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Introducing the Flash Shelter


The ultralight Flash shelter provides instant concealment and shelter from rain, wind, snow and sun. The versatile shape features a catenary curve on all sides to provide numerous pitching options in uneven terrrain and eliminates material from flapping in the wind. The tarp features six reinforced corners and six intermediary guy-out anchor points.

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Innovation Through Optimization

Gear has the potential to level the playing field. It can help us integrate with the natural world and to go places and withstand conditions we never thought possible. It can improve focus, success, safety and enhance the entire experience. Hunting demands a lot from our gear, and we are committed to providing the advanced fabrics, smart design and specialized features hunters deserve. 

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Kelvin Active Hoody

The Kelvin Active Hoody is the perfect layering companion for the Apex Hoody, providing highly breathable, lightweight, low-bulk insulation. 

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Traverse Pant

The Traverse Pant is constructed to help the big game hunter cover miles of mountain terrain with minimal resistance. 

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Mountain Jacket

Imperceptibly light with extra durable protection on windy days makes the Mountain Jacket is an essential throughout the bulk of the season.

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Core Lightweight Hoody

A foundational layer built with long sleeves and a form-fitting hood for maximum concealment in warmer temps.

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Cloudburst Jacket

The new Cloudburst Jacket features a refined build to reduce overall weight while streamlining the shell for backcountry pursuits. 

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Cloudburst Pant

The updated Cloudburst Pant minimizes weight while maximizing weather protection and breathability to keep you dry inside and out. 

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New For Men and Women

The Mountain Hauler 2700


Field Ready

These packs aren’t just for hauling gear; they’re shelter and protection, the closest thing to home that we’ve got in the field. With that mind, we pored over details and settled on designs to get you into and out of the field without sacrificing comfort or while maintaining optimal performance.

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Mountain 2700 Pack

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Women's Mountain 2700 Pack

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Mountain Hauler 4000 Pack


A Tale of Two Roars

Adam Foss

Rustic wooden gates groaned open as our Toyota HiLux rumbled through. We navigated the rutted, winding dirt road; every pothole and washboard negotiated revealing another layer of the towering Andes Mountains. A gin-clear river meandered through the valley floor. Willows on the cusp of fall color shimmered in the cool afternoon breeze. This was the start of the annual breeding season for red deer in northern Patagonia—also known as the roar.

My friend Rance Rathie’s mouth turned up ever so slightly as he steered the truck through the final bend in the road; a log cabin appeared, smoke swirling from its stone chimney into the blazing sky. He shifted the truck into park, gazing out at the snow-capped peaks. Almost, as if on cue, the guttural roar of a stag echoed in the distance.

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