Belts and Suspenders

Hunting Belts and Suspenders

The Best Hunting Belt Designs

Hunting suspenders will work well with a good hunting belt if you wear your pants a little loose for the hunt. Many hunters find looser fitting pants more comfortable when sitting in a tree stand for hours or otherwise remaining motionless. There are also more active periods that require a secure fit around the waist to keep the pants up, which is where belts and suspenders designed for hunting come into play.

You can also use belts to hold a variety of accessories that you may need to grab quickly. Those belts could speed up your reaction time, leading to more successful hunts.

Suspenders & Belts Designed for Hunting

There are a few ways you may use suspenders and belts for hunting:
  • Hunting utility belt to hold accessories around the hip. Strength and durability are just as important as comfort because some hunting accessories are heavy.
  • Lightweight suspenders that simply keep your pants up. You may wear them alone or as a safety net when wearing a heavy utility belt.
  • Hip belts that customize the way a pack fits around your waist. The best belts are designed to work with a specific pack.
  • Lightweight belts that fit beneath a backpack hip belt to minimize rubbing and maximize comfort.

The best hunting suspenders are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the weight of your hunting pants and any accessories you carry. Your belts and suspenders should last for years.