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Merino Core Zip-T (2017) 

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Sharing the same features as the Core Zip-T, but with a higher heat-to-weight ratio, the Merino Core Zip-T will regulate your body temperature, move moisture away from your skin and provide natural odor resistance. *Product discontinued in 2018.

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Understanding Kelvin Insulation | SITKA Gear

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When it comes to insulation, we’ve designed varying configurations to accommodate niche weather conditions and activity levels for big game hunting.

Understanding Kelvin Insulation | SITKA Gear

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Product Care 

Merino wool is a delicate fiber and requires more attention than a synthetic garment.

It is safe to machine wash Merino Wool under a gentle cycle with cold water. Wash with other Merino Wool products of like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry-clean.

Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. MERINO WOOL WILL SHRINK if not cared for properly.  

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David McKenzie | 05. 12. 17
This is my favorite base layer that I own. It is very comfortable and is warm enough to take off the morning chill in the early season. Yet it is still breathable and has the chest zip for when it starts heating up. Excellent job Sitka!
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Chris Campbell | 12. 16. 16
Best "next to skin" layer I've ever worn. Leave your heater at home if you plan on moving around at all.
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Big Al | 02. 17. 16
Excellent fitting and warm. I have 5 pairs! Guess you can see that I like them. XL fits very well 6'1" and 220 lbs. Works best in 20 - 30F degree temps.
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John K | 11. 12. 15
I never wore merino until this past year, and I fell in love. Its amazing how much warmer you are then just wearing a poly shirt next-to-skin. I typically wear the merino tops and bottoms once the mercury drops. I stay much warmer and comfortable. The top and bottom wick moisture well and and will actually cool me down if I begin to heat up on the hike in. Ive had no issues machine washing both pieces, and it seems like after 1 or 2 washes the fabric will actually become softer and less itchy. Im definitely a believer in merino now and it will always be with me oce the temps drop.
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JACK | 06. 07. 15
The Merino Zip T is not only ideal for early season Waterfowl hunts, but is a necessity as the year moves on and the temperatures drop. Layered with the Dakota vest in the early season, it is the perfect "next to skin" product to keep moisture off of my skin (as well as keeping me warm should the weather decide to change). Later in the year, it works well as an insulation layer when used under any of Sitka's other cold weather jackets. I highly recommend this to any hunter looking for the perfect base layer to to add warmth and/or comfort to their hunts.
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robert schneider | 05. 16. 15
I love this shirt and hunt almost exclusively in it during september elk season in CO. The only thing I kept wishing for where thumb holes in the sleeves.
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Kenny | 11. 06. 14
I bought this shirt last August before the opening archery season here in Idaho. I did a ton of research on both Sitka and First Lite. I ended up buying both brands. The Merino shirt from Sitka is a comfortable, free moving fit. The biggest and only CON I have for the shirt is the sleeve length is really short for me. I'm 6'3" and some change with a pretty big wing span. I fit into a 2XL but the sleeves are a tad bit short for my preference. Although, after a bit of use the material will loosen up and adjust to your body it still doesn't fit to where I like my sleeves to be. Even with that I love this piece and will be purchasing another Merino shirt and others Sitka has to offer. I wasn't really sold on the pattern of Sitka but the more I used it the more I realized how well this stuff works in many situations you come across in the field. I was wearing my Sitka gear when I shot my bull this fall and was able to put a 200 yard stalk on 3 bulls along a tree line. Concealment was perfect and sealed the deal for me. All I ask is for Sitka to consider lengthening the sleeves and maybe the torso. If I bump up to a 3XL the shirt doesn't fit as it's intended to. The way Merino Wool works is truly amazing!! I sweat really bad in early season and how this material wicks moisture away and dries out quickly is perfect for all hunters. I can use this shirt 3 to 4 days in a row. I just drench the shirt with scent killer every night and its ready to roll the next morning. I pulled my shirt out of my bag of used camo after a few days hunting and asked my wife to smell it. She couldn't believe how it smelt after sweating it from 4 days of use. If you are not a Merino Wool owner I highly suggest you invest in this shirt. You won't be disappointed with this product and will fall in love with the feel of Merino Wool.
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Chad Annon | 10. 14. 14
This is the first Merino base layer I have ever owned. I can't believe how warm this keeps me on long stand sits. This is a must have for any serious Whitetail hunter!
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Jamie Lilly | 10. 08. 14
I think this is the most critical piece to my cold weather whitetail Sitka system. The Merino Zip-T not only wicks away sweat but will keep your body odor to a minimum. Very valuable first layer and game changer.
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Angelo Grippando | 09. 20. 14
Very cool base layer. First merino piece, so I have to get used to the itch. I will stack this over the core t on cool mornings when the traverse is just too much, but the core isn't enough. Lightweight and warm.
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Joe St. John | 09. 04. 14
There's not a more versatile product on the market. Nothing manages your core temperature better than Sitka's Merino zip. Use it on warm days to keep you from overheating or on cool days as a base layer and I promise you'll agree. I recently used it on an 8 day deer hunting trip and fell even more in love with this piece, It was flawless day after day and weighs next to nothing. As a GORE Hunting Tech, I put gear through the ringer and this one passes with flying colors.
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Brandon Thome-Neitzel | 06. 17. 14
The merino zip-t is one of my go to pieces. It's my first layer on every hunt I go on, everywhere I go. Of course you'll want something if the wind is going to blow or if it's raining, but I always start with a merino base layer. It doesn't matter if I'm hunting in Wisconsin, British Columbia, or Mexico. It's a must have piece that wicks sweat away from your body while remaining odor resistant. I test gear for GORE-TEX and this is one of my favorite pieces in my hunting arsenal.
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Aaron S. | 12. 09. 13
Got this as a present, and boy is it pretty darn awesome. It looks pretty darn awesome. It feels pretty darn awesome. And the material is just so comfortable. Its a great addition to anyone who wants a warm thing to wear.
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Kevin underwood | 07. 28. 13
As someone who hunts almost exclusively on multi day backcountry ventures I have come to appreciate merino wool. For the mountain hunter there is no better base layer than merino, and the merino products from Sitka are just as good or better than other merino products that I have worn. The durability is great for merino, the cut is exceptional, and the weight is perfect. As a field tester for gore tex I have had the luxury of wearing all types of base layers over the last few years. Merino is by far my favorite, and to me feels much cooler in hot temperatures than synthetics, and much warmer in cold temperatures. For active mountain hunters, this is the best go to base layer available.
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Luke Johnson | 07. 26. 13
This is definitely one of your "must have pieces". I've found that I can only get away with wearing a synthetic next-to-skin piece for one full day in the field before generating some horrendous body odor. Not so with Merino Wool! The first year the Merino Core Zip-T was released; I wore it every day of a nine-day Archery Elk hunt in Montana. Every night I would hose it down with scent killer and hang it up to dry and on the morning of the ninth day it smelled just like it did on the morning of the first day! I've tried this trick with synthetic base layers and maybe could get away with an extra day before I couldn't stand myself. It is a fine, tightly woven Merino that does not itch or irritate the skin (it gets better with a few washings). I've only tried one other Merino Wool product from another company that was softer...but of course didn't last a full season. Not so with this piece! My Merino Core Zip is still going strong after the past three seasons of abuse. I've worn this piece from spring through the winter; either as a stand alone in warm weather or under my Traverse Zip in colder weather. Like I said, it's a "must have" piece that you can depend on. Luke J. GORE-TEX Hunting Tech.
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