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The Dewpoint Jacket is our lightest weight and most packable rain shell.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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Features & Benefits

Integrated Pit Zips and Hand Pockets

Deep pit zips mesh seamlessly with the hand pocket zippers to eliminate the redundancy of separate zippers and cut down even further on weight and bulk. The zippered hand pockets safely cache your necessities.

Waterproof GORE-TEX® Laminate

A 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® laminate keeps you dry inside and out.

Stretch Woven Nylon

The innovative face fabric, a 20-denier stretch-woven nylon mini ripstop, exhibits stretchability previously impossible in waterproof garments.

Micro-Taped Seams

For maximum weather protection with minimal bulk.

Built-in Stuff Pocket

The Dewpoint Jacket packs down and stuffs into its own chest pocket, conserving precious pack volume.

GORE-TEX® Technology

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof and very breathable — guaranteed. They provide reliable weather protection and maximized comfort in all weather conditions. Excellent management of perspiration leads to...

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/GORE-TEX®.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide To Better Understand DWR And How To Revitalize It.

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SITKA Gear Customer Service | 09. 20. 18
Hey Gabriel - Thanks for reaching out. Note that rain gear is designed to keep you dry. External pockets are not waterproof. In order to make a true waterproof external pocket we would need to use a much larger zipper that would be very bulky and cumbersome. Its why we design rain gear with an internal pocket as you mentioned. Please continue to use your internal pocket for a dry storage location. Thanks - SITKA Gear CS Team
Gabriel Garza | 09. 20. 18
First I like the packability, light weight, pockets, and zippered armpits. The jacket is not the quietest, but it is not the loudest either. I wore this during an Elk hunt in the PNW during rain showers and was completely soaked within a few hours. All pockets were zipped up. When I got back to camp, I poured out the water out of every pocket that had pooled up. The only thing that was water proof was the iPhone I had in my chest pocket. I do have other gear from Sitka and have been happy with it. This jacket however is something I would not recommend.
Keith | 01. 23. 18
This was my third elk season with the Dewpoint pants and jacket. This year it rained and snowed for 7 of 9 days and I stayed dry the whole time, even after pushing through the heavy wet brush for days. This jacket is totally worth the money. Pay attention to where you're walking and they will serve you well!!!
Nigel | 05. 15. 17
Great jacket. Keep it in the pack always, as many have mentioned. Use it as intended and you'll have no issues. Used the Dew Point set for several years now and would highly recommend for back country mountain hunting.
Brian | 05. 12. 17
This jacket is awesome. I'm 5'10", 160 lbs and a medium fits great. First, the arms in the jacket have incredible range of motion. I can move my arms in all directions without the torso part of the jacket moving. The hood is deep and allows for a clear runoff of water. The hood has a back cinch, and cinches on the right and left sides. The waist also has two cinches. When reading about this jacket, I was hesitant to make the purchase knowing that the pit zips mesh with the hand pockets. After getting the jacket, this didn't turn out to be a problem at all. Both the hand pockets and chest pocket are pretty deep. The jacket is very lightweight and with stretchy ripstop Gore-Tex fabric, it performs exceptionally well in all types of precipitation. With a sufficient base layer, this jacket will retain heat well enough to be worn in mild winter conditions. Overall, an excellently constructed and superbly performing Sitka product.
Stephen Steigauf | 12. 21. 16
homeboy | 11. 30. 16
Troy | 11. 10. 16
I wore this in combination with my Cloudburst pants on very wet deer hunt in SE Alaska. The pants performed well and kept me dry. The jacket seeped through and left me wet. I like the features of the jacket; it's very lightweight, and the few zippers and pockets are well laid out, not to mention it seems to be very tough as I am as hard as they come on gear. But it didn't hold up to the rains of SE Alaska. It may be fine for occasional rain storm but not all day wetness. The Cloudburst seemed to work great as my legs were dry and my brother who wore both Cloudburst jacket and pants remained completely dry.
rYAN | 07. 10. 16
This has been the perfect September and October jacket when temps are still warm but thunderstorms are hitting. I have sat through torrential down pours in the Greys River area, big thunderstorms in New Mexico, and a weeks worth of rain on the Oregon coast and this system has performed perfectly for three years.
John Schnell | 06. 07. 16
As a photographer, I often use a folding kayak to access remote wilderness locations. My Dewpoint Jacket and Dewpoint Pants are always with me. I have (2) pair (solid and camo), and accidentally brought both of them with me on a 9-day venture into the Russell Fjord Wilderness, near Yakutat, Alaska. I'm glad I did. I got caught inseries of late-summer rainstorms and showers that lasted for nearly four days. And it got cold...down into the upper 40's during the day. Since I had both sets of rain gear with me, I thought "What the heck, I might as well try wearing both sets." Worked like a charm. The rain gear is Gore-Tex,and it breathes really well. But the air trapped between the layers warmed up enough to add an extra layer of "insulation." And that warm air trapped between layers kept me nice and toasty on a miserable 41-mile paddle out, over the course of two days.It was an unconventional layering system, but it worked exceptionally well. And since the Dewpoint Jacket and Pants pack down so small, I now consider TWO DEWPOINT LAYERS as part of my standard kit.
