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Big Game : Subalpine
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The Traverse Zip-T is a versatile abrasion-resistant layer. Wear it as an outerwear piece on milder days or as a mid-layer when the temps drop. A durable knit outer face shields a soft fleece backer that traps warm air, keeping you comfortable from the elements. Half-zip pullover for easy on/off, with a zippered chest pocket for quick storage.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 14.4 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Polyester Spandex Blend.

  • High-Loft Fleece

  • Half-Zip

  • Zippered Chest Pocket

Moisture Wicking

Why We Made This

We saw a need for an abrasion-resistant mid-layer that could be worn as a durable standalone outerwear layer in mild temps yet still be layered into a system when the weather got cold. For the Traverse Zip-T, we chose a high-loft fleece for its higher warmth-to-weight ratio and its ability to wick moisture and dry quickly. The knit outer face delivers the durability needed for this to be worn consistently as an outer layer in early-to-mid-season conditions.

Features & Benefits

Thumbhole Loops

Low-profile thumbhole loops allow easy layering by keeping sleeves in place.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean

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Michael Jordan | 07. 02. 18
It does what it's meant to do. Fits nice, super warm for what it is, doesn't seem to hold body idor. Wear mine over a Merino base and under a jetstream or piece of rain gear. It's probably always gonna be in my pack no matter what time of year.
Chris Gregory | 03. 10. 18
The stretch material makes this shirt so comfortable. The only thing I would change is the length. I wish the front was about an 1” longer., like the back. The sleeves have plenty of length though.
Robert May Ozark Backcountry Adventures | 11. 17. 17
I live in my Sitka Gear from September through December. This Traverse Zip T is my hands down favorite piece. I wear one every day. Perfect outer layer for cool days and insulation for cold days.
YellowFinHunter | 05. 04. 17
I ordered the new Traverse Zip T, SubAlpine, through a well known sporting goods store. For size comparison, I am six feet, four inches tall, 210 pounds, 40 inch waist and wear a 37 inch sleeve. Size XXL fits me perfectly. I wore this shirt on a fishing trip within Colorado in May 2017. Morning temps were high 20s/low 30s. It was cloudy with light snow. I did wear a 150 merino wool shirt underneath since I would not be moving around, and really dislike getting cold. This shirt performed very well underneath my rain gear. I stayed dry and warm the entire time.
Thomas Massey | 12. 24. 16
I have the Traverse Zip T and it is my favorite layering piece under my Duck Oven and Delta Wading Jacket. I'm very comfortable in 36 degree weather while riding a boat 30 mph with rain and hail slapping my face. My body's core temp and comfort level is of no concern. The thumb holes are great for on/off while layering. The soft fleece lining is super comfortable with the perfect arm length and shoulder room to mount/swing a shotgun. I wear the Traverse Zip T when I'm driving +100 miles to my hunt spots. Very comfortable. One of my favorite Sitka tops!
Clint Radford | 11. 24. 16
I've had the Traverse zip T going on 5 season now and it's still my go too cool morning/cold weather piece. The thumb holes make for easy on/off while layering up or shedding layers. The soft fleece lining is super comfortable. One of my favorite Sitka offerings!
Nick | 10. 28. 16
Love this top, I own two. I'm a huge 1/4 zip fan and own many from virtually all the big name outdoor brands. I can tell you that the Sitka Traverse Zip T's are the best. The fit is complimenting but not tight, they work well as a light mid-layer, and most importantly they stand up to use. Many other brand 1/4 zips I've owned seem to look beat after a season. It seems they are designed to always be under a jacket, but in warmer temps the 1/4 zip is a sweatshirt outerlayer. Not so with the Traverse. I'd buy more but I have all the available patterns. If this was made in Waterfowl Timber and Elevated patterns, I'd own two more.
John marleau | 10. 02. 16
Pretty comfortable when I did some early season scouting this March. Can see it getting pretty warm if you layer over it to much.
Randy Bomar | 09. 06. 16
This is the ultimate in an outer layer on warm hunts and insulation if needed. Would not think of hunting a day without it. Great job. A perfect 10!
Steve | 01. 22. 16
I purchased this shirt and have worn it for every hunt this year: both deer and waterfowl(pattern I bought). It moves from early season to late easily. Very warm and comfortable but not too warm that you can't take it. I purchased one for my father and he loves it, too. I don't think I've used the pocket but once as it's not real spacious for anything bigger than and ID card. Love the shirt and highly recommend it.
Ben B | 01. 20. 16
This piece is just an all around great garment. I've worn it as an outer layer on warm hunts, under a Dakota vest on cooler days, and as an insulating layer under the Hudson jacket on those days when others decide its "too cold to hunt". All and all its a great stand alone item, and its almost essential for a properly versatile Sitka system.
GoHuntBirds | 11. 17. 15
This particular piece of kit has to be one of our favorite garments from Sitka. It's versatility allows it to be an early season shirt and as the season progresses it becomes a great underlayer for colder weather. The extended cuffs with thumb holes allow it to keep the cold from creeping up your arm and the softness of the fleece keeps you comfy and warm. Do yourself a favor and add this item to your next order. Team
John K | 10. 15. 15
I want to start off by saying that the open country pattern is amazing. second to none. last night I was sitting on the ground at the end of a finger of trees that stops in the middle of a bean field. I watched 7 does come out on the complete opposite side of where I was sitting. As the hunt went on they slowly moved closer and closer. Eventually the does made their way within bow range. I had 7 does at 10 yards while i was on the ground all look at me while i was drawing my bow back, I though the hunt was up and they were going to spook. After about 10-15 seconds all the does continued feeding and were completely calm. its like they were looking right through me. I was completely shocked!!!! i ended up harvesting a healthy doe and stuffed my freezer. I was wearing a core lightweight long sleeve and traverse zip. I love the traverse on mild days i can wear it as my outer piece and layer on top if it gets colder. The new traverse has a much tighter knit face and a lot better wind resistance compared to years prior. With one or 2 layerS underneath the traverse can take you down to about 40 degrees while stationary if the wind isn't blowing to hard. The DWR treatment also repels water extremely well and has kept me dry when light showers crop up. This piece is always with me once the mercury drops and frost begins to form in the mornings. The only con I have about this piece is in warmer temps the piece seems to get a little damp and calmy that's why I strictly use it for colder weather hunts. Thanks Sitka for saving me and allowing me to harvest that doe basically unseen. If I would have been wearing any other pattern I believe those does would have spooked!
Bryce | 09. 26. 15
Great piece and a must have for the entire season. I wear this with a thin base layer for early season bow hunts as well as I wear it to insulate with the Jetstream jacket on late season rifle hunts. Goes with me on every hunt.
Nate | 06. 15. 15
I have had this for about a year now and have to say its one of my favorite items from Sitka. Not only is it extremely comfortable as is all sitkas products but it is warm. The only flaw I would give it is that it does not hold any wind out. Great product for layering.
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