Vegetated Terrain

Whitetail hunting requires short periods of physical exertion while traveling to and setting up your treestand or blind, followed by long periods of inactivity when the smallest change in wind or the slightest mistake can end in defeat. If you’re too sweaty, too cold or fumbling for gear, your chances – and your enjoyment – drop considerably.

SITKA Whitetail products are highly specialized, combining premium fabrics and advanced technologies – including GORE-TEX®, GORE® WINDSTOPPER®, PrimaLoft®, and Polygiene Odor Control Technology – to enhance hunter safety, comfort, focus and performance. We also use the only concealment scientifically designed around whitetail vision to conceal hunters in an elevated position. GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II uses macro and micro pattern configurations to echo the higher contrast of bright sky against the shaded underside of foliage while allowing hunters to extend their season as the leaves change.


Whitetail gear built around the vertical world of tree stand hunting.


Specialized gear constructed to add concealment and comfort in the blind.


The future of hunting is more than just the future of our company. It's the future of wildlife, wild places, public lands and precariously balanced ecosystems. We believe in doing everything in our power to protect this future, and we invest heavily in conservation organizations across the country. But investing means more than just sending out checks.