Dew Point Pant
Big Game : Turkey

Dew Point Pant


Our 3-layer GORE-TEX Dew Point Pant offers waterproof protection when you’re three days in and the clouds turn black.

Dew Point Jacket
Big Game : Turkey

Dew Point Jacket


Our 3-layer GORE-TEX Dew Point Jacket offers lightweight waterproof protection for volatile weather.

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Adam Foss — 06.27.2022

Constant Evolution — What My Sitka System Looks Like in 2022

Gear selection on expedition-style hunts is make or break and a clothing system is a critical component. My list is under constant scrutiny and dynamic, informed by cumulative lessons learned, sandwiched between the rarely occurring mountainside epiphany.

Steven Drake — 03.21.2022

Shed Hunting Tips

To find sheds you must search where the bull elk spend their winter and spring. The most effective way to find these areas is to scout in the winter. In December bulls will group up in bachelor herds and move to their winter range. Depending on the area and the severity of weather, this move could be 1 mile or 100. Bulls will then spend the winter months feeding on big south facing, wind swept slopes where feed is ample and not buried too deep under the snow. Some of these slopes can be seen from roads. Others you'll have to hike in to scout. Glass these slopes from a far. If you find bulls they'll likely shed near there come spring.

John Barklow — 02.03.2022

Barklow Systems Thinking - Big Game

Deep in the wilderness is not the time to find out your clothing system doesn't meet your expectations. A technical clothing system for the backcountry hunter must be versatile, lightweight, and capable of keeping you warm and dry. Dynamic mountain weather and remote locations do not treat the unprepared hunter kindly. Whether you're living in a desert, coastal forests, or high above treeline, the clothing system you build must perform.

Adam Foss — 02.22.2021

Unpredictable: 18 Days in the Backcountry

Unpredictable. That’s how I’d describe my life as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. A lifelong thirst for bowhunting in the mountains, and tendency to say “yes” before asking questions, has landed me in a variety awe-inspiring locations and momentous misadventures. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, and they’ve always prepared me for going into another unknown.

Adam Foss — 07.02.2018

Counting Ounces

I’ve refined my system for about 15 years but write this with only one caveat — don’t simply take my word for it. Yes, these are my personal choices, but the ideal setup for you may vary based on your body type, hunt conditions and preferences...

The Sitka Team — 12.08.2014

THE DARKROOM: 18 Things You Should Know About Customer Service Lead Corey Piersol

When you dial 877.SITKA.GR, there’s a good chance Corey will be the one to pick up. We’ve had so much fun getting to know him over the last three years, and it finally dawned on us that we should let you guys in on that. So we peppered him with a bunch of questions, and here’s what he had to say.

The Sitka Team — 09.05.2013

The Darkroom: All Systems Go

"We've been preparing for this storm all year. We’ve been wearing out the target foam and boot leather, learning new country, building up our legs and our lungs. And we've been driving your gear forward with our company-wide commitment to the discipline of hunting, to creating solutions for the problems hunter’s face in the field."

- The Sitka Team