in elastic strap that holds it to your head. In those strong winds with snow blowing in my face I really learned to enjoy that snug fit. This is an excellent product and well worth the price. Looking forward to building more systems with Sitka.
Todd | 11. 08. 15
Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a complete system. Before discovering Sitka I had spent a lot of money on other well know brands and none them come close to the performance and ruggedness and comfort of Sitka gear. It's another winner. The reviews above pretty much sum up my thoughts. I have found the Fanactic to be perfect for temps in 20s-50s wind, rain, sleet or snow.
Sarah | 11. 05. 15
I bought this coat for whitetail hunting in WI, I knew it would be cold with different conditions and the last thing I wanted to do was be wet or cold and have to leave my stand, well that never happened while I was wearing this coat, its by far the warmest thing in my hunting closet. Its got it all, the rangefinder and grunt tube pockets plus the hand muff pocket. Not shiny, very quite. The only thing I don't like is that everything will stick to it don't get in weeds or stickers with it on. But overall its a wonderful coat.
Cory Arnold | 10. 29. 15
Top Notch. I sat through 30 mph gusts last evening in 25 degree sleet this previous evening and was warm and toasty, where other products I've used before would have driven me out of the woods. The new elevated II pattern is a perfect match for the northern Minnesota hardwoods. Thanks for listening what the customers asked for in the new in the new pattern! I couldn't be happier.
Jeff | 10. 24. 15
Unbiased reviewer here. The Fanatic system is a purpose built,November rut, stealthy killing machine. It is quiet, warm and laid out beautifully. If you are buying it for mid to moderate temp late season, you will not be disappointed. For those of you wandering if there is temp flexibility with this system, here's my 2 cents: The Jacket is very form fitting (a good thing) particularly in the armpits/arms when bought to appropriate size. This disallows using high loft insulation like the Celsius or Shacket (I tried them both on with the Fanatic) and therefore you're limited to increasing skin layers to increase warmth. Alternatively you can size up in the jacket but then the bulk of the jacket itself goes up. Also, it's a bit difficult to adjust to warmer temps as well. First, the cross zip (again a great feature) disallows significant unzipping to vent. Secondly, unless you have a giant pack, it will be very difficult to condense these down small enough to pack effectively because of the berber. Ironically, even though the Incinerator is an extreme cold temp system, i find it to be a little more temp flexible than the fanatic. It has conventional zipper that allows you to vent, and packs much more tightly so can be taken off and stowed when temps get up. All that said, if you have the money for multiple systems or are looking specifically for a November rut system, this is the best system on the market. Some things are worth the money!!
Jordan | 09. 28. 15
Have been wearing the old Fanatic system for over two years now and just upgraded. How can you deny yourself the newest toy when its predecessor was the most amazing system ever made for a hunter. I hunt on the Leelanau Penn of Michigan; where the weather can go from amazing to freezing in an hour. This has proven to be the only consistently performing outer wear I have ever used. MI is a huge bow hunting state; and it gets brutally cold early in the season. Before Sitka no other company offered the heat retention you need paired with the "bulk free" dynamics bow hunters want. MI bow hunters were either bulky and clumsy or streamline and frozen; now I have both. I agree with many the cost is up there; but you cannot put a price on warmth and comfort when out in the woods. And if its your joy; spend some money on and enjoy it!! I think I speak for many people that hunt in areas where you can have 15 inches on opening day of rifle season; what about a white pattern. I know a lot goes into R&D for the patterns. But nothing would be better than an over sized white shell to throw over a Fanatic series when the snow kicks up and ground hunting becomes critical and sitting like a brown brush in a white field is not ideal. Either way keep it up; and keep sending the goods down to the customer!!!
Quinton Hill | 09. 23. 15
Sitka has really changed the game of hunting with this jacket. No more leaving the stand to go to the truck or camp to get warmed up, this jacket is like a sleeping bag. All the warmth gets trapped and you stay toasty all day. Killer coat & very recommended!
KEN | 06. 20. 15
Marc Herold | 03. 02. 15
I couldn't agree with Robert any more, we need like 10 stars for this jacket!! I hunt primarily in Appalachian mountains, typically we see 0-20 degree weather during the rut and this jacket is PERFECT for this weather in my opinion. All day sits, you need something that's going to keep you warm for when you sitting their motionless before the sun comes up or those late November evenings when the temperature start to drop. This jacket helped me stay in my treestand all day to kill the biggest buck i have ever taken with my bow. Thank you Sitka for such a great product!! M.I.-BBSK
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