Stay Cool During Hot Weather Hunts

The Ascent Collection

Thrive When Temps are High
The Ascent Collection

The intense heat of early season can keep you sweating even when camped in the shade. The Ascent Collection is built to keep you active and comfortable in these conditions. The specialized fabric creates an evaporative cooling effect while striking a perfect balance between breathability and stout fabrics. Plus knee pad pockets for when the hike or stalk gets scrappy. When the sun is blazing, reach for the Ascent and hunt hard without worrying about rips and tears.


The fabrics are designed to dissipate body heat, allowing you to maintain comfort in the hottest conditions. Thoughtfully placed mesh panels allow max airflow.


Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat—helpful for close-quarters stalks and for keeping your hunting partners happy.


Ripstop nylon and CORDURA® blend fabrics withstand years of abrasion busting through brush and belly crawling.

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