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Whether you have a furious bull elk in your lap or a whitetail staring up your tree, if you don’t cover your face your position can be sacrificed. Our open mesh face mask will keep your face concealed and up your chances for a shot.

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean

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Nick Feltz | 03. 04. 19
By the time I bought this, it was cool enough that I primarily just used the built in mask on the fanatic hoody. The little bit I did use it, it was what I hoped for. Lightweight, breathable, and good camo. My only knock is that it does not fit great without a ball cap on. I basically always wear a hat in the warmer months so it was not a big problem.
Dominic E | 10. 03. 18
Function is nice but it doesnt fit my head. It would be nicer if it had a drawstring adjustment or adjustable elastic
ben | 11. 04. 16
Nice and lightweight. Not a fan of the mouth hole. Wish i could afford more Sitka gear to match my mask!
Lucas | 08. 11. 16
I use the waterfowl version for both elk and duck season. Great way to cover your face conformably!
Franck | 06. 30. 16
The turkeys don't like human flesh, cover it with this fabric.
Cole | 12. 14. 15
Absolutely love this product. The mask completely covers your face but does not hinder your view in the slightest. I believe a piece like this is crucial for archery, bear, turkey etc where your face could spook the animal. Would recommend.
jack | 12. 01. 15
Great product. Great camo pattern and stays in place very well when properly put on. Calling mouth hole is a huge plus as well. I use this for turkey hunting as well as Waterfowling.
kirk sodergren | 10. 27. 15
Love the pattern and lightweight mesh, it does not stay in place very well with the elastic.
Mike M. | 07. 30. 15
The CPAP mask is going to keep me from growing my winter beard from now on. And i'm not in the ARMY any longer so I refuse to wear face paint. So I bought this mask. The mask fits a little snug, no big deal. Another quality product.
Nate | 06. 15. 15
This is the only face mask I have worn that stays in place. I wore this all archery season and for a turkey hunt and it is a joy to wear you don't even notice its there after a while. I enjoyed the mouth opening for sliding reeds in my mouth when using them.
Jason Killgo | 12. 13. 14
This does have a opening for the mouth. The previous reviewer was just using the mouth hole for their nose apparently or Sitka has changed the design since their review. If you put this on correctly it stays in place allows you to breath through your nose (through the fabric) and use a call. The mouth opening is designed with a flap that conceals everything including your lips as shown. Great purchase!
Kelly Burnham | 11. 09. 13
Excellent camo pattern. Lacks an opening for the mouth, enabling you to wear when using a duck call.
Salvatore Montevago | 11. 01. 13
This is a great lightweight piece for early season hunts. The mesh doesn't hinder hearing at all. It does help slightly with windchill on those colder mornings(used on breezy 30-40* days). The great part is a lack of a drawcord. The elastic band at the top is a much better design. Which allows for quick concealment when the need arises. Overall a great piece to have that weighs next to nothing and can be put into a pocket for quick access.
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