Incinerator Jacket

Whitetail : Elevated II
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A virtual walking sleeping bag that’s 100% waterproof, the Incinerator Jacket brings two crucial firsts to the whitetail world: It is the first whitetail jacket ever to be insulated with warm when- wet PrimaLoft® Silver Down Blend, and it’s the first jacket with a waterproof safety harness pass-through port. The 2-layer GORE-TEX® membrane is wrapped with a perceptibly quiet, lightly brushed face fabric, internal cuffs seal off heat leakage, and a YKK waterproof front zipper ensures you’ll stay dry.


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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.

  • Weight: 44 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Waterproof 2-Layer GORE-TEX® Laminate, Brushed Polyester Knit Face, Polyester Woven Lining.

  • Insulation: 5.7 oz. of 40% PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation / 60% 650-Fill Water-Resistant Duck Down.

Water Protection
Wind Protection

Features & Benefits

Lightly Brushed Face

Quiet and hydrophobic brushed exterior to keep you stealthy, dry and ready to capitalize on the rewards of your patience.

Articulated Patterning

The Incinerator is designed to be worn over next-to-skin layers and reduces the need for stacking unnecessarily bulky layers underneath. The articulated patterning and minimal bulk give you freedom to move while keeping clear of your bowstring.

Chest Pockets, Hand Pockets, Grunt Tube Pocket

An array of strategically placed pockets keep the essentials at the ready.

Safety Harness Pass-Through Port

The safety harness pass through port keeps your connection point comfortably in place.

GORE-TEX® Technology

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof and very breathable — guaranteed. They provide reliable weather protection and maximized comfort in all weather conditions. Excellent management of perspiration leads to...

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PRIMALOFT Technology

PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/GORE-TEX®. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a down specific detergent such as ReviveX Down Cleaner Concentrate.
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide To Better Understand DWR And How To Revitalize It. 

