Waterfowl: Marsh 

Dry Field 

SITKA Waterfowl Marsh Dry Field Systems are designed and constructed to give dry field hunters everything they need to stay dry, comfortable, concealed and ready to ambush approaching flocks. Advanced insulation technologies are body-mapped to provide critical insulation in a layout or seated position without hindering mobility, and reinforcement in key areas stands up to abrasion, standing water, snow and frost. Paired with concealment scientifically engineered to confuse the vision of descending ducks and geese, Dry Field Systems completely enhance the hunt. 

Cold Conditions

Dry Field

As winter closes in and the birds begin to move, this system gives the hunter layering options to adapt to volatile, colder weather with confidence.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Marsh/Field
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Dry Field
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Concealment: Optifade Waterfowl Marsh