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Dustin Diefenderfer | Photos By Sam Averett and Nate Hill | 4.2.2020

“Always Ready” with MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab

  • Pursuit: Everyday
  • Environment: Training

No gym, No problem, try this home workout from MTNTOUGH founder Dustin Diefenderfer that you can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment to prepare for this fall.

What It Means to be “Always Ready”

“Always Ready” was born out of our military DNA here at MTNTOUGH. They’ve taught us that elite soldiers can’t afford to do things like “get in and out of shape”... because when our country needs them, they need to be ready RIGHT NOW. And we’ve adopted this same mentality. Because when your family needs you…

Or your kids need you. Or your hunting buddy needs you. Or you draw the tag of a lifetime. Or you need to save your own life. You have to be ready.

Training in the vapor SD jacket

Pictured: Vapor SD Jacket

And when you adopt this mentality, the old definition of “Goals” becomes less important. Your perspective changes. Instead, you start thinking bigger. Always Ready becomes your lifestyle. Your way of living. And when you’re “Always Ready” - You do things like train all year long, so you’re not getting “in shape” for any one thing.

You already eat right eighty percent of the time, it is a lifestyle, so it’s not a “diet” anymore. You stop training one dimensionally, and instead begin to focus on cardiovascular endurance, strength, power and agility so you have truly usable, functional fitness. You train to be ready mentally and physically for whatever life may throw your way. Always Ready is about being the best version of yourself all the time… and continuing to get better every single day.

Pushups at home

Be “Always Ready” this Hunting Season

With the focus on being “Always Ready” we realize we don’t always have access to a gym or equipment, sometimes things are out of our control and we need to get a workout in at home or on the road, effectively & efficiently to prepare for hunting season.

Sometimes we are working from home, or the gym is closed, but it is important to stick to the routine. To help you with that we put together this workout for you from our six week MTNTOUGH 30-30 bodyweight training program.

The Workout

"This workout is simple and incredibly effective, and all you need is a floor and an empty room. We like it because it is a tremendous mental challenge; it is a grind! It will have you looking forward to burpees as a rest by the end. It boosts your fitness across the board and is short, yet very useful for significant leg endurance.

Pushups at the house


MTNTOUGH Bodyweight Standard

  • Run - 400m
  • High Knees - 30 sec
  • Butt Kicks - 30 sec
  • World's Greatest Stretch - 30 sec
  • Overhead Lunge - 30 sec
  • Walk Out Push-ups - 30 sec
  • Lateral Lunge - 30 sec
  • Floor Wipers - 30 sec


Basin Work Shirt in Cedar


  • 300 Lunge Jumps
  • Everytime you fail / rest / stop for any reason, perform the following...
  • Y's - 20 reps
  • Lateral Burpees - 5


  • This workout is 300 Lunge Jumps for time with a penalty every time you take a break.
  • The lunge jumps need to be perfect form, with your back knee lightly touching the ground each rep.
  • Any break or rest leads to the penalty even if you break for a few seconds. The penalty is bodyweight y's for your shoulders plus 5 lateral burpees.
  • For the lateral burpees in a gym you typically jump over a barbell, or a box, but at home or outside it doesn't matter, just find something to lateral jump over, such as a jacket, bag, rucksack, etc...

Click here to learn more about MTN Tough and watch the step by step instructional video of the workout.
Packing out after a successful hunt
MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter and tactical athlete…And they have assembled an impressive team for this task, including backcountry hunter Dustin Diefenderfer, Alex Fichtler (Former US Navy SEAL), Ara Megerdichian (US Army Ranger and former West Point Instructor), and mountain training legend Jimmy Alsobrook. You can access all MTNTOUGH online training programs via your phone, tablet, or desktop including their six week no gear, no gym, bodyweight only program the MTNTOUGH 30-30.