Our longest lasting merino wool ever

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All Patterns, Any Season

Ultralight for Hot-Weather Hunts and Active Pursuits

Versatile Warmth for Cool-to-Cold Conditions

Essential for Late-Season Hunts in Frigid Weather


We took nature’s best fiber into our innovation lab and asked what was possible. The result is a more durable merino wool that meets a higher standard. We significantly enhanced abrasion-resistance while still allowing the merino to deliver its lightweight warmth and natural odor resistance.

Armorspun Merino Deep Dive

Step into the sewing room with Chris Derrick as he shares why it’s the most durable merino we’ve made

Women's Core Merino Collection

Online Exclusive

Stealth Made Stronger

All-new Intercept Collection featuring ArmorSpun Merino Wool

Discover the Ultimate in Merino Wool Hunting Clothes

Embark on your hunting adventures with SITKA Gear's premium collection of merino wool hunting clothes. Designed for the dedicated hunter, our range offers unparalleled comfort, durability, and performance in the great outdoors.

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