Logo Trucker

The Logo Truckers

Fly the flag.

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Neck Gaiter

The Neck Gaiter

Delivers ultra-warmth and concealment from the tree stand to the layout blind.

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Dakota Hat

Dakota WS Hat


The Dakota Hat is made for the obsessed waterfowler seeking head warmth and wind protection but not at the cost of hearing descending ducks and geese.

Gunner WS Glove
Hunting Solids

Gunner WS Glove


We built the Gunner WS Glove to maximize trigger feel while keeping your fingers from going numb late into the season.

Mountain Glove
Big Game

Mountain Glove


Low-profile and dexterous, the windproof Mountain Glove keeps your fingers warm in cool conditions.

Stratus Glove

Stratus Glove


The Stratus Glove will keep your fingers warm and agile when the moment of truth strikes.

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