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Quotes From Bryan Rogala with Outside Magazine | 5.13.2020

The Best Outdoor Gear Comes from This Hunting Brand

Bryan Rogala is an outdoor enthusiast and writer. In a recent article for Outside Online, he shared how he has been branching out from hiking and skiing and is now diving into a newfound passion for western big-game hunting. The demands of mountain hunting have led him to be more thoughtful than ever about what gear he takes into the field. Below is his unsolicited take on our gear:

“The SITKA pieces I wear hunting have been some of the best-performing clothes I’ve ever used in the outdoors, full stop.”

“This is one of the best pairs of pants I’ve ever owned. It’s rare to find such a fitted, versatile pair of pants that can withstand a ton of off-trail hiking in the Rockies, not to mention crawling on your hands and knees. For this reason, they’ll work for just about any outdoor pursuit, including hiking or climbing. ”

Mountain Pant - $199

“The comfort is what really sold me: I didn’t know you could carry that much weight and not be in pain. Anytime I need to bring a lot of gear along on a backpacking or ski-hut trip, I know which pack I’ll be grabbing.”

Mountain Hauler 4000 Pack - $495

“Hunting, like backcountry skiing, is one of those sports where having the right layers is crucial...you want a midlayer that insulates when you’re standing still and that breathes when you’re trucking uphill. This jacket does both really well.“

Kelvin Active Jacket - $289

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