SITKA Merino Beanie

SITKA Merino Beanie

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Used as a stand alone or as a liner, the Merino Beanie keeps you dry and naturally fights odor.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • Lead
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3 Reviews
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Reviewed On 12/30/2018

Like others have said, the fit is way too small for an adult to wear. Very well made, but the sizing is way off.

Reviewed On 01/11/2018

I bought this new online because I wanted something in solid for a last minute trip. This Beanie fits super small. I’m 5” 7”, 145 lbs, with a tiny head and it barely covers 3/4 of my ears. I would have returned it except I pulled the tags and wore it a week.

Other than that, it’s very well-made and excellent material. I just wish it fit better!

Reviewed On 04/27/2017

I have a really small head for a dude. I wear a size 7 fitted baseball hat and this was even small on me...then I washed it...and dried it. Now my 9 year old has a $40 beanie. I enjoyed my one wear though so that moment was nice.

Tom James - 04.10.2019

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