Men's Whitetail Systems

Elevated II

  • Early Season
  • Mid-Season
  • Late Season

Late Season System


The Late Season Whitetail System is built for combating frigid winter mornings and blustery evenings in the stand when warmth and sound suppression are paramount. The Fanatic series was engineered by scientists to tackle sound suppression, heat retention, moisture management, and wind protection to deliver the ultimate in winter whitetail gear.

GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II is optimized for concealment while hunting from tree stands and based on ungulate vision versus human vision. It is designed to keep hunters undetectable at heights approximately 15 feet high and within engagement distances of 80 yards. The Elevated II pattern has been fine-tuned to better handle the changing seasons so it functions more as an all-season pattern while also allowing for further engagement distances.

Place of Peace

After 20 years on the front lines that left multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds across his body, Ret. Master Sergeant Farmer reached a breaking point. While trying to rebuild his life, he rediscovered a gift from a friend that led him down an unexpected path to healing.