Merino Beanie
Merino Beanie
Merino Beanie
Merino Beanie

Merino Beanie

  • Whitetail : Elevated II
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Lightweight, odor-resistant, low-profile warmth worn on it’s own or easily layered over to adjust to colder temps.

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12 Reviews
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Len Cottrell
Reviewed On 03/14/2022

Love this beanie. No stink. No shrink. I use it as a base layer under a stratus beanie. When I am camping it comes in really handy as a sleeping cap. It is a really solid piece if used as intended. It is not a stand alone piece that will block all wind, rain, and cold. It is a great piece that is well worth picking up.

Reviewed On 11/10/2019

Extremely thin
Thought it would be thicker and keep me warmer
Had to by the stratus beanie

Reviewed On 10/15/2016

Very nice hat for early season...just wish it had the tacky grip around the headband to keep the hat from sliding up/off. A thin strip of the stuff they use on the pants (which I love) would go miles!

Ryan O
Reviewed On 07/21/2016

Fit and Finish: A high quality product and material.

Performance: This hat is perfect for those who don't want a bulky system for the head. It breathes and offers a very light weight but warm option comparing to most other options available.

Durability: Washes easily and dries quickly.

Fitment: My only rub with this product is fitment. For someone with a medium sized head it does seem slightly bigger then normal, especially if you don't have a full head of hair. That being said, using the dryer with careful attention you can shrink it to fit perfectly. Gotta love Merino

Conclusion: A must have for the spot and stalk hunter.

Reviewed On 06/30/2016

Light, perfect for the cold mornings.

John R
Reviewed On 02/19/2016

Nice lightweight beanie that fits a niche in many circumstances.

Jordan Di Virgilio
Reviewed On 01/11/2016

This is an amazing product. I ordered it in the mail and inwas somexcited to get it. It was well worth the wait and then some. I am a big fan of wool hunting clothing and the sitka camo patterns and their over all product. So I decided I would get their merino wool hat. Ingot it and I was even more impressed than I thought I would be. It is a very comfortable hat and I love the new elevated 2 pattern. It is an absolute great deal for it being as high quality as it is and also made of merino wool. I would definetley recomend it.

Reviewed On 11/10/2015

This hat is great for those mid/late season bow hunts in northern Wisconsin. Its light enough to stow away when you dont need it and warm enough to keep the chill off. With it being Merino, it can breath and wick away moisture. I can use this to hike into my stands without breaking a sweat. If the temp drops, I can throw another hat over it without being bulky. Great product.

Reviewed On 09/23/2015

Kept my head dry and warm. Very important when hunting in high and cool climates.

Reviewed On 06/15/2015

Another great product. This beanie is in no way shape or form a huge way to keep the cold out but as a layering system or a lite piece of equipment used when hiking for mild temperatures it serves its purpose.

Jamie Lilly
Reviewed On 10/08/2014

Just like the Merino base layers, the beanie keeps me warm and wicks sweat at the same time. I love wearing the beanie under my Sitka hat while hiking to my stand. I hate having a damp hat on my head once I get settled in my stand. Now that I have the Merino beanie, problem solved!

Reviewed On 11/23/2013

The Merino Beanie are very thin and very warm. I wore them in 16 degree weather alone and kept warm. Next year I will have the Merino Wool base layers this stuff is amazing. I am not a Gore tester over 200 hours in a tree stand hunting whitetails Sitka Gear is the best stuff I have found and I have tried a lot of other brands not no more it`s Sitka Gear from now on

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