Launching Pad

Launching Pad

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The Launching Pad is a mobile closet for changing truck-side, keeping your equipment as uncontaminated by foreign odors as possible. Stow your compound bow in the main compartment, and organize gear in the stretch mesh compartments. At your entry point, step onto the roll-out changing mat, slip into your system, and ghost to your stand.

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  • Roll-Up Changing Mat: The roll-up changing mat protects your gear from the ground and gives you a clean space to gear up or down.

  • Internal Changing Pad: A built in changing platform for when space is limited.

  • Shoulder and Backpack Straps: Shoulder and backpack style carry options for whatever suits your style.

  • Stretch Mesh Storage Pockets: Stretch Mesh Storage Pockets The stretch mesh storage pockets accommodate gear of varying shapes and sizes to ensure everything has its place.

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8 Reviews
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Darvin Sterner
Reviewed On 10/29/2019

Absolutely love this item, keeps everything organized and it holds a ton of stuff. Definitely worth the money, great concept!!!

Dean D
Reviewed On 10/22/2017

I just spent 35 days straight in the field hunting waterfowl. I had my launch pad loaded with my jackets, pants, goretex, etc. I put it in the back of my truck on day 1 and took it out when I got home 35 days later. It was great having all my gear with me at all times. The bag stood up to the rain, dust and abuse it was subjected to

I guarantee my friends will have this bag with them next year.. I am 100% satisfied with it

Brent B
Reviewed On 07/09/2017

I have used this product for a year now and it has made my life a lot easier. I can strap the Launching Pad to the wheeler and put on my gear and take off out in the field. I hunt up in northern NY and it held up great for the first year. The zippers are a little weak that's why I didn't give four stars. No buyers remorse with this purchase.

Reviewed On 12/31/2016

I echo the reviews below. No BS with this gear, it's everything the description says.

Reviewed On 12/07/2016

I had to go for a hike today. Had my launching pad completely full with jackets, pants and layering systems. Walked for just over 11 miles with it on my back. I could not believe how comfortable it was and when I was finished all my stuff was still organized and ready to go

I am very impressed

Bill lehman
Reviewed On 11/29/2016

I have used this product for a year now and have to say I love it!!! I am a near every day bow hunter and the launch pad was the perfect fit. Can carry the clothes I need for the hunt and my bow all in one unit.

John marleau
Reviewed On 10/02/2016

I think this thing is very handy. Could use a larger mat and more beefy zippers, got some crud in the one and she would not close, had to bring it home and wash it good. Could use a bit more room in the pockets but all in all I love this thing!

Chad Bowie
Reviewed On 02/11/2016

There's no BS marketing here. This is everything they say it is. Scentproof and almost 100% waterproof. I sometimes use a kayak to get to subtle ridges in flooded timber during late season. This thing is perfect for hauling my Sitka Gear clothes and bow in the kayak, protected and bone dry. I've gotten so cocky with it, last weekend I forgot to strap it down on the kayak and while I was maneuvering around some trees, it got pulled off the kayak and fell in the water. Immediately, I was panicked and tried to scurry over to it but as I reached for it, I realized it was floating on top of the water with ease. It had at least 2.5 days of layering systems, my bow and not one drop of water or moisture.
I've put it through Hell this season and it continues to impress me! I was very skeptical when I first unboxed it but guys, give it try and I'm sure you'll be just as impressed with it's functionality and durability.


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