Summerhays | 07. 16. 15
There is no better water proof shell out there. I was caught in a crazy downpour on a deer hunt in Utah with my dad and brother. Their rain gear couldn't keep the water out very well while my inner layers stayed completely dry because of this jacket and pants. With the weight and funcionality of this stuff it's hard to beat.
John Schnell | 06. 11. 15
I am a professional photographer, and I guide many trips in Alaska... they usually include sea kayaking and hiking, to gain access to pristine wilderness locations. The Dewpoint Jacket and Dewpoint Pants work exceptionally well. They are highly packable, offer great breathability, they're abrasion resistant, and of course they're waterproof. This is especially important for those summer rain storms in Southeast Alaska. On hikes in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, they are always in my pack. Nature photographers spend a great deal of time in locations and environments which can be as challenging as those facing hunters. This gear works!
Lora | 05. 05. 15
Love this jacket, I personally have the men's small and still have room to layer under it. This jacket definitely lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. I love putting Sitka gear to the test and would pass up any women's line for Sitka any day hands down.
Joseph Wicker | 11. 24. 14
Spent two weeks deer hunting on montegue island, AK. Definitely not tested for these conditions. Sustained heavy rains plus 40+ mph winds. Ended up soaked with a brand new jacket. Had to change over to helly Hanson rain wear to keep dry. Lucky I brought some or I would have been in trouble. Own many rain jackets, patagonia h2no, arxteryx goretex, and OR shells. Patagonia did better for less. Don't know if I received sub par fabric or what. This will be my last sitka gear outer shell purchase. Going to try kuiu. It's a 20/40,ooo mm fabric. More breathable, but not sure if the rave equals the actual results but worth a go. Truly disappointed, had such high hopes. My hunting partner experienced the same results with a much more expensive model. Another let down to the consumer and our hard earned dollar.
JPB | 11. 22. 14
Just want to pose a question. Why do these coats have hoods??? I have hunted in the most extreme conditions in Alaska for years. I will never wear a hood because it covers my ears so I cant hear as well and restricts side vision. A good functional hat that doesnt cover ears is the way to go with a hoodless coat. Just some food for thought. Hoods are great for sitting around the fire. I spend my time hunting.
Rosemary Schiano | 07. 20. 14
I test gear for Gore-tex occasionally and I have worn Gore-tex products for over 30 years. I chose the Sitka Dewpoint jacket not only for it's light weight, which is amazing, but because the fabric is supposed to stand up to being out in rough terrain and heavy rain. I am a wildlife field biologist and tracker and I spend over 300 days in the field annually in all weather and terrain conditions. I have put the Dewpoint through a heavy monsoon season in the Rockies and did not get wet, even in torrential downpours. The heavy duty waterproof zipper has so far been reliable. The fabric has stood up to abrasion over boulders and through dense rough vegetation. This shell goes everywhere in the field with me. I agree with what others have said here. This is a top of the line shell jacket. I highly recommend it. As far as fit, I can wear a fleece under it, but if you want to wear heavier layers, you may want to order next size up. This jacket has an athletic fit, so make sure you either try it on or carefully measure your size before ordering.
Jason | 12. 15. 13
If your an ounce counter, but want a true rain stopper, this is it.... hands down. When packing this set, you'll never even know its in your pack. I've waited for years for something like this to come around. They only reason I gave it 3 stars is because of size. I own the Stormfront, Coldfront, and Cloudburst and all the larges are the size as posted and have no problems fitting over my other layers. The Dewpoint is smaller and I should have purchased a size larger. Try on over other close before purchase even if your other Sitka rain gear fits. I wish I would have.
Wade Nelson | 10. 19. 13
One of the most innovative shell layers to hit the market in a couple of years and it translates into better performance in the field. Tougher, quieter exterior fabric that stretches and a minimalist but full function design gives you an ultralight shell that does it all. This might be the best packable waterproof windproof jacket (and pants) a trigger puller can get. Wade Nelson
G Dalton | 08. 19. 13
Like the previous reviewer, I am also affiliated with Gore-tex. And also like him, I also chose the Sitka Dewpoint Jacket. Why? Because this jacket is super-lightweight and super-packable, while also being utterly dependable in the worst weather I can expect to experience. This jacket can be stowed in a tiny, dark corner of my pack then spring to the rescue when the weather goes nuclear. Year-round bombproof protection. Take it from folks who know gear: this jacket is top-notch.
Kevin underwood | 07. 26. 13
Being privileged enough to test gear for Gore-tex on occasion has allowed me the chance to put every rain jacket in the Sitka Gear lineup through numerous days of wear. Without a doubt the Dewpoint is my favorite and the only waterproof shell I am packing in the Open Country line from spring to early season fall hunts and even deep into the winter snow. It is incredibly versatile and durable, and the packability really is incredible. With a set of gaiters, there is no reason the Dewpoint setup won't achieve everything that you ask of it in any weather.
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