Grindstone Jacket in SITKA Black

Grindstone Work Jacket


The Grindstone Jacket brings the rugged durability of a classic work jacket to the jobsite while enhancing comfort, function and weather protection with key technical upgrades.

Dry Creek Fleece Jacket in Shadow

Dry Creek Fleece Jacket


The Dry Creek Fleece will keep you comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

Kelvin Lite Down Jacket
Outside Buyer's Guide 2021

Kelvin Lite Down Jacket


2021 Outside Winter Buyer's Guide Award Winner. The Kelvin Down Lite Jacket is the go-to mid-season piece where warmth and packability are key.

Dew Point Jacket

Dew Point Jacket


Our 3-layer GORE-TEX Dew Point Jacket offers lightweight waterproof protection for volatile weather.

Vapor SD Jacket

Vapor SD Jacket


The Vapor SD Jacket is a featherweight, ultra-packable waterproof jacket for training in unpredictable conditions.

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Kelvin Aerolite Jacket
Aerolite Collection

Kelvin Aerolite Jacket


Shave weight, not warmth. Lightweight, compressible insulation for warm-when-wet performance.

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Gradient Hoody

Gradient Hoody


The Gradient Hoody is like wearing your favorite well-worn sweatshirt but on steroids.

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Grindstone Work Vest

Grindstone Work Vest


Minimal in weight and bulk but packs a punch for core warmth.

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Kelvin Aerolite Vest in Shadow
Aerolite Collection

Kelvin Aerolite Vest


This lightweight, compressible vest maximizes warmth while minimizing bulk.

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Jetstream Vest

Jetstream Vest


The windproof Jetstream Vest protects valuable core heat in cool temperatures and high winds.

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Adam Foss — 02.22.2021


Unpredictable. That’s how I’d describe my life as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. A lifelong thirst for bowhunting in the mountains, and tendency to say “yes” before asking questions, has landed me in a variety awe-inspiring locations and momentous misadventures. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, and they’ve always prepared me for going into another unknown.

SITKA Team | Photos by Craig Francis & Matt McCormick — 01.18.2021

The Science Behind Nodak

Snow goose hunters know the best chance they have for a successful hunt in an open field is to disappear into it. For years they’ve relied on whites—including suits made of disposable Tyvek material—for concealment. Bulky, uncomfortable and non-breathable, these suits eventually fall apart or fail before the season’s over, ending up in a landfill before their time.

SITKA Team — 07.12.2020

The Train to Goat Country

For years, Kiviok Hight has heard the distant echoes of the train whistle from the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad engine. Ever since his last Colorado archery mountain goat hunt ten years ago, he’s been dreaming of this hunt. On that first goat hunt, and on elk hunts since, the sound of the distant train engine has been the only reminder of the human world. He decided that if he ever drew the tag again, that train would become part of the experience.

Quotes From Bryan Rogala with Outside Magazine — 05.13.2020

The Best Outdoor Gear Comes from This Hunting Brand

Bryan Rogala is an outdoor enthusiast and writer. In a recent article for Outside Online, he shared how he has been branching out from hiking and skiing and is now diving into a newfound passion for western big-game hunting. The demands of mountain hunting have led him to be more thoughtful than ever about what gear he takes into the field. Here is his unsolicited take on our gear...

SITKA Gear — 04.13.2020

The Darkroom: Built with Purpose

If you walk into our design room, you'll hear our designers throwing around terms like "fit," "features," and "purpose built." But what does that even mean?

Dustin Diefenderfer | Photos By Sam Averett and Nate Hill — 04.02.2020

“Always Ready” with MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab

No gym, No problem, try this home workout from MTNTOUGH founder Dustin Diefenderfer that you can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment to prepare for this fall.

SITKA Team — 10.29.2019

The Coldest Hunts

The following is a collection of stories from our Ambassadors recalling the coldest hunts they’ve ever been on.

SITKA Team — 10.08.2019

The Necessities of Comfort: Gear Tips To Improve Your Next Hunt

Comfort can play a vital role in the hunt. Not in the sense that being comfortable makes the hunt easy, more that it allows us to shift focus from the challenges of the hunt to the task at hand. When we bring our bodies and minds to a state of comfort, we become more effective, more efficient, and more durable to the conditions. Comfort becomes a tool.

Photos By Shannon Vandivier & Bowen Parrish — 09.24.2019

Science of Sound

The brush of a shoulder against a tree. The zip of a zipper. The rub of a sleeve reaching for a rangefinder. The draw of a bow. Factor in sound-dampening snow. Negative temperatures. Zero wind. Add a mature whitetail tuned to hear every out-of-place noise in the woods. These considerations hatched the new Fanatic: the quietest jacket, bib and pack system ever made by SITKA. Designed by experts; informed by the most advanced science on how deer hear.

Kristen A. Schmitt | Photos By Austin Thomas — 09.24.2019


Beneath a clear blue sky, Alex Templeton maneuvers her tractor, harrowing pastures to improve grass growth and production for the 500 cattle she raises with her father. A third-generation farmer in Polo, MO, Templeton spends the majority of her time outside: helping with calving during the spring, fixing fences, distributing hay and feed and keeping tabs on the herd from the cab of her trusty pickup truck.

