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Kelvin Down Hoody (2017) 

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The Kelvin Hoody brings the protection of a sleeping bag in the form of a jacket to frost ridden mountain sessions spent glassing mountain topography. Enjoy the brilliant convenience of a balmy micro climate thanks to PrimaLoft's Down Blend Gold insulation. *Product discontinued in 2018.

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27.2 oz. ; Large, 8.1 oz Fill Weight ; Large
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- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
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Billy Brazier | 01. 15. 18
I love this piece! I was able to find it locally for $199 so I jumped on it. As a note, though. I normally wear a large in all things Sitka. But, with this a medium fits me perfectly.
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Michael Lindley | 01. 04. 18
This is easily one of my favorite pieces of gear. I can’t add much more than what others have already said, but I wholeheartedly agree it is extremely warm. I will emphasize that it is meant to wear over the top of your other hunting clothes while at rest or in a stand, therefore it is cut large intentionally. Like others have said, you will melt if you try to do any significant physical activity in this jacket. But my only question is, why does the description say it is discontinued in 2018?! Surely there must be a better replacement planned. This one is going to be tough to beat!
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John | 12. 18. 17
It’s a good down jacket to be sure. The problem is that the size runs real big relative to the rest of the Sitka line. So for example if you wear a Large Jetstream jacket you will want to order this in a medium size.
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Mike Wintermyer | 11. 28. 17
I like the light weight and warmth of this jacket, I would give this part a 4 sta. I hunt hard and find the outer shell is not up to the demands of hard hunting in back country. sometimes while glassing in cold weather I'll make a small camp fire to warm up by and if the smallest ash hits this jacket it make a hole. I would recommend developing a better outer shell that will stand up to the real world of hunting and the environment we hunt in..
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Big Jim | 11. 01. 17
I own this in XL and slate color to wear all winter in OH. On our coldest day of 2nd rifle in CO I pulled it out of the stuff sack, threw it over my Jet Stream jacket with Kelvin Light underneath. It was great for staying warm for hours of glassing. The expedition cut is great to allow for plenty of room to go over whatever. This is my #1 favorite for cold temps. Awesome gear.
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Mitch Hurt | 10. 14. 17
Very light and warm. Looks great. My problem has been durability. Lots of small holes from regular wear around my kennels where I train bird dogs. One of my dogs jumped on me today and ripped a 3 inch gash in it. Down feathers went everywhere.
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Brock W. | 03. 20. 17
Sizing runs a little big in my opinion, but it is by far the largest puffy jacket I own. I wear around town on the coldest days of the year (well below zero). Don't try performing any physical task in it, you'll melt.
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David Willett | 03. 07. 17
I purchased 5 pieces of Sitka gear for last year's archery elk and mile deer hunt in Colorado. The layering system worked as advertised. Comfortable between 35 and 70 degrees, in wind and not using various combinations of layers. In addition, the Sitka gear allowed excellent range of motion. For next year's October horseback Elk Hunt I recently purchased a Kelvin Down Hoody, based upon recommendations from Sitka and Long Range Hunting staff. Two experimental hikes in 30 mph wind, sub freezing temps proved that this jacket is up to the job. Great product, great service. Don't dither. Get it!
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Robert May | 02. 02. 17
I hunted Alberta in November for ten days. Sat on stand from daylight until dark at -2 to 19 F. I used the Kelvin Down Hoody with the Blizzard Bib Pants and stayed toasty all day. Great Product.
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Allen Childs | 01. 12. 17
Picked this piece of gear up early this winter and can't be more pleased. Absolutely the warmest, lightest piece of gear I have ever worn. Layers well under the cloudburst jacket in extreme cold and wet conditions. Surprisingly wind proof and water resistant without an outer barrier. Highly recommended!
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Aaron Timian | 01. 12. 17
The insulation in the jacket seems up to par, but jacket has two problems one of them which is major. First the the elastic cuffs seem a bit weak I would personally prefer a hidden storm cuff style but that isn't a deal breaker for me. The major issue I have is with outter material. Now I understand that the material needs to be different than a synthetic fill jacket to keep the down in as one own several other brands of down jackets. The material used for this jacket is very loud when it is cold out especially when below zero, like bag of empty potato chips loud. The material also becomes somewhat rigid and very susceptible to tears when it's cold.
