Stealth Belt

Stealth Belt

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Lightweight and low-profile, the Stealth Belt rides comfortably for miles under your backpack hip belt. The 1 5/8” variable-width construction maximizes weight distribution.

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 WARNING: Cancer -


  • Ultralight Aluminum Buckle: Light and minimal attachment system.

  • Sizing Suggestion: Medium // 30 - 36 Large // 36 - 42 Extra Large // 42 - 48

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7 Reviews
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David A Valencia
Reviewed On 03/03/2019

This little thing works well I use it for every day I work carpentry construct out door and this thing holds em and I dont even know I have this belt on the no buckle 8s great. Shoot on the weekend with my bow and I attach my glock 40 tonite... no problems. Get it.. buy it, love it

Robby Denning
Reviewed On 10/03/2018

I’d read some bad reviews on the Sitka belt that it doesn’t stay tight. I knew Sitka would stand behind it and I needed a washable belt, so I bought it.

After a few days use, I was about to agree with the reviews until I noticed I had the Sitka logo on the buckle facing inward and the tail of the belt running on the outside. I flipped it around and wala!!! The belt stays tight. Seems that it’s made to run the tail between the belt and the body to keep it tight. I had hardly a problem after that, even caring a .38 Rossi pistol on it.

You do have finagle a bit to get the tail feed back under the belt, but once set, hardly have to touch it again

Reviewed On 03/06/2018

I have been happy with my belt, but I bought it for comfort and fashion more than work. I was looking for something low profile to wear with my Territory pants and shorts. I think it's great and meets my expectations. I find it might loosen some, but remains comfortable. Over a 6 hour period I did re-tighten mine once.

Reviewed On 02/11/2018

Love Sitka gear. But they missed on this belt. Mine comes loose all day long.

Reviewed On 08/30/2017

I too feel like the marked was missed due to the belt needing regular adjustment. However, I believe a simple solution is to add Velcro to the belt so that once adjusted the desired size is maintained at all times. Cheers and thanks for the products we love.

Stephen P.
Reviewed On 11/12/2016

Like J-P I have found this belt can loosen slightly over time; although, it's not enough to keep me from wearing it everyday. No matter if I'm hunting, heading to work, or cruising around town, I'm wearing the Stealth Belt.

Reviewed On 10/27/2016

I am an avid supporter of SITKA but I find that they may have missed the mark with this belt. I worn it on a week long moose hunt and found that I needed to keep tightening it. I noticed that there are no teeth to hold it in place and my pants kept falling and I was having to adjust my pants and belt more often then I wanted to. I thought that maybe it would wear-in but that was not the case. I have recently returned from a second week long trip and once again I needed to constantly adjust my pants and belt. Needless to say that I am disappointed with this SITKA item. Someone may have missed the mark by not including some "teeth" or something to hold the belt in place. Back to the drawing board on this one.

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John Dudley - 04.10.2019

Owning the Off-Season

A good coach once told me that “being lucky” is actually just being prepared. It was a valuable lesson and one that also applies to the backcountry. Now is the time to prepare with a purpose, not the week before the season starts.