SITKA Customer Service | Photos by Matt McCormick — 08.25.2019

Top 5 Questions We Get On Each Layer In Your System

Meet our Customer Service team. When they’re not fielding calls, they’re out in fields, marshes and forests chasing the same game that you are. So if you have questions about gear, systems or sizing, know that you can talk to someone who’s been there before. Call them, email them or message them on live chat. They’re here to help, even in September.

SITKA Team — 07.26.2019

Layering 101 with SITKA Gear Founder, Jonathan Hart

As humans, we are at a genetic and physiological disadvantage to survive in wild places. Yet we’re instinctively drawn to test our mettle against species who have adapted for millennia to thrive in these challenging environments. At SITKA, we build systems to level the playing field with wild animals in their domain; giving hunters the ability to adapt to the rapidly-changing conditions encountered in the wild.

SITKA Gear — 10.15.2018

Understanding Kelvin Insulation | SITKA Gear

When it comes to insulation, we’ve designed varying configurations to accommodate niche weather conditions and activity levels for big game hunting.

SITKA Gear — 09.13.2018

System Thinking: Women's Whitetail

Alex Templeton breaks down her go-to Women's Whitetail System.

Adam Foss — 07.02.2018

Counting Ounces

I’ve refined my system for about 15 years but write this with only one caveat — don’t simply take my word for it. Yes, these are my personal choices, but the ideal setup for you may vary based on your body type, hunt conditions and preferences...

SITKA Gear — 05.06.2018

Windstopper Hunting Clothing: Withstand the Wind in our Windstopper Fleece

Understanding GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology.

SITKA Gear — 09.27.2017

The Dynamic Rewarming Drill

As mountain hunters, we are conditioned to brave the elements. This is precisely why our apparel systems receive so much attention.

SITKA Gear — 07.13.2016

Randy Newberg Interview

On the HuntTalk Podcast, Randy Newberg interviewed our own John Barklow and Eric Gilmore, going deep on everything from pain points, to ideation, design, development, field testing, and the future of gear.

Sitka Team — 11.04.2015

Q&A With Athletes Field and Clay Hudnall

We're psyched to announce the addition of brothers Field and Clay Hudnall to the Sitka Athlete team. We sat down with both to talk waterfowl, hunting, and gear.

Sitka Team — 09.16.2015

BC Stone Sheep

Our Big Game Marketing Manager David Brinker recently returned from his first sheep hunt, where he hunted Stones with Sitka Athlete Dustin Roe in British Columbia. Here are the highlights.

Sitka Team — 07.14.2015

The Darkroom: A Navy SEAL Rewarming Drill

"The deal is, if you spend enough time out there, you’re going to get wet on a brutally cold day. And how are you going to keep warm? How are you going to get everything dry and keep going?” - Big Game Product Manager John Barklow

Sitka Team — 04.15.2015

The Darkroom: Down Without The Letdown

Almost identical to down, this stuff is lofty, compressible, warm and light. But get it wet, really try to soak it, and unlike down, it insulates –even after years of soiling, washing and abuse. This is it. After 125 million years, we finally have down without the letdown.

The Sitka Team — 12.08.2014

THE DARKROOM: 18 Things You Should Know About Customer Service Lead Corey Piersol

When you dial 877.SITKA.GR, there’s a good chance Corey will be the one to pick up. We’ve had so much fun getting to know him over the last three years, and it finally dawned on us that we should let you guys in on that. So we peppered him with a bunch of questions, and here’s what he had to say.

The Sitka Team — 09.05.2014

The Darkroom: How OPTIFADE was invented

"So when we were first trying to choose a deer pattern for Sitka Gear, we asked, "Which one works best?" We studied and probed for data, but there was nothing empirical to show that one pattern worked any better than any other. It was a crapshoot, 50/50, doesn't-matter-what-you-choose kind of scenario, all because the problem, How can I hide from deer? was being treated with a knee-jerk intuitive solution: look like your surroundings."

The Sitka Team — 05.02.2014

Darkroom: Evolution of The New 90% Series

The Sitka Team — 01.31.2014

The Darkroom: The Improbable Life of Richard Siberell

Richard Siberell is the Product Design Lead at Sitka Gear. You've probably never heard his name before, but read this and you likely won't forget him.

The Sitka Team — 09.11.2013

The Darkroom: Sitka Gear DNA

"Not every hunter agonizes over their hunts or their gear to this extent, and so they may not need what we do. We exist to build gear for hunters who are unwilling to compromise on comfort, safety, and performance."
- The Sitka Team

The Sitka Team — 09.05.2013

The Darkroom: All Systems Go

"We've been preparing for this storm all year. We’ve been wearing out the target foam and boot leather, learning new country, building up our legs and our lungs. And we've been driving your gear forward with our company-wide commitment to the discipline of hunting, to creating solutions for the problems hunter’s face in the field."

- The Sitka Team