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Wet or cold conditions...find refuge in these gloves with a GORE-TEX® laminate. A removable mid-pile liner inside adds warmth when needed, or you can mix and match other gloves from the Sitka line to create a personal system.

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/GORE-TEX®.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean

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Jack P | 12. 18. 16
These are the first gloves to keep my fingers warm on stand at 15 degrees. For that alone they get more stars than I am allowed here. They are bulky though. On stand shots don't happen as quickly as they do still hunting so I was able to be confident that I could operate the trigger of my Thompson Center Omega. Unfortunately when I got off stand and tested getting my finger onto the trigger in a quick but controlled manner, they were just too big. They are nicely made and I am betting that they will be as waterproof as I am hoping. Given the cold weather purpose of these, it would be nice if there was a fleece areas for the nose.
Aaron | 10. 07. 16
I just purchased these pants for a mule deer hunt in the high Cascades. After two hours of walking through wet pine trees both legs started leaking through the side zippers into my base layer! I am usually not one to complain but damn, 2 hours, $269.00...waterproof? Maybe the tag should have read "100% waterproof for 2 hours" #disappointed....
Brad Roberts | 08. 23. 16
Very versatile glove and i live in northern Canada and spend much time hunting and trapping in very cold temps these are my go to glove to keep my paws warm if you get cold in these you need to get out of the heated blind more lol
Robert Wanner | 09. 06. 15
Best, most versatile glove I've ever owned. Would I bring it to hunt Bison up here in the Yukon in January off snowmachines? Probably not, I'd pack my Beaver Mitts and use the Stormfront liner with them (...the same for wolf hunts off snow machines.....Jason...) For anything's the Stormfront glove,... just pick the liner that suits Your needs, and this glove will get You all the way through to November, from stalking sheep up on Grey Ridge to calling in Moose on the Stewart river without numb fingers. These gloves were made to keep Your liners (Insulation) dry, and the wind out, and that's what they do very well
Dan Downing | 09. 22. 14
Wore these gloves on a sitka deer hunt on Kodiak island in mid November. It rained and snowed hard for a couple of days after all my other gloves were soaked and useless I put on the storefronts well to say the least,they performed flawlessly completely waterproof and warm I was very surprised how waterproof they are with that much rain. Great product.
BNCHNTR | 07. 08. 14
Not sure what these other guys are talking about, I live in Alberta, Canada where it actually does get cold. -30 deg celcius. These gloves are very warm. Excellent product just like all of Sitkas gear!
Sitka Customer Service | 07. 08. 14
Hey David - Give us a call as soon as you can to discuss a replacement for your delamination as well as what glove system may work better for your application. There are certainly more insulated gloves on the market. The Stormfront Glove is designed to be combined with other layers similar to the way you layer your top. This allows for more versatility and to better accommodate forecasted conditions in addition to the unknown. ***I have poor blood circulation and I have had to employ a tactic I learned from an older or better said, more 'experienced' Ice Climbing partner of mine. One thing you have to be aware of is your activity level vs periods of rest. If your active it's usually not a problem assuming you have the right layers. If I am static in cold enough temps, my hands will not generate enough warmth to stay comfortable. The way I learned to manage it is to bring a spare set of glove liners with me and keep them next to my core at all times. When it gets to the point that my hands are not generating enough warmth I swap my glove liners out. My core heat has kept the spare gloves warm enough to maintain the heat my hands generate while the 'cold' set goes under my next to skin. Repeat as needed.*** I hope this helps and again call us to warranty your gloves - 877-748-5247.
David Dahms | 07. 08. 14
I should have listened to the reviews. These gloves delaminated after just one winter trip on snow machines looking for wolves in Alaska. They are not warm. They are very expensive. I got them because I own so much Sitka Gear my kids call me the walking Sitka Gear advertisement and I wanted the gloves to match my Sitka Stormfront coat. Look else wear for winter hunting gloves, there are many better choices at this price point.
Jason | 12. 15. 13
For sure not what I expected. For the price, I thought they would have been my go to warm glove here in Montana when temps were 0 or colder. They will for sure keep your hands dry, but anything with Gore-tex will keep your hands dry. Found my self wearing the traverse gloves under these to maintain a warmer glove, but still not WARM. Not what I expected. Save your money and buy cheaper gortex gloves and wear a liner.
steve | 10. 21. 13
I bought these gloves for cold weather elk hunting. I hunted in the snow for 10 days. temps were 0-36 degrees. these gloves were OK. My hands never warmed up to "toasty" ever. They maintained. If my hand were cold when I put on gloves my hands stayed dry but not real warm. I was expecting a real winter glove especially for the price.
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