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Andy | 09. 03. 19
This is the best investment I ever made in my hunting outfit.
Jeremy Davis | 08. 20. 19
Fantastic Product!! i bought the Incinerator jacket and bibs for a late season Kansas bow hunt. The weather was far from nice getting into single digits with rain and snow. i sat in the tree one day for 12 hours while it rained on me all morning then snowed all afternoon. the only thing that was wet when i got undressed were my hands. this gear kept me plenty warm and more importantly dry for the entire hunt. i would not recommend doing a lot of walking or hiking in this set as it does not breath very well. But for the tripod or deer stand i dont think there is a better set to own for late season hunting.
Corey | 01. 29. 19
I absolutely love this jacket along with all my Sitka gear. It really is like a sleeping bag, and it will keep you warm. The key to all of it is “proper” layering. It is a little noisy especially the zipper area. The biggest complaint is the hood! I wish it was more compact and could roll up, or better yet removeable! I hunt a lot from a climber and the hood (which I don’t use) drags across the tree every time I turn my head. I will take it to a Taylor to have it cut off after the season.
Mike D | 12. 22. 18
This is the best jacket I've ever worn and warmest. I've worn it on the coldest of days in the snow, and it felt like a heater was surrounding me the whole day. This jacket is very comfortable, and not too bulky especially for being built for extremely cold conditions. The jacket is also really quite, and not noisy at all. I compared the incinerator jacket to the blizzard parka for noise, and the incinerator jacket was way less noisy. The incinerator jacket is a really soft and quite jacket. I noticed a few reviews said it was somewhat of a louder jacket, but I totally disagree. The only thing I would suggest for the next incinerator jacket made, is to add a zipper to the large side pockets instead of the button that holds extra supplies in. Other than that small complaint, I wouldn't do anything different with this jacket. If you want one of the best jackets ever made, then this is the jacket you want guaranteed!
Kyle L Null | 11. 30. 18
I purchased the Jacket when most said no need. I hunt late season and out of state(not the south). First thoughts it is not as quiet as the fanatic stuff but seriously it's fully waterproof so I didn't expect it to be. It is slightly quiet-er than the downpour jacket(sitka's whitetail rain suit) but sorta had that same feel/texture. Surprising part for me I normally wear large in all my other stika gear(jacket wise) but this one was big, bigger than normal. I went to a local retailer that had a Medium in stock and it actually fit good even over my regular shirt and a sitka jet stream jacket. I came back home and rigged myself out with base layer, fanatic hoodie, fanatic bibs and tried the large on still big, decided to shoot my bow in this setup and let me tell you 5 walks to the target I was hot, it was 29 degrees out, so the jacket did the job, but I did end up with a Medium the large snagged in chest area... Now The issue I don't like, I'm Left handed the grunt tube and rangefinder pocket are useless and actually in the way of my bow string (on the large) and still a slight issue on M. the reason for 2 1/2 stars. happy hunting
Richard Hines | 11. 19. 18
"Nobody in Louisiana needs this suit". These were the words that several of my buddies rumbled when I said I was going for it. Well, perhaps it is not needed "in" Louisiana, but for a 7 day hunt in Ohio, let me just say, I would never have been able to pull off this hunt. Saturday morning started off at 17 degrees with a 20mph sustained wind. I climbed in a lockon 45min before sunrise and sat for 13 hours straight without getting down. Day 2, 33 degrees with rain/sleet in the forecast so I went for another all day sit and stayed dry as a bone. Day 3, 22 degrees and snowing with 25mph gusts. For a guy from south Louisiana to be able to sit in temps like these, ALL DAY, well let's just say that I have already been asked by a couple of buddies whether or not I would lend them out. The layout of the jacket is amazing. It would have been even better if I had realized before noon that the little strings in the pockets are to tighten the coat around my torso so to keep the wind from creeping up my backside. My only complaint is that Sitka doesn't make boots!! Cons: none. As a suggestion, pack this suit in so that you aren't sweating when you climb in the stand. Other than that? This might just be the best article of clothing that I have ever hunted in. Awesome job as always Sitka!!
john clayton | 11. 17. 18
Nice product, fits very well, but somewhat noisy. Not as warm as I would hope. Last week in Kansas bowhunting, the temp was 18 degree with a 14 mph wind. Froze...was also wearing merino Sitka wool undergarments. Could feel the wind coming through as I sat in the tree. Miserable. Looking for new clothing.
Will | 11. 17. 18
My dad and I deer hunt in northern Vermont. The weather is always tough between the winds and sub freezing temperatures. We decided to purchase these suits. We have a buddy with one who swears by it. The first morning we sat for 4 hours in a rain/snow mix at 26 degrees. We hunt in tree stands with zero protection from the elements. We came back to camp with neither our core wet or being cold, the suit wasn’t very wet either. Within an hour or so it dried and we were good to go for the afternoon. The following morning we again sat for 4 hours. The weather this time 21 degrees with a 12-15mph wind. According to the weather channel it felt like a balmy 8-12 degrees. Yet again never cold. The suits work very well and we would recommend them everyday, it’s not enjoyable to be cold while hunting.
