Women's Timberline Pant

Big Game : Subalpine
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A burly hunting pant built for long forays into rugged and remote backcountry, the Timberline Pant features a reinforced waterproof and breathable seat and knees assure these pants will survive your best adventures. Removable knee pads offer added protection.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 22.6 oz. // 26 Reg.

  • Fabric: Polyester stretch woven.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Wind Protection
Water Protection

Features and Benefits

Articulated Patterning

The fit is athletic with tapered legs and a low-profile waist that won’t bunch or chafe under a pack.

Removable Knee Pads

Removable knee pads offer additional protection whether you’re scrambling through talus in the Northern Rockies, picking your way through cactus in the Sonoran Desert, or field dressing an animal.

Reinforced Seat and Knees

The seat and knees are reinforced with a waterproof nylon Ripstop fabric, so a long slog on a wet saddle or a quick seat in the snow won’t leave you cold and wet.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean
- See Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.  

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Product Comments

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Amy | 05. 08. 19
Not just the beat hunting pant Inhave ever owned, but one of the best outdoor pants, period. I have been an outdoor professional for twenty years, and it can be hard to find pants that fit, as I am a petite female. Men’s XS was too big anyway but a women’s fit makes a difference. The fit is perfect, the waist sits well with a pack and doesn’t ride down. The pockets interact well with a hip belt on. All of the pockets are perfect. I like the snap access of the big thigh pockets- they remain closed, and the security of the zippered pockets. Everything is very quiet and also completely comfortable with these pants, I can unsnap the thigh pocket 30 yards from an elk. Aside from the fit, which I can’t emphasize how well articulated these are with gussets crotch and articulated knees, the knee and butt waterproofing and definitely the knee pads just rock. They are in the right place! Again not a given when pants are usually too long. I am tempted to get a second pair while they are on sale because I love them so much, but mine have held up very well after two thirty day seasons. I am 5’3”, 115lb, and wear the 25
Haley | 01. 12. 19
These pants are AMAZING! Best women’s hunting pants I have ever put on and used! The material is stretchy so it fits with two base layers underneath as well as nothing in the warm season. They are durable quiet material that doesn’t collect those annoying burrs everywhere but also doesn’t swish when you walk. They have a higher waist fit which is amazing so they don’t fall down at all even without a belt. The only reason these didn’t get full stars from me is the zipper is not great... I figured it would be a reinforced zipper but I wore these 15 mins and the zipper came off track. I was able to put it back on but I have had to do it three times now and it’s annoying when you are trying to hurry out to get on the mountain. PLEASE make a better zipper! Then they would be perfection!!!
BModen | 12. 20. 18
The strong stretchable fabric is extremely comfortable. I can wear these alone or even put multiple layers underneath for colder weather and the fit remains essentially the same. They fit my curves - e.g. no 'gap' at the back - but would likely fit a straighter figure too since the fabric seems to mold perfectly to one's form. I make use of the reinforced seat and knees often and the knee pads are essential for rocky terrain and my runner's knees. I have worn these through multiple seasons for several years and they still look like new. Highly recommend.
Emily E. | 11. 14. 18
I love these pants. I wore them this year and last year for bow hunting season and they are fantastic. Best part about the pants is that they do not collect burrs like some of my other hunting pants do. All in all I find these pants to be extremely comfortable as both a top layer or under the cloud burst pants. They move with you and don't bunch up too much.
Sarah M | 11. 11. 18
These are great pants. I gave them a 3 star due to the zipper coming apart on the pocket after two weeks of hunting. Other than that, they are my favorite.
Tiffany | 09. 29. 18
Great pants, can’t say enough about them. I have been wearing the kids line for a while and was pumped when the women’s stuff came out. All the pockets are in the right places, super quite zippers with pulls that dont do weird things when I have my pack on. I also wore my leg holster for a few days and no pilling or binding on the pants. I love Sitka Gear. Hard to find in stock anywhere but I just took a shot in the dark with my size and orderded online. Love the knee pads, at first you think they are dumb but come in so handy.
Lindsay | 09. 24. 18
These are the best hunting pants I have every owned! I recently wore these pants on a bow hunt in the ND badlands and these pants performed above expectations. The material is tough and held up really well. The knee pads are awesome protection against cactus and other rough vegetation. Overall, these pants are well engineered! Sizing seems pretty standard. I typically wear a size 12 in most pants. I ordered these in a 32 and they fit perfectly. The are loose enough for a base layer underneath.
