Kelvin Lite Hoody

Kelvin Lite Hoody

Big Game : Subalpine
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The Kelvin Lite Hoody is our most versatile lofted jacket and takes the chill out of mid-season hunts. Durable 4-way stretch panels ensure a complete range of motion and breathability while the highly packable PrimaLoft® Hi-Loft Insulation package delivers core warmth for a day spent glassing.

  • Size:

Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

We have received all of our inventory this season. If your size is out of stock, please check with a local retailer.


  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 16.9 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: 80 g/m2 PrimaLoft® Hi-Loft, Polartec® Alpha® Active Insulation, Woven Polyester Shell, Woven Polyester Liner

  • Insulation: Body: 80 g/m2 PrimaLoft® Hi-Loft // Side Panels: Polartec Alpha Active Insulation

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Deep Zippered Chest Pocket: Safely cache your essentials

  • Gusseted Cuffs: The gusseted cuffs stretch and fit securely for smooth layering and unrestricted shooting.

  • Fitted Hood: For warmth and concealment, the form-fitting hood is cut to maximize peripheral vision.

  • PRIMALOFT Technology: PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat.

  • Micro fleece lined zip hand pockets for comfort and added warmth.

  • Breathable 4-way stretch side panels.

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Why We Made This

We realized that traditional down garments had certain drawbacks; while warm and packable, they’re easily compromised by moisture and compression. Our goal was to deliver versatile synthetic insulation that will keep you warm while withstanding the rigors of mountain environments, all in a lightweight, compressible package that doesn’t sacrifice movement or breathability.

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32 Reviews
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Austin Hepburn
Reviewed On 11/11/2019

Very non-bulky, easy to layer over. Very comfortable. Very Packable. The only drawback is it is not durable when walking through the timber, especially not walking through bushes and thorns. I highly recommend otherwise. It is a very good looking outer layer to wear around town as well!

Hunter S.
Reviewed On 10/27/2019

The Kelvin Lite Hoody is the perfect layering piece for those cold mornings in the duck blind or the deer stand. In the 50’s-low 60’s, I tend to wear it as an outer layer, so long as I’m not going through any brush. It is beyond warm, and I commonly wear it under both the Stratus Jacket and Hudson Jacket when it gets pretty cold.

Reviewed On 10/05/2019

During recent DIY public lands elk hunt in Idaho, my son and I weathered very harsh cold, snow and windy conditions, the Sitka system including the Kelvin Lite jacket cut the wind and helped us stay in the field harvesting very nice 6x6 bull elk. Spending extra on your gear pays off in the field, tough to get your elk sitting in camp.

Reviewed On 05/15/2019

Good product as always from Sitka...Fit is a bit short in length if I could design my own...I wish it was an inch or two longer. I’m 5’11” and 175, got a large.

Good fit otherwise. Narrower sleeves, regular body, and awesome fabric and warmth.

Reviewed On 04/07/2019

Pros: warm, and versatile, a great insulator under a shell when the temps drop
Cons: fabric is quite loud, fit is a little small. I'm 5'7" 145lb, athletic build. Should have gone with the medium, the small is too short (rides up).

Reviewed On 02/19/2019

Badass top to bottom

Reviewed On 01/23/2019

I have had this jacket for over a year now and I absolutely love it. This jacket is the perfect all around jacket. I have worn it in below freezing temperatures with just a few layers and stayed warm. I have also worn it in the summer with just a t-shirt and not become too hot. The material has helped to keep me try in light rainfall as well. I also really like the tight fitting hood and cuffs.

Reviewed On 01/04/2019

Very warm and keeps the wind out. Sat in the rain for a few hours and was not wet inside. Wore for the rest of the day after that

Reviewed On 12/31/2018

This jacket is a great insulation piece and is very light wieght. Keeps me warm in 30s for long sits and It will pack up small for when you wanna store it your pack. The arm pits are a little tight, but after a minute of having the jacket on the pit area settles in and I dont notice, over all awesome jacket!