John | 11. 07. 18
Love this product. Not as warm as Cabelas Standhunter parka and bibs however the Standhunter is 4x bulkier the Sitka Incinerator is amazingly thin and lightweight. It is almost as warm however. Pros: - Extremely high warmth to weight ratio - Extremely lightweight - Plenty of pockets - Nice deep pockets for hands Cons: - Little noisier than I'd like but probably not too bad. - Bib pocket is on the inside where the fabric is not as durable, would be nicer if the pocket was on the outside of the bibs where the material is tougher and it would be nice if there was 2 pockets, one on each side. - Permanent hood, a lot of hunters do not like hoods, they make it hard to hear, catch the wind when its blowing in your face, obstruct your view, make turning left and right hard to see and hear, noisy. I always wear a mask and beanie which allows more freedom and better use of your senses. A detachable hood would be fine. Strange that such an expensive jacket does not come with a detachable hood since much cheaper jackets come standard with detachable hoods. If I had known it came with a permanent hood I would not have bought it. I know a lot of hunters feel the same way. - Does not have cuff straps at the wrists or bottom of the bibs. These are important for people with small wrists/ankles so that you can tighten them up so they aren't always coming down over your hands (really important for bow hunters) and over your boots and then you step on the cuff eventually wearing them out and damaging them. Besides these cons is a great set of gear. If these problems were handled it would get a 4-1/2 out of 5.
Sam | 09. 28. 18
Same review as bibs. I took the plunge on this expensive setup because I get cold easily. It’s very warm so that was worth it and i love the athletic fit of Sitka clothing. However, seriously, they should have tested this in the field for noise. It is a VERY VERY noisy outfit. The material latches on to any surface and the rubbing sound in the deer woods might as well be a welcoming parade with fanfare. I couldn’t move or twitch without a loud sound being made. Absolutely terrible. So, given the warmth, I now only use these for gun season hoping deer 150yds away can’t hear me. I had to spend another $1000 on Fanatic instead.
Chris Weeks | 08. 21. 18
This is the last cold weather hunting jacket you will ever need. I bowhunt in Ilinois, Tennessee and Alabama and this jacket has me covered no matter what. Bowhunters want a jacket that will keep them warm in cold temps without being bulky. This jacket does exactly that! Thanks for making a great product.
Ryan Lynch | 01. 12. 18
The warmest, driest treestand Jacket you can find on the market. The goretex and downblend insulation make it stormproof and warm into the coldest subzero climates. The brushed outer keeps it quiet as well. Not as quiet as the Fanatic, sure, but it’s far more capable and will keep you sitting longer in colder temps. Worth the investment too. I’ve had my EF1 version from the first year it came out and it’s still going strong. No issues at all.
glenn | 01. 11. 18
I used my new Sitka clothing in the Cyclone Bomb the Northeastern US just endured. Along with a few well-placed hand warmers, the Sitka clothing kept me dry and warm in 7 degrees with 30 mph winds. On the third day pf hunting, in a balmy 19 degrees with 24 mph winds, I got a trophy Your Incinerator jacket, bibbs, gloves, and hood performed very well in those conditions.
Andy | 01. 02. 18
This is the best jacket you can get. Big time wind stopper, I was riding my four wheeler 30 min to my deer stand 35-40 miles per hour in 18 degree, and couldn't fell it could at all, just unbelievable. I set in my stand for 5 hours, fells like you are in sleeping bag. You get what you pay for.
Jeff | 01. 01. 18
Simply amazing system. Spent 2+ hours in a stand the other day with temps in the lower teens, strong wind and falling snow. The incinerator jacket / bibs kept me warm throughout the sit. Of course, I layered appropriately, but I never felt the bite of the wind due to the windstopper and never got wet. Beyond the warmth, the design of the pockets / etc. is well thought out. This gear is legit and I plan on buying Sitka exclusively for my future hunting needs.
Timber Haint | 11. 07. 17
Great garment! Definitely for the cold weather. Pocket layout and fit are top notch. I have not complaints about material noise and I know that as I use it more it will become quieter.
Mark | 11. 01. 17
Trust me ! I am stand all day hunter in 20 -30 degree and always was ice cold! Amazing I even hunt. I own every major we'll know type of hunting garments still cold , finally broke down and got incinerator jacket , bibs and with great base layers , worth every cent you pay . Also have other Sitka All worth the money !!!!none better !!! If you stand hunt below 10-20 deg use Sitka with HBS down to whatever low temps you can last ! Good luck!
Kyle Keegan | 03. 24. 17
