Dew Point Jacket
Big Game

Dew Point Jacket


Our 3-layer GORE-TEX Dew Point Jacket offers lightweight waterproof protection for volatile weather.

Mountain Jacket
Big Game

Mountain Jacket


The Mountain Jacket is deadly quiet, fully windproof and weather-ready to stand up to mountain winds, light rain or snow.

Stratus Windstopper Jacket in Elevated II

Stratus Jacket


The Stratus Jacket has got your back for those long chilly days in the stand.

Hudson Jacket

Hudson Jacket


The Hudson is a hardshell with stretch that will get you from the boat ramp to the blind and back without holding you back.

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Men's Hunting Outerwear Jackets

Men’s Hunting Coat for Warmth and Durability

When selecting a men's hunting coat, place warmth and durability at the top of your checklist. The right coat will help control your body temperature even on the coldest hunts, and they should last more than one season. They may also feature sound-suppressing or moisture-blocking material, but warmth and durability are essential requirements for all hunting environments.

SITKA is proud to serve as a leading provider of hunting coats that meet both of those criteria. Our hunting jackets and coats are designed with the needs of the hunter in mind, and we understand that every hunter deserves the ultimate in protection from the elements.

Men's Hunting Parka vs. Men’s Hunting Coat

Parkas and coats may look a lot alike, but they are different in length. Parkas are generally much longer and can provide more warmth than many other coat styles. They're also a bit bulkier, so every hunter must decide if they're ideal for their comfort and chosen hunting environment.

Regardless of your choice in style, your hunting coat should allow you to move freely while blending into your surroundings. It's also important that the material remain quiet as you hunt.

High-Quality Men's Hunting Parka

SITKA is your one-stop online shop for men's camo parka and coat selections. Our experienced design team is committed to creating quality hunting outerwear that meets the needs of even the more demanding hunters.

Check out our selection of men's hunting coats, and come back often to see what's new in our lineup.