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Mapped for comfort, range of motion, and extended abrasion and tear protection, the Pantanal Parka overcomes the nastiest of duck days. The Pantanal Parka is built longer, with water-wicking backers, water-sealing cuffs, a drop away hood and a micro ripstop textile.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Marsh is designed for layout and blind hunting in the marsh, standing crops, and cut stubble fields.

  • Fabric: GORE-TEX® Fabric, Polyester Weave.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

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Jeff Fletterick | 01. 10. 17
My wife bought me this jacket for Christmas. The size fit well and the jacket was well made. i was excited to take it duckhunting. I got soaked. It was ridiculous. The only part of me that was dry was under the waders. Be very careful with this jacket, make sure you wear the proper layers that will keep you warm when it fails to keep the water out. On a good note it was breathable and kept the wind out
Jason Smith | 01. 09. 17
I own 3 other Sitka jackets (2 cold front & a 90%). This jacket does not disappoint and may be my favorite of the bunch. Pockets are perfectly placed, full range of motion, great weight and it is built like bomb shelter. It is the perfect jacket for the worst of elements. I was saddened to here the Pantanal jacket is being discontinued. Why would you discontinue something that is perfect.
Robert Golden | 01. 08. 17
The most amazing gear I have ever used. Hunted sub-zero weather with one additional layeir and my core never got cold. Customer service at Sitka extended any other company I have ever dealt with in the past. To the staff at Sitka you have hit the mark, both in equipment and staff. Great job, I've got a closet full old Drake gear for sale.
David S. | 01. 06. 17
This jacket is a great piece of gear and very versatile.. Lightly insulated, but roomy enough to add layers for warmth. I've hunted it with just the jacket in temperatures in the 50's and worn it as the out layer (over an Arc'teryx down jacket and fleece sweater) in temperatures in the low teens (wind chill down to 2 degrees). The only "issue" I had with it is the sizing/cut. I'm 6'2", 225-230lbs with a 46-47" chest, 34" waist, and 37" sleeve length. I should be wearing an Extra-Large, but the XL was like a dress on me. I bought a Large and it's still roomy enough for the above mentioned layers.
Chris Campbell | 12. 16. 16
It's like every other hunting jacket was a tarp that you put over your shoulders to try to keep from getting wet. If you order the right size (I recommend sizing up) then you will be wearing the finest all-season (in Texas) piece of hunting gear that you have ever owned.
M. Sheahan | 08. 24. 16
Just completed a 110 mile float fishing trip in Alaska. Rained the last four days consistently. The jacket kept me 100% dry and comfortable. Perfect weight and length to keep me dry. My fellow fisherman were all wishing they had one. Well worth the money when it really matters. Great product!!
Bill | 02. 10. 16
Great jacket. Mine had a zipper issue how ever and Needed to be repaired. My wife contacted customer service who decided it was better just to replace the jacket. Within a matter of days a new parka arrived from the factory in Montana to my home in BC Canada at zero cost to me.Nice to see a company stand by their products with fantastic service. This won't be the last Sitka gear I purchase. Great job folks.
Jack | 12. 01. 15
I want to start off by saying I am taller and have longer limbs so am always skeptical when ordering a jacket. Too many times I have gotten something and had it too short in the sleeves, length, or both and when I lift my arms or go to shoot, the sleeves come up my arms and my lower back and core region gets exposed. Before ordering I called Sitka's Customer Service line and explained my issue with jackets/parkas in the past and they helped coach me into getting the Pantanal Parka. All I can say is wow. The added length in the core region is amazing and extends down to the seat area when standing or sitting. This is great for me as I no longer have to worry about the jacket being too short in length. The arm lengths are long enough that I don't worry about that area being exposed either when lifting my arms. Also, the Gore Tex lining keeps you dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Multiple well placed pockets are great for storing hunting necessities. Fleece lined hand pockets up higher on the jacket allow for a quick warm up between calling sessions as well. Large lower pockets can easily fit a box of shells in them as well. This is a very well designed, warm, dry, and durable parka.
Alaska | 11. 13. 15
Have used this jacket now for early season geese hunts in Dakota cornfields and all around Alaska and love this jacket! The quality just blows all my other name brand gear out of the water in every single catagory. Pantanal is meant to excel for layering with awesome range of motion with what ever layers on. Pantanal does have some problems though. 1) The cuffs on the boreal and hudson are all rubber so why in the heck are the ones on the pantanal are not is beyond me! 2)From frozen rain in the swamp to laying in cornfield the zippered chest pockets never got touched. A better design would be just put zippers in the hand warming pockets instead so I can reach into my waders. 3) I thought of cutting one of the flaps off of my ammo pocket because it kept annoying me dealing with velcro every time as the magnets are to tiny to hold the flap open when pocket is filled up with ammo. 4) The jacket should also get more insulation on the back to work better as a stand alone piece. 5) zippered collar like the coldfront for the hood. 6) Reinforced elbows. Again why the hudson jacket has them and this does not? 7) The lower hand pockets are fleeced up but the hand warming pockets are not? Sitka seems to still be trying to figure out waterfowl wants to needs but this jacket landed mostly on the money. If you spend your vacation days sitting in northdakota cornfields then go home to spend weekend mornings in a swamp this jacket is meant for you.
Brad Rohdenburg | 08. 26. 15
The best foul-weather parka I have ever owned. Rugged and totally waterproof. I especially appreciate the extra length, the rubber cuffs, and the design of the pockets. The camouflage pattern seems to fascinate people - more than once I've been asked where I bought the great "ski parka".
Franck | 11. 06. 14
That jacket is purely awesome. I use it for waterfowl and when I hunt whitetail in sugarbush. The thing I like the most about this Parka is the way it fit, I'm 6'1 so normal jackets are always to short. Thanks Sitka for making that kind of stuff.
Ed Gramza | 08. 30. 13
The Pantanal Parka is a bombproof solution to even the wettest waterfowl hunting conditions. The jacket itself is not insulated, but adding additional layering items to the system make this a great jacket for any type of hunting. I am 6'5" and like the longer length of the parka when in a layout blind waiting for the next flock to fly over. The water seal cuffs are a great addition to the parka. Any duck or goose hunter can be confident that this parka will hold up to whatever you through at it. As a GORE gear tester, I have been able to put this parka through its paces and have yet to be disappointed. Great for early season and late season conditions with proper layering.
keith graffagnini | 08. 05. 13
I have been waiting for a product like this for 15yrs. If you want reliable warm (if needed) all around jacket this is it. I took this jacket sking and layered in 18 degree weather and it performed. I put it to the ultimate waterproof test. I stood for 30 min under a waterfall. It performed great. If you layer super light you can where early season also. The water seal cuffs work great. The storm hood did not let any rain under the collar. The only way I see it getting in is driving duck boat with wind and rain blasting your face. Parka stays lite even after getting totally saturated.
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