A curated gear list for dad

Father's Day Gift Guide

Fathers push us, guide us, and often lead us in our first connections to the outdoors. We’ve pulled together some of our top gear picks to help you find the perfect way to show gratitude for all Dad’s done.

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When your cutting board is a tailgate and your cooktop is a bed of coals, you need a knife that can endure. The problem is that most chef’s knives are built for kitchens…and we’ve ruined our fair share pushing them past their limit. We spent years battling broken tips, rolled edges, and blades that rusted up at the first sign of water. That’s why we partnered with The James Brand to create a modern outdoor chef’s knife that combines culinary-quality with the durability required for life in the field. Tough enough to make short work of a rack of venison, but still precise enough to filet a fish, it’s the first thing you’ll reach for when dinner calls.

Built for warm weather adventures
The Perfect Summer Kit

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Rachel Ahtila had been a sheep guide for years. Because of her proficiency and dedication on the mountain, she was rewarded with her first Dall sheep hunt. It was her dream. She could have taken anyone along on this sacred hunt, but she chose to include someone she needed to reconnect with - her dad.

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