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The Fanatic Series

Our Quietest Whitetail Gear Ever

Introducing the Updated Women's Fanatic System

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Our most advanced whitetail jacket to date

Fanatic Jacket

Why We Made It

We found hunters were needing a fully-featured late-season jacket that could withstand cold winds while remaining ultra-silent. We set out to tackle this need and more with the Fanatic.

We sound tested fabric compared to whitetail hearing engagement and netted out with a GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® barrier sandwiched between Berber fleece face fabric and Primaloft® SIlver insulation.

Because of our innovative diagonal-zip design, we were able to include a pass-through hand muff lined in Berber fleece for exceptional warmth.

To round out the design, we added functional pockets for a rangefinder and grunt tube that flank the diagonal zipper for quick at-hand needs.

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Featuring a body-mapped, burr-resistant exterior

Fanatic Bib

The Fanatic Bib is the most advanced sound-suppressing fabric in the hunting world, built for warmth and windproof protection on cold winter days where stealth and body temperature are critical.

A Berber fleece face silences the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER® Technology barrier for 100% windproof warmth while 133 g/m2 Primaloft® Silver Insulation traps body heat.

Low-bulk hems and full side zips allow you to step into the bibs in your stand without having to take your boots off, and they quickly and quietly allow you to dump heat when needed.

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Science of Sound

From GORE's Testing Labs to the hardwoods of Alberta, the Fanatic System takes the quest for silence to the next level by cutting the audible engagement distance with a deer in half.

The Fanatic Collection

From top to bottom, the Fanatic System is the whitetail hunter’s perfect tool for capitalizing on late-season conditions.

Fanatic Collection Features

Made For the southpaw

Fanatic Jacket Lefty

The newly redesigned Fanatic Jacket Lefty takes the quest for silence to the next level by cutting the audible engagement distance with a deer in half. An enhanced high-loft Berber fleece face silences the new and ultra-quiet GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® technology, which is packaged with PrimaLoft® Silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation for the coldest days in the stand.

A new body-mapped construction is designed to optimize the archery draw cycle for bow string clearance on the right arm along with reduced bulk in the draw arm to keep you quiet and your arrow flight true. The Constant-Connect SITKA® Safety Harness Port simplifies donning and doffing the jacket while secured to a torso-mounted harness tether, eliminating the need to disconnect from your harness when adding or subtracting layers. From top to bottom, the Fanatic Jacket is the whitetail hunter’s perfect tool for capitalizing on late-season conditions.

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SITKA Films: The Quiet Place

The Ultimate Fanatic

Whitetail guide and hunter Jim Hole Jr.

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Planet Florida

The whitetail deer is a survivor. From the forests of Appalachia to the valleys of the West and oceans of open-prairie in between, the whitetail has evolved to call virtually all of North America home. This broad territory not only makes the animal a great food source, it also offers hunters a dizzyingly diverse and challenging set of environments to go hunting in.

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The Confluence: Identifying Key Funnels for Whitetails

The primary needs for a whitetail: food, water, shelter, and communication - often come together in places that are commonly referred to as funnels. Funnels are also known as transition areas, travel corridors, bottlenecks, and pinch points. By using maps and scouting, you can pinpoint these funnels.

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Second Chances

Perched 20’ above the ground, Alex Templeton sits quietly in her tree stand, awaiting destiny. Beneath her, radishes, turnips, oats and wheat blanket the ground: the perfect deer salad to bring in the biggest buck she’s ever pursued. For the past three years, she’s watched him grow via trail camera footage, his antlers distinct due to the inside point by his G2. Now, she waits for him to make his afternoon appearance

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