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Hal Goeking | 01. 04. 17
I bought the solid color of this jacket on sale, and have been trying to characterize it to see what it is best suited for in my world. I have been tremendously impressed with how warm it is - almost TOO warm if you are moving at all. I have found that it is crazy comfortable when sitting. Tonight, I decided to wear it to take the dog for walk on the bike paths behind our house on a COLD Wisconsin night (-3 degrees F, -19 wind chill). I wore the traverse top and bottom, cabelas hybrid primaloft pants, Outdoor Research Highcamp gloves, a Sitka beanie under the hood, wool socks, and uninsulated La Sportiva Trango boots. Within about a quarter mile I had begun to sweat. Off came the hood, down came the zipper about half way, and I was still sweating. I would recommend not losing the stuff sack, because you will want to keep this thing compressed as you move between rests. This is not a jacket to wear while moving. It is too hot. And I'm saying this in a -19F windchil, -3F air temp. Also, it would not be good for bow hunting, or for still hunting with a rifle because it gets very loud (rustling and crinkling) in the cold. This seems to be a great jacket for ice fishing without a shanty, glassing, hanging out around camp while winter camping, sitting and watching while gun hunting, pretty much any period of inactivity. It is not at all well suited for any activity that involves motion - even walking slowly. It is just TOO hot. But, as someone who spends a lot of time outside in Northern Wisconsin during the winter, I will be glad I have this jacket.
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Bruce Webster | 11. 29. 16
Went 4 wheeling and grouse hunting with my son in law and grand daughter. Wore this jacket and it was very warm and comfortable. Pricey, but great jacket as it kept me warm and comfortable all day. Weather was overcast and cool (-2C) but driving around on the quad was very warm. Looking to add to my Sitka inventory
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Darin Cooper | 10. 26. 16
I'm not big on writing reviews, but when something is this good, I want others to know about it! This down hoody goes in my pack everywhere! Best glassing companion a guy could want. Also great to slip on when you get back to camp after dark. Cold shall not pass!! I've used a lot of down jackets over the years, but a great one with a great hood is hard to find. Consider it found. I also use it for my pillow on backpack trips and it holds loft through the night. I wrap it in a lightweight shirt or fleece and it supports my head/neck with all that fluff. You will not regret buying this. WARNING: Do not attempt to hike in this jacket - You may burst into flames - way too warm for hiking.
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Big Jim | 03. 07. 16
Very pleased! I have other items from Sitka and this was no let up. It is a sleeping bag with sleeves. I have not had this out hunting yet but I have worn it on cold winter days and it has been very comfortable and warm. Sizing is generous, which is great. Mine is XL but it also fits under my XXL Storm Front. I will be using this under multiple shells for big game and waterfowl hunts.
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Big Al | 02. 17. 16
WARM! Seems designed a little large to go over a jacket or vest. Super nice! XL fits very well 6'1" and 220 lbs (over Kelvin jacket or vest).
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Nate | 02. 12. 16
Another great product from Sitka gear. I bought this last year after realizing I wanted a extremely warm coat for sitting and glassing as this is how I do a lot of my hunting. This coat is not for hiking or pushing brush. I used it in December on a elk hunt where the temp hunt around 10 degrees for the high and I stayed warm and dry. The bag it comes with is a plus as well when you want to store it in your pack
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Orlando Gonzales | 12. 18. 15
Used on a winter Predator hunt with the Kelvin lite pant. Kept me warm, really warm! Daily temperatures were in mid twenties. A good solution to staying warm in non-active hunting situations and perfect for glassing in late season. Im a size medium-large. I got it in worked well worn over my other Sitka gear system.
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Dustin T | 11. 06. 15
This jacket is amazingly warm. I recently purchased it to take into elk camp at 9000 feet sleeping in single digit temps. I would wear it at night in my sleeping bag and was comfortable and warm every night. The stuff sack included is an excellent addition as well. I could pack it along and wear it while glassing or times when I was not exerting myself. As a GORE product tester we use a lot of these quality products and this jacket is one of my new favorites.
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Wyatt The Horseman Hanson | 06. 10. 15
Wouldn't trade it for love nor money! However, I may end up having to buy a second one since when I took my wife with to the mountains last fall I had to keep letting her use it. So, technically, I guess I did borrow it for love. Lol. Anyway, it is super warm, sized really big for fitting over everything else, had I known that it ran SO big I would've actually ordered a size smaller since I like using it with just a shirt under it. I really like the light weight and compactablity of it. Just remember that it's light because the fabric is thin, it isn't designed to be a blizzard stopper. My arms did loose some heat when I would sit in the high wind from well before dawn until noon watching for whitetails on the North Dakota prairie with the temps maybe getting up to zero.
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Michael Bean | 03. 08. 15
Its almost perfect so I will only mention the CONS. The zipper catches constantly if done all the way up, it requires you to grab the inside of the collar to unzip after awhile. The bottom of the pockets are flush with the bottom of the zipper so if the pockets are left unzipped items will fall right out.