Kelly K
Reviewed On 12/27/2018

great feel and wears well under coats. I was a little concerned at some of the comments that it felt tight and some flexibility was lost. At first wearing I felt the same; the tightness gives the impression that you are restricted. I was compelled to try again in the field. It worked out great; just the right level of warmth and really did not find any flexibility lost. Another great addition to the options for layering.

Mitchell Clifton
Reviewed On 12/10/2018

My new favorite sitka piece, kept me warm and dry past weekend on first outing with it. I'm 5'11'" 170lbs large fit me good only complaint was cuffs were a little tight but other than that a great jacket.

Reviewed On 11/19/2018

I have an XL. i really like this coat, but it fits tight under the arms. I am 6'2" and weigh 205. Broad shouldered. waist 35. I am a bowhunter, so looking for minimal bulk. wish it had a little more room in the shoulders and didn't fit so tight under the arms. I usually wear an xl in other coats, but probably need an XXL in this one for more comfort when worn as just an outer layer only.

Reviewed On 11/18/2018

Great Jacket, this material should be on the Duck Oven. I was looking for something bit more breathable than the Duck Oven. This is it I keep just as warm on the 20 degree days and I am not sweating at 35 degrees

Josh Bryant
Reviewed On 09/26/2018

I had a Kelvin light jacket (non hoody) in the open country and loved the jacket but I wanted a hood so I bought the new Kelvin light hoody. It's way bulkier and the fit is not like the old ones it's really tight in the arm pit. I'm going to try and send it back and try an XL tall even though my old one was a large.

Reviewed On 08/08/2018

Great insulation piece for active hunts, glassing or sitting around camp. True to size, only reason for 3.5 stars instead of 4 is the length of the jacket feels a tad short. Back of the jacket is just below the waistline and front of the jacket sits even with belt.

Reviewed On 07/11/2018

Love the pattern, material, and the hood. The fit just doesn’t work for me. I have an unworldly amount of Sitka gear, but the fit on this piece is just disappointing. 6’, 185, athletic, and the armpits of this one are killing me. Very tight and bunched up under the armpits. I can’t wear it and will have to try to sell it and maybe try the Kelvin Active.

Jake Morgan
Reviewed On 05/03/2018

This is one of the most useful pieces of kit I own. The warmth for weight is amazing and it does stay warm when wet.
Packs down to nothing and can be deployed for those long glassing sessions, great in a frozen base camp, layers up very unobtrusively due to the slick fabrics.
It allows you to reduce gear on the mountain as it can serve multiple roles.

Jason Meininger
Reviewed On 04/20/2018

I’ve solo hunted multiple days for elk, deer, and black bear in the Colorado fall weather and this jacket is clutch. It’s very breathable during medium/high exertion. When glassing and it’s cold and/or windy I put my rain shell over the top and stay warm.
I wear this as a second or third layer depending on conditions. The arms do get a little tight when layered,but once all the layers are adjusted it’s comfortable and moves well.
The hood is nice and warm and shaped so the sides don’t get in the way of glassing.
I wish there was a way to stuff the jacket into a pocket like many ski and mountaineering jackets. This would make it easier to store in my pack.

M. L. Chaussee
Reviewed On 04/07/2018

Reviewed On 01/12/2018

I will agree that the sleeves and cuffs are a little on the slim side for layering, but this thing is awesome. I find this is my go to for almost any hunt. It does a great job blocking wind and keeping me warm. I was a little worried about its durability, I crawled in the sagebrush for hours slaking elk. I thought the elbows would be shredded when I was done, but not even a scratch. Even had some rain, and I stayed warm and dry.

Donn V
Reviewed On 12/29/2017

Love this jacket. Its my fall and early winter "daily" jacket. I have also taken it into the woods hunting when temps were colder than expected and I needed some extra windblocking breathable insulation.

Tim Lyons
Reviewed On 12/28/2017

Just got one for Christmas from my son. I was always wearing his it’s a bigger camo one and I love it. But I didn’t want camo and he was able to get me a solid color from his store so I can wear it anywhere. I can’t believe such a light weight coat could be that warm. I live in one of the coldest places in Pennsylvania right now it’s 1 degree below zero wind chill and I’m comfortable with just a long sleeve T-shirt and a light flannel amazing.

