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Stormfront Gaiter 

  • Scenario: Spot & Stalk, Long Range
  • Environment: Open Terrain
  • Climate: Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
$149.00 $104.30 - $149.00

This bombproof gaiter is built for extreme hunts and heavy use. New internal hook system eliminates the buckle's exposure to outside wear and tear. Full Hypalon lower is built to withstand extreme abuse. GORE-TEX® Performance Shell upper maximizes breathability while keeping water out. Full front zipper makes on-and-off access easy, with a Velcro storm flap for additional protection and durability. Top cinch cord keeps debris out. *Current style will be discontinued in 2018.

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Features & Benefits

Reinforced Scuff Guard

For additional abrasion resistance against scree and scrub.