Women's SITKA Logo Tee SS  


Fly the flag. This feather light tee with drirelease® wicks away sweat and dries 4x faster than cotton.

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SITKA Design


Hunting is an exercise in humility. We might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes to fair chase pursuits of species that evolved over thousands of years to survive relentless predators and the harshest conditions imaginable, we are simply outmatched in the wild...

SITKA Design
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Carly | 06. 23. 17
Lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Love this shirt, it goes great with anything.
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Sallie Doty | 05. 29. 17
These t shirts are amazing. They are lightweight and do not lose shape or shrink like other shirts. They are moisture whicking and keep you cool, but also comfortable.
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