Scouting Shirt

Scouting Shirt

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Whether you’re scouring for sheds, planting food plots or irrigating a rice check, the Scouting Shirt is a versatile warm weather classic. The durable but soft nylon body stands up to wear and tear where you need it while knit panels and sleeves provide breathability and smooth range of motion. This perfect blend of performance, comfort and style will stand up to the demands of the field while keeping you cool and sheltered from the sun.

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  • Granite Bark


  • Zippered Chest Pocket: Safely cache small essentials.

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology: Prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

  • UPF 30 Protection: The weave of this shirt blocks harmful UV rays with no chemical treatment.

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat.


Scouting Shirt
Scouting Shirt

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5 Reviews
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B Dye
Reviewed On 02/17/2019

Great shirt but the shirt I received did not have the orange Sitka tag on back as advertised in the pictures. Or the orange zipper. I personally like the orange logo. Other than that I love the shirt. A minor issue but they need to fix it on the website. I have emailed and contacted but no response. Very unusual for them.

B Dye
Reviewed On 02/13/2019

Great feeling shirt. Just know the Cargo color has NO Orange zipper tabs and NO orange Sitka tag on the back. All are brown. I was a little disappointed by that. I actually like the orange logo that sets it apart. I almost didn’t go with cargo but the picture showed the orange. Kinda wish I had gone the others. That’s pretty trivial but I still love the shirt. I’m a SITKA fanatic. Love all their gear. They need to fix the pictures. Hoping they will make it right for me.

Reviewed On 01/19/2019

Great shirt for casual wear or outdoor activity . The garmet seems to be cut in more of an athletic nature, so if you’re broad through the shoulders and normally wear a 2xl, you may want to consider sizing up one . Awesome piece as always from Sitka !

Reviewed On 02/21/2018

Additional update to previous review...

I ment the “granite” color is the same as “woodsmoke” color which had been discontinued in the cold front jacket... it has been more than a week now, and i have worn it in cold temps as well as warm. With a light merino underneath it is perfect day wear in cool temps. On hot days it is perfect without adjustments or additions.

Reviewed On 02/18/2018

What a great shirt! I was cautiously optimistic when looking at this shirt, as the last shirt i bought like this thru a competitor did not breath well at all. However, this shirt, in cargo color, breathes very well indeed. The side panels, as well as lower arms (where the color shifts is a very fine mesh like material) which allows hot air to escape freely. And the shirt itself is a good enough wind-break and fantastic sun resistant blocker... to keep one on the go from forty degrees (F) up to... well... whatever. The sleeves havent any buttons or snaps to contend with, and this might be an issue with “sleeve lift” if wearing a tight-armed jacket or fleece. But then again, one most likely wouldnt be wearing a jacket during such weather conditions as this infers. The durability of this mesh like material might be trouble later on in bramble country. But, it feels made properly enough for glassing the open slopes in Alaska... Birding... Bagging Peaks in Maine.... Or even perhaps watching the local wildlife the nations’ malls... taking in a movie... or just about anything else ome might wish to do. Lets put it this way... I certainly recieved a number of positive responses and compliments on the way to the firing range this past weekend! And it is also a “regular” fit which i prefer as well. As not everyone in the World happens to have a... or at least what the clothing industry calls.... an “active” fit type of body style... Im average height and weigh 165lbs leaving the medium fitting spot on. Wasn't so tight that it bothered performance or range of motion... nor was it so loose that it made me look as if i were wearing lounge clothing. By the way, the cargo color is the same as the “smoke” color which the cold front jacket had been before being discontinued. Looks great with a pair of jeans..

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Donnie Wilson - 06.07.2017

Seasons of Knowledge

My hunting began as a 10-year old on the family farm in Wolfe County, Kentucky. It's the same farm my father started hunting at around age 10. It's also where my two daughters started hunting at 10 years old.