Sarah A. | 09. 24. 18
I just received the pants and first day I wore them I harvested my first elk!! The pack out was so hard, I fell so many times and slide down on bum a lot. I was so worried I would tear the pants from all the shale and sliding with half an elk on my back. The pants held up and still look brand new, you would never know I slide down half a mountain in them. Amazing pants!!!!
Sarah | 09. 17. 18
Love them!! After reading reviews I sized up and I am glad I did. They’re a little bigger than what I am used too but they’re so comfortable and they fit my leg length (perferred inseam is 34or36) which is the main reason I sized up. Great pants and so many pockets that all zip or snap shut. I live in AZ and the texture/heaviness of the pants is perfect for all seasons. I definitely recommend these pants!
Kelly | 08. 29. 18
These pants work pretty good. The waterproof areas are great. The only change I would make is adding upper side zipper air vents. That would be great for when you get warm hiking then close the side zipper when glassing.
MTHuntress | 08. 21. 18
These pants are so functional and well designed. I did have to size up only because where I like my pants to sit on my waist/hips. I would recommend going in to a dealer and trying them on. I've worn them in hot early season hunting for antelope archery all the way to bird hunting in below zero temps in December (with a thin wool legging under them). They are really an all purpose pant and great for all conditions (except heavy down pour as expected). Thanks for finally making a pant that works for us gals!
Jen Schurter | 06. 15. 18
I LOVE the material on these pants. They fit right without digging in. These were amazing on my recent spring bear hunt in the Hells Canyon area. Between having to slide down a rock face on my buns to kneeling on the rocks dressing out my bear, these were comfortable and extremely functional. Now...just need these back in stock so I can order more for the rest of my pursuits this year!
Daniela Nettles | 06. 10. 18
UPDATE!! Can I give it 5 stars?? The more I use these pants the more I love it!! Why the max is 4 stars?? These pants deserve more!
Daniela Nettles | 05. 20. 18
I had several hunting pants before and this one is far the best. The quality is fenomenal. I put this pants on test in a very thick area in a long hunting day with temperatures from 40-80 F. I am impressed. The waterproof areas and the knee pad are a must. I wear size 0 for jeans and got the size 25 and it fits perfect, so if you don't have a super thin waist order a size up. It's a height waist pant (belly bottom height), what for hunting is awesome, as your backpack will not pull your pants down, or shirts up and if you like using a belt it won't hurt you.
Suzanne | 03. 03. 18
Absolutely love these pants. Seriously the most comfortable pairs of pants I have ever worn and they fit my body better than any pair of jeans. I love the knee pads and the material on the butt of the pants prevents you from getting wet when sitting. They keep you warm in the snow but not too hot during a warmer day. Very breathable. I highly recommend these!
Cherine | 10. 20. 17
Thank you, Sitka! I just finished a 5-day elk hunt and put these pants through hiking, crawling, sitting and sliding every day, and they held up to the wear with no rips or threads coming loose. After wearing men's pants for the past 15 years, I'm extremely happy with how these pants fit, with no bagging or bunching or sliding down. I used the size chart measurements to determine the size to order and it was perfect. Their functionality is awesome, and I highly recommend them.
Becca | 10. 20. 17
These are my favorite pants! The knee pads are great, and I use them often from stalking mule deer in the rocks and thorns of west Texas to waiting for elk in the timber, they have been put to the test. My knees never got sore! They are cool when it's hot outside, and when it's cold with a layer underneath they will keep you warm.
Elizabeth Doss | 10. 02. 17
These pants are breathable and flexible. I will be using them strictly/ happily for the prairie and fair days in the forest. They did not survive a down pour in the mountains. After three hours of hiking in the rain, my legs were soaked. I combined these pants with bibs to keep completely dry.
Maggie | 10. 01. 17
I absolutely love these pants! I archery hunted in the high altitude mountains of Colorado and really appreciated their features. I didn't think I would need the knee pads but appreciated them when I was on a final pronghorn stalk over sharp rocks and cactus. The waterproof bottom and knees were especially great when I hunkered down in the frost covered brush. Finally I have a pair of pants that actually fit me instead of the men's hunting pants I've been wearing! Thank you Sitka!
Alisa Siemens | 08. 28. 17
Wore these pants on a sheep hunt this year. They were super comfortable and breathed well. The weather was a lot warmer than I expected (25 C) so I was sweating go up hill, but never uncomfortable or sticky. I would recommend these to any hunter. (I didn't use the knee pads)
Sallie Doty | 05. 24. 17
The Timberline pants are amazing! They are lightweight, yet keep you warm and are flexible. I can finally crouch down in a pair of hunting pants and my pants do not fall down in the back. The knee pads are also an added bonus! I highly recommend these pants to all female hunters!
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