Hunting Duffles and Luggage

Wader Storage Bag in Waterfowl Marsh

Wader Storage Bag


A unique solution to transporting our Delta waders, keeping the wet and muddy waders contained in the bag while providing a stable place to put waders on while in the field.

Drifter Travel Pack

Drifter Travel Pack


The newest addition to the Drifter line stands on its own as a super durable and highly functional pack for the modern nomad.

Drifter Duffle 50L in Lead

Drifter Duffle 50L


The 50 Liter Drifter duffle is the perfect size to accompany you on the plane with your optics, electronics and a change of clothes.

Drifter Duffle 75L in Lead

Drifter Duffle 75L


The Drifter 75 Liter duffle has enough room for your SITKA system and then some.

Rambler Carry-on

Rambler Carry-on


Turn heads at the airport with clean aesthetics, streamlined features and rugged-ready constructions in this carry-on travel piece.

Drifter Duffle 110L in Lead

Drifter Duffle 110L


The 110 Liter Drifter duffle is the King of the Drifter fleet and is large enough to carry your gear on extended adventures.




The Nomad is built with enough room to accommodate most modern compound bows and arrows alongside enough gear for an epic adventure.

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Hunting Bags

Quality Hunting Bags for Men & Women

The amount of gear needed for a hunt can easily become overwhelming if you don't have a good bag on hand. Bags and carry cases designed for hunting are made with durable materials and are typically easy to carry. Some are approved for airlines while others are more suitable for trips closer to home.

Whether you're shopping for hunting travel bags, lightweight carry bags, or belt bags, SITKA can meet your needs. We also offer a variety of hunting accessories to keep your bag properly loaded.

Selecting the Right Hunting Bags

The bag you choose for a hunt should meet the functional needs of that experience. From the climate to the length of the trip, there are many factors to consider. Start by listing the items you will need to carry, including clothing, coats and jackets, spare ammo, and other items.

Think about the amount of space you may need to accommodate all items and how much durability you will need in the bag to ensure safety. You can then choose the most appropriate bag style, including but not limited to:
  • Hunting duffle bag
  • Storage bag
  • Belt pouch
  • Dry bag

You can use bags sold outside of the hunting market, but make sure they have the pockets and strength needed for the items you're going to carry. You may need multiple bags if you're an active hunter.