SITKA Knit Beanie

SITKA Knit Beanie

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The SITKA Knit Beanie delivers low-profile warmth for chilly fall days. The four-way stretch polyester knit molds to your head for a custom fit, while the soft fleece backer holds in the heat.

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2 Reviews
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Chip Wisdom
Reviewed On 01/26/2018

Wish I had read 1st (only) review. He returned his hat. It does not fit over ears (“not tall enough”.) I see it was made in China and that may be sizing problem? At $35/beanie that’s a waste of money! In my opinion SITKA should re-think what they put their logo on.

Reviewed On 10/04/2016

Seems to be warm and of good quality, however it was not very tall and it was too wide. Had to return.

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