Men's Big Game Systems


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Early Season System


Stalking through oppressively scorching prairies, scrublands, and deserts demand a system that will keep you protected from the all-day sun while managing moisture to keep you cool and collected for the moment of truth.

For optimum stealth, GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine technology is used across this entire system. Scientifically engineered to confuse the vision of antelope, elk, and mule deer, it offers maximum concealment when stalking in vegetated terrain. GORE OPTIFADE breaks the mold by using a digitally rendered blend of micro and macro patterns to fool animal vision. Created by a renowned team of camouflage and animal vision experts, this pattern takes into account how elk and mule deer see when looking through vegetation. The Subalpine concealment is designed for engagements of fifty yards or less in vegetation below the treeline.

The Sage of Sagebrush

By Kristen A. Schmitt

Cruising along the backroads of Montana, Lyle Hebel spots the outline of antelope, grazing deep within the sagebrush landscape. He’s about a mile away, but knows that getting close is a game of cat and mouse.

Stopping his truck, he throws it in park, raising his binos so he can scan the herd to see if one is stalkable. He smiles and motions for his 10-year-old son, Archie, to take a look: it’s time to close the distance between them and this buck on foot.

To Hebel, antelope hunting is a rite of passage. For him, that happened at 19 when he traded his rifle for bow and arrow to hunt speed goats in his home state of Montana.

For his kids, that happens when they turn five years old and get to go on their first antelope hunt with him.