My initial thought was no way am I spending that much on a piece of clothing! Well, I purchased it and was blown away at the quality and attention to detail that was integrated in this "piece of equipment". That's exactly what this jacket is. I hunt from a tree stand and was able to draw on a deer 30 yards out without being detected (from sound). I've sat in my stand in freezing temps covered in snow and was able to remain comfortable for hours. If you don't like to freeze, pull the trigger on this and you won't regret it.
Joe Inman | 03. 11. 17
The Incinerator jacket is a legit cold weather treestand barrier against the elements... Unless there is a 33 degree rain. The piece is packed with features that make it incredible. The one area where the Incinerator is lacking is the hood. I'm buying a cold weather Gore-Tex coat so that I can endure a day of cold rain. That being said, if there are conditions that require wearing a hood (rain, gale force winds) I want a hood that will fit over a hat or beanie. The Incinerator hood barely fits over my abnormally large cranium... but not too abnormal. Almost the perfect garment.
John | 01. 10. 17
This product as with all the Sitka I own needs a fifth Star. Hands down the most well thought out, warmest, and best fitting extreme cold weather suit that there is. No bulk in the suit. Plenty of clearance for bowstrings even with short brace height setups. I have most of sitkas whitetail lineup and this one is the final touch for those below zero late bow season days. You get what you pay for and for those on the it. And keep buying it. It's not clothing. It's gear.
Cory | 11. 17. 16
Wore this for the first time on the last day of archery season in PA. I had a 50 min walk to my stand so i packed the incinerator jacket and bibs inside my toolbucket backpack. Kept me very warm in the stand. It was about 28 degrees at daylight. I wore my sitka hoodie under as a base layer and a pair of light pants on the bottoms. My only complaint is the material was much louder than I anticipated. If i were to draw on a deer inside of 20 yards I would be worried that it would hear the material when i stood and also when i drew back. Thinking i should have bought the fanatic jacket and bibs instead. I think this outfit will still be awesome for late rifle season when noise isn't as big of a factor.
Ethan | 11. 17. 16
This jacket paired with the bibs are my go to for anything under 40 degrees. I use them for sitting in the deer stand, ice fishing and coyote hunting. I wear a medium everything and even with layering with 2 sweatshirts underneath I still have mobility to draw a bow and easily get in and out of the deer stand. When coyote hunting and ice fishing in -20 degree weather the only thing to get cold was my hands. Even with how warm they are, I wore this suit in 55 degree weather this year in the deer stand, didn't put it on till I got in the stand and kept every thing unzipped, I didn't even sweat which really surprised me. I was lucky to get this suit at the Ice fishing show in Minneapolis for a really good deal. I would recommend this suit to anyone who hunts mainly when the temp drops below 35-40 degrees.
Alex | 10. 11. 16
5 Day moose hunt northern Alberta -10c average day time temperature with wet snow on third and fourth day. Incinerator jacket and bibs kept me warm and dry through it all. Exceptional performance.
Jeremy | 10. 03. 16
The Incinerator series is where its at for late season hunting. I don't think I have owned a piece of clothing that is this warm EVER. It completely blocks out the weather. Pocket placement is spot on, safety harness slip makes it even better, 100% waterproof, and it is super quite. I have two pieces of advice- one make sure you purchase this if you are a cold weather hunter, two- do not try walking to your stand in this set, you will sweat immediately.
Franck | 06. 30. 16
I used this jacket from mid-october to end of november! I live in Quebec and it's kinda cold. A bit short for me with the XL so I changed it for the XXL and the fit is perfect. I use it in the backwoods for whitetails and in the duckboat for seaducks.
Doug Herold | 12. 02. 15
My son, Marc, is part of the Monsters, Inc. crew. I confess I didn't believe him when he told me how great the Sitka Gear is. Recently, I went on a deer hunt to Alberta. A weather front came through and overnight the temps plummeted to single digits and the winds increased to a constant 30 mph gale. The hunt went to X-TREME. Sitka Gear saved the hunt. While other hunters stayed in, my guide (who was also wearing Sitka Gear)and I had a tremendous success and we were both comfortable. The Sitka clothing blocked 100% of the wind and also kept my body's warmth inside. Inclement weather can ruin a hunt, cost you money, and steal your trophy of a lifetime. I am converted. Purchasing products which are the very best that money can buy are worth every penny when you need them.
Jessi Macron | 11. 01. 15
