SITKA Team — 09.25.2020

Simple Truths of the Desert

Spend any time in the desert, under a late summer sun, and you’ll quickly be reminded of two things: life and death. Oases of life exist. And yet the grip of the desert is always near; the traces of it linger for decades as bones lay bleached, and tracks rest baked into the Earth’s crust, a reminder of the fact that literally everything is on the line out here, day in and day out.

Ethan Stewart | Photos: Brett Seng — 08.01.2019

Planet Florida

If you are up for the effort, you can chase a whitetail into some of the roughest and most rugged and unforgiving country imaginable — places where humans have seldom tread and with good reason. The dense and swampy wilderness of South Florida is just such a place.

Tribe Member Clint Radford — 11.26.2015


"It’s difficult to put into words what our loved ones mean to us, and becomes even harder once they’re gone and we cannot tell them anymore. All of us deal with loss in different ways. I have connected again with my brother through hunting, and I'm so thankful for that." - Tribe Member Clint Radford