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GORE-TEX is the gold standard in breathable, waterproof protection. Each of these rain gear systems were designed to defy torrential rain and snow while meeting three critical big game demands: packability, stealthiness and extreme durability.

Dewpoint Jacket & Pant

Rain gear for the big game hunter must be breathable, durable and lightweight. Missing any of these marks can compromise a hunt or worse – lead to an emergency. When designing the Cloudburst, we streamlined the construction to reduce overall garment weight and limit failure points. GORE-TEX 3-layer laminate delivers the durability, breathability and industry-leading waterproofing that makes this the go-to rain gear for mountain hunters worldwide.

The Dew Point Jacket offers lightweight waterproof protection for volatile weather.

The Dew Point Pant offers waterproof protection when you’re three days in and the clouds turn black.

Dynamic. Tested. Proven.

Thunderhead Jacket & Pant

The Thunderhead Jacket and Pant were built to maximize stealthiness in wet weather. Designed with a brushed, polyester knit face and GORE-TEX laminate, this is the rain gear system for dedicated bow-hunters who need to close the distance without being heard.

The Thunderhead Jacket combines an exceptionally waterproof and breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric with an ultra-quiet brushed face to keep you both protected and silent.

The Thunderhead Pant gets you within range without the swishing and pattering noises of typical rain gear blowing your cover.

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