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Trusted in the most challenging conditions imaginable

GORE-TEX is more than just a fabric technology. It's a tool that allows us to venture further and stay longer in the most extreme environments.

Our relationship with GORE-TEX allows us to research, test, and validate our gear better than any other hunting company. We work closely with Gore engineers to develop custom solutions to problems that are unique to hunters. We can test with extreme precision in controlled environments that simulate harsh conditions: temperatures that range from -58 to 122°F, unending downpours, extremely high winds, or 90% humidity. In the Gore lab, every ingredient in our gear is put through the wringer. Then it gets handed to dedicated gear testers, guides and our team for field testing until we're satisfied that you can trust the gear to the ends of the earth.

The end result is cutting-edge products that are already proven to work and to protect you from whatever nature throws at you.

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How does GORE-TEX work

Keeping rain out is pointless if your outerwear traps sweat and moisture that drenches you from the inside out. GORE-TEX products are not just durably wind and waterproof, they’re also breathable, so they keep out rain while allowing perspiration to vaporize and escape. When you’re wearing a piece of SITKA outerwear made with GORE-TEX technology, you’ll stay dry and comfortable — from the inside out, and the outside in.

Cole Kramer

“As an Outfitter on Kodiak Island, I spend 200+ days a year guiding hunts. The conditions are harsh and often wet and cold. I need an insurance policy in my pack to keep me and my clients dry, comfortable and focused. Over the past 20 years, my success has been simple: You must be present to be successful – not in your tent or at home because of weather.”

Big Game GORE-TEX Gear
John Dudley

“When the whitetail rut is on, it’s dark to dark for me in the stand regardless of weather. I rely 100% GORE-TEX to keep me dry, warm and in the stand. I’ve sat in it all…rain, sleet, hail and snow and many times, thanks to my gear, I've found success when others would have called it quits.”

Whitetail GORE-TEX Gear
Ranar Moody

"Over the years, I’ve learned to always keep a GORE-TEX shell in my boat. It's saved me from shivering in misery during long, wet rides up and down the river. I’ve learned this the hard way: it's best to keep GORE-TEX within arms reach to stay dry and focused on the hunt.”

Waterfowl GORE-TEX Gear

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