Good clothing overall. I've owned the previous version and now this current 2015 version. The improvements over the last version are mostly welcomed. The addition of a through harness jacket is great. As always the gear pockets are fantastic with more pockets than I can use. I always look at my gear- GPS, range finder, grunt tube, flashlight, dragging rope, cell phone, hat, gloves, neck warmer, gear hoist and more- and think to myself there's no way I can carry all this stuff without a gear bag, but it all fits in the pockets with room to spare! I do miss the sleeve pocket on the previous version. The camo pattern is cutting edge as always. The shell material is as quiet as can be for waterproof clothing. I sat out in mid 30 degree weather and stayed completely dry. The clothing dried very quickly which impressed me a lot. It was still damp outside after my hunt and I wore the clothing home on a 20 minute rife and it was nearly dry in that amount of time so it tells me that the brushed outer doesn't hold much water at all unlike some heavier fleece material. The only con I have is the insulation. It wasn't very cold for this type of clothing as both of my sits were mid 30 degrees however I wore my merino wool under this and did not sweat up while walking in yet I could "feel the cold" by the end of my 4 hour sits. The insulation this year was used to cut down on bulk which I understand for transporting abilities but it definitely sacrifices some warmth in comparison to the pure down of the previous model, however that model was bulkier. It just comes down to insulation fundamentals, you cannot trap as much dead air-which is what keeps you warm-with thin insulation compared to thicker insulation. Personally I will have to layer up under this clothing to stay warm enough when the temps drop. Overall this is a great clothing line for the true hunter and I'm satisfied. You also will not get better customer service or even simple good conversation than these guys at Sitka. I appreciate their research and dedication to making and improving their gear.
Mario Vani | 07. 27. 15
The word that comes to mind when I review the Incinerator jacket is engineered. This isn't just a jacket slapped together, every single detail has been thought through. If your a hardcore whitetail guy this jacket will help you get through all day sits. I had originally bought the forest pattern but since upgraded to the EVII which hosts some very welcome changes. The jacket has cross seems preventing the primaloft from eventually falling down keeping your entire upper body warm. They have pockets heavily lined for keeping your fingers warm if you're wearing a thin glove which most bow hunters like to use. The hood is small and tight keeping it close to your face to prevent blind spots and also tight enough that a gust of wind won't blow it off your head. The hood is also lined heavily to keep your head warm, where the majority of heat loss occurs. They also have well positioned pockets for easy and ready access. The bottom of the grunt tube is meshed so that the sound produced isn't muffled and as natural as can be. Finally the back of the jacket has a small slit at the top allowing you to wear your safety vest inside your jacket and giving you max comfort while siting on your stand. I live in Northern Alberta where the winters get to -30 Celsius without windchill. Having Sitka in my closet is my biggest weapon at beating these hardy bucks come November.
Paul Kramer | 06. 24. 15
The Incinerator suit is the best hunting gear I have ever purchased. I am from Northern Michigan and it is used sometimes for whitetail hunting but mainly used for predator hunting in the middle of the winter. We sit out on the edge of a lake in -20+ degree weather. I wear the Merino core, the Traverse and the Kelvin under my Incinerator suit. This clothing has given me much success because when other hunters are too cold and too wet I am able to withstand the conditions and continue hunting. When I first paid for the suit and the other gear I own from Sitka I thought I was crazy to pay the amount of money I did. However, these products are worth more than the asking price and I would highly recommend Sitka and the Incinerator suit to anyone who hunts in cold climates.
Paul Gutek / APA Innovations Inc. | 05. 17. 15
Bought the Incinerator Jacket and Bibs a few years ago for Late season Moose,Elk, and Whitetail hunting up here in Saskatchewan. It also does double duty for Ice fishing. Greatest cold weather gear I own. Outperforms the Helly Hansen winter gear as well. Last winter we hunted Moose in November and with a base layer and heavy thermal underwear, and an added Sitka vest underneath. There was no issues with pushing bush and standing point, then walking back to the truck as the Argo broke down, all in -35c weather. Everyone else was wet, cold and miserable. The added storage compartments are also an added bonus for extra gear you may need without having to use a pack. If your in search of a late season "extreme" Weather jacket / pants, look no further than the Incinerator series of clothing. Without question "THE BEST EXTREME WEATHER / WINTER GEAR MONEY CAN BUY".
Chris Meyer | 03. 01. 15
Almost perfect. The jacket does most of what it should. I am a fan of all the storage and zippers as I carry a lot of gear. It fits well and I am able to more than comfortably shoot my bow. The zippers are very tight but as long as they keep the water out that's fine by me. The hood fits well and the entire jacket blocks the wind very well. My 2 areas of improvement are: 1) The down fill only goes to about 5" above the bottom of the jacket so there is no insulation past the waist line. This make it very easy to get drafts from this area up into the inside of the jacket. 2) There is no centered back tag location nor is there a harness slot in which to wear your harness under this garment. For a jacket of this cost these things should be standard being a higher fill down coat is available for less elsewhere for only 20% of the cost, albeit it may not have the features of this jacket. With a $600 price tag there's no reason this jacket isn't perfect.
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