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Zach Remus | 03. 01. 15
Great product and amazing warmth. It packs down to nothing inside my pack. It is my go to insulation for those colder days. I love that it comes with the sack to stuff the coat in also. After having this coat for a while I found myself using the stuff sack just as much as the coat for other things. I started stuffing extra gloves, hats, and other things when I didn't need the coat in my pack. I really wish Sitka would offer some small sacks like this to stuff your gear into. Great product none the less!
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Ed Gramza | 08. 25. 14
This is the newest part of my hunting system from Sitka. The Kelvin Down Hoodie is made to keep the bone chilling cold from sending you back to camp. The hoodie is designed to be both light weight and extremely warm. At 27.20 ounces in size large, it won't weigh you pack down when hiking into the backcountry. The included stuff sack helps to pack the garment down to the size of a water bottle. When the temps start to dip or you are setting up to glass, put the hoodie on over your outer layers and you will quickly realize just how warm the Kelvin Down Hoodie is. You will feel like you are wearing a sleeping bag. As a product tester for GORE, I have tried out a lot of different articles of clothing. In the cold temperatures in Wisconsin, this has kept me in my stand long after other hunters have gone back for breakfast.
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Chris Viel | 03. 14. 14
I was looking for an all around winter coat for Thunder Bay winters and turned to companies I knew I would get a decent product from. The first thing to mention about this jacket is how light it is. Weighing only 27oz this jacket is ideal for wearing around and never gets in the way. Even for those looking to wear a back-pack, this coat doesn't get in the way. This jacket also cuts the wind and is unbelievably warm. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a winter jacket, or for any situations requiring minimal movement due to the insulation qualities of this coat. One thing I would consider changing on this jacket is the angle of the side pockets. They are on somewhat of a downward slope allowing for things to fall out of the hand pockets. Perhaps a deeper pocket (lower then the zipper) could solve this. All in all a great purchase and worth every penny!!!!
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Kevin | 01. 26. 14
I put my new jacket to a good test this weekend and it passed with flying colors. The down hoody is very warm, light, comfortable and easy to pack. I will be buying Kelvin pants now. My hunt this weekend was 22 degrees in Mississippi. I wore core next to skin, traverse insulation, 90% jacket and pants and the down hoody and stayed very warm. For those who have never hunted in this part of the country, temps below freezing with the high humidity is very cold. I also hunt in Colorado an think 32 in Mississippi is comparable to 10 in Colorado. That being said, this jacket in my opinion is good for temps down to zero degrees and below. I wore thin traverse gloves and with my hands in the pockets they never got cold. Lastly when I had the hood on with my traverse balaclava my head and face felt hot. I love this jacket.
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Jason | 12. 15. 13
There's not a whole lot I can add to what the previous review mentioned. This jacket is an absolute must when going into cold climate. You want to stay warm, you take the Down Hoody. I could wear this jacket everywhere. It will never leave my pack on cold days. Another winner from the Sitka line. If your in debate between the Kelvin and the Kelvin Down Hoody, go with the Down Hoody. My new favorite from Sitka.
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Erich Gnewikow | 10. 04. 13
Surprised! When Sitka Gear came out with this jacket I thought that it would only be for a small niche of users. Well I was wrong! As a Gore product tester I have certain opportunities that come my way, one of which was testing this jacket. On a recent hunt for September archery elk my hunting partner brought me a Down Hoody to use. I wore this jacket more that I thought I would. When I woke up and got out of my sleeping bag I put this on, it made it a lot easier to get going on the 16 degree morning. I threw it in my pack for the day and anytime we stopped for snacks or to glass I put it on. It was cold enough at times to keep it on while hiking and then just shed it once I got warmed up. When we were sitting in a spot for the evening hunt I put it on and was able to peel it off for a quick stalk. The hand pockets are insulated to thaw my frozen, stiff hands and the hood fit perfectly. Didn't block my vision and gave me some great insulation. The jacket is plenty durable too. When I was hiking in it I snagged some branches and looked down thinking "that was the one that ripped the down out" but no, not with this jacket! Not a scratch! The versatility is also something to think about. I used this as a pillow at night (also during the day), when it was really cold I zipped it up around the foot of my sleeping bag for more insulation, and when it was in my pack it worked great as padding for my optics. This jacket, combined with the Kelvin pants, could also be used as a bivy set up and leave your sleeping bag at home. If you want a great warm, comfortable, durable, versatile jacket get the Kelvin Down Hoody. You won't be disappointed!
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