Kyle K
Reviewed On 12/07/2017

I was ecstatic to throw this piece on over a.long sleeve merino shirt to scout on a sunny 46 degree day. The wind stopper technology along with Primaloft insulation made me perfectly content with the minimal layering. If you are an active hunter you should definitely have no problem using this as an outer layer during late season. Tree stand guys might need to throw something over on long sits but the snug arm fit make it great for an insulation piece too. One thing I would ask Sitka, are pit zips possible?

Clint Whiting
Reviewed On 07/07/2017

Man, what a change from the last Kelvin lite jacket! This this is like wearing a soft pillow and fits like a glove. I will say, the cuffs took a little getting used to because they have more of a contoured fit but this will be my go to jacket for sure. Sizing wise I'd say this jacket runs on the slim side as advertised. Having said that, wearing anything more than a mid-weight or traverse like later will cause the sleeves the tighten up. This is a great piece for its intended use!

Jerry H
Reviewed On 04/21/2017

Should be able to give 5 stars. Primaloft synthetic insulation just cannot be beat, and the way Sitka incorporates it into their pieces is functional.

The Kelvin Lite series has a place in every kit. I carry it everywhere from the Chugach Mountains scouting for sheep to the timber for Moose, and everything in between.

The overall fit and hood are functional. This is a piece for everyone's gear kit.

Mike M
Reviewed On 12/06/2016

I used the Kelvin Lite Hoody a bunch this elk season. It was the insulating layer that I packed 90% of the time. The warmth to weight ratio is really high on this piece, it also packs small and takes little space in a pack.
Almost every time I stopped to glass, snack, take a break-I broke out the Kelvin Lite. It would be layered over a Lwt Core or a Lwt Core and a Hvywt Core.
The hood is well constructed and adjustable- I've owned too many hooded garments that didn't have an adjustment for the hood- they have all been sold.
Down makes for a great insulation piece, but often hunting involves wet conditions- in wet conditions I want synthetic- the Primaloft resists moisture much better than down while still providing good warmth for the weight.
The Kelvin Lite Hoody has a found a permanent spot in my hunting pack. I'm probably going to spring the Kelvin Lite vest for early season hunts.

James A
Reviewed On 10/28/2016

This was a fantastic addition to my gear. I was skeptical before talking to the people at Sitka. For such a thin and light jacket it really delivers. I wore it alone in moderate temps and under the Jet Stream for colder temps. It is a fantastic insulation layer piece. When driving an ATV to our spot the hood really came in handing to keep my neck warm and was fantastic when glassing with the wind at my back.

Kelly M
Reviewed On 09/17/2016

Large fits perfect. 5'11" 170lbs. Tight enough to put under outer layer/rain jacket, but loose enough to put a fleece underneath if need be. Exceptional warmth to weight ratio. You won't be disappointed. Used in BC from Sept. to Dec. via Rookie Hunter Podcast. Cheers!

Orlando Gonzales
Reviewed On 12/18/2015

Alaska: It kept me warm while worn under my Cloudburst shell as part of my layering system on my caribou hunts in September and as an outter layer when temperatures dropped into the low 30s on my late season Moose hunt in October...this jacket performed flawlessly.

Brady L
Reviewed On 12/01/2015

One of my all time favorite sitka pieces, its a perfect layering piece to my dakota jacket for the bitter cold Wisconsin late season

Reviewed On 09/18/2015

this fits me well. the cut of this jacket matches my body shape. the hood is cut perfect to fit around a baseball cap and does not need any pulls to make fit correctly.

The sleeves are narrow at the wrist so a big watch like a suunto core may need a lil work to get it in and out of the sleeve as there is no wrist adjustments.

the side panels that goes along your ribs (aka 4 way stretch) is not wind proof. I was able to blow hard with my lips on the fabric and feel my breath easily on the other side. Again this is not advertised as a windproof article but a good thing to know.

over all i love how minimal this layer is and excited to add it to my layering system.

Shade Etchison
Reviewed On 09/06/2015

Not much needs to be said: Its ultralight, primaloft,and has a hood. Kicks but in the high country of Montana!!!!!

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