Humans are an integral part of the ecosystem, and living in consistent connection with the natural world is good and healthy. Everything is connected. The decisions we make have upstream and downstream effects.

A healthy bull elk is part of a much larger story. His existence reflects an intricate food web supported by everything from soil and water to songbirds and predators.

This is Ecosystem Thinking.


We believe extraordinary impacts can be made not only by large organizations but also by grassroots efforts led by passionate individuals.

SITKA Ecosystem Grants fund proposed projects that improve the state and function of an ecosystem.

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Director of Conservation and Advocacy
Lindsey Browne Davis

Lindsey Davis is the Director of Conservation and Advocacy for SITKA Gear. Her background is in strategic development in the for and non-profit sector with a diverse array of constituents including ranchers, farmers, underserved communities, native tribes, education institutions and businesses. Lindsey has worked in the outdoor industry as the CEO of a women’s specific e-commerce retailer and benefit corporation, and as the Senior Vice President of a DC-based recreation policy outfit. In all efforts, she is passionate about connecting people to their surrounding ecosystems and fostering stewardship. Lindsey serves on the board of directors for the Outdoor Alliance, The Conservation Alliance, and the Utah Wildlife Federation, and is a volunteer citizen scientist.

Board Member
Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg has spent the last fifteen years hosting his popular hunting TV shows, podcasts, and other digital media platforms, all focused on self-guided public land hunting in the Western United States. Randy currently distributes video content on the YouTube channel Fresh Tracks. He hosts the popular podcast Hunt Talk Radio. Randy has over thirty years of engagement in public land issues and has served as a Board Member and volunteer for national hunting and conservation organizations.

Board Member
Gaspar Perricone

Gaspar Perricone is an avid hunter, angler an outdoorsman with a passion for conservation. He has parleyed these personal passions into his professional pursuits as a Partner at Freestone Strategies, a broad spectrum public affairs firm. Prior to joining Freestone Strategies, Gaspar served as the Legislative Program Director for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. In this role, he oversaw legislative programs for the Department on issues relating to oil and gas development, mining and reclamation, state parks and wildlife, forestry, water, and state land board lands. Gaspar also served as an agriculture and natural resources policy advisor to U.S. Senator Mark Udall. Throughout his tenure in the Senate, Perricone helped advance Farm Bill conservation programs, energy policies, federal land management plans, and other programs benefiting outdoor recreation and western economies. In 2010, Governor Hickenlooper appointed Gaspar to serve on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission. As a CPW Commissioner, he worked to ensure the unique outdoors opportunities we enjoy today will remain for future generations. He also served as the Parks and Wildlife Commission representative to the Great Outdoors Colorado Board. He also currently sits on the Board of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund and is also the co-founder and current Chair of the Colorado Wildlife Conservation Project, Colorado’s largest alliance of hunting and angling organizations.

Board Member
Karl Miller

Dr. Karl V. Miller is an Emeritus Professor of Deer Management in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at The University of Georgia. He also holds Adjunct Professor status at Clemson University and Texas A&M – Kingsville. Dr. Miller received his BS in Entomology from the Pennsylvania State University, his MS from the Ohio State University, and his PhD in Forest Resources from the University of Georgia. During his 34-year tenure at the University of Georgia, Dr. Miller developed and oversaw the UGA DeerLab and is recognized as a world authority on white-tailed deer behavior and management. Specific research topics include understanding movement ecology of deer, ground-breaking investigations on deer visual and auditory perception, evaluation of techniques to mitigate deer-vehicle collisions, determination of the impact of recent coyote expansion into the Southeast, using molecular genetic techniques to investigate deer social behavior, evaluation of methods to reduce herbivory impacts of overabundant deer, determination of the effects of baiting on deer harvest susceptibility, deer disease investigations (chronic wasting disease, cranial abscess disease, etc.), land management techniques to enhance deer habitat quality, among others. In his spare time, Dr. Miller is an avid deer hunter. He also enjoys trout fishing, gardening, and in particular trail riding on his horse ‘Cow’ with his beautiful bride Renee.

board member
dr. bob garrott

Bob Garrott is a Professor of wildlife ecology and Director of the Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Management Program in the Ecology Department of Montana State University-Bozeman. He works closely with regional natural resource management agencies to conduct research to enhance our ecological knowledge of important wildlife species, develop more effective policies, and provide training for students pursuing similar careers.

Board Member
Whit Fosburgh

Whit Fosburgh has been a conservation leader for more than 30 years, most recently serving as the president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership from 2010 through 2023.

Prior to coming to the TRCP, Fosburgh spent 15 years at Trout Unlimited, playing a critical role in the organization’s evolution into a conservation powerhouse. Additionally, he served as fisheries’ director for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, was the chief environment and energy staff member for Sen. Tom Daschle, and was a wildlife specialist for the National Audubon Society. In 2015, he was honored as the Conservation Partner of the Year by Bass Pro Shops, received the 2020 FFI Conservation Leadership Award from Fly Fishers International, and in 2022 was honored with the Minority Outdoor Alliance Inclusion and Unity Award.

Fosburgh grew up hunting and fishing in upstate New York and was a member of Team USA in the 1997 World Fly Fishing Championships. He has a BA in Government from Georgetown University and a Master’s degree from the Yale University School of Forestry. He coached crew at the collegiate level for 15 years.

Board Member
Mark Healey

Mark was born and raised in Hawaii, giving him a love for wild places from an early age and ultimately leading to his career as a professional big wave surfer. Mark is a life long spear fisherman and worked with scientists to carry out two first of it’s kind shark tagging projects that have helped shed light on shark behavior. Ten years ago he chose to close the loop and start sourcing red meat on his own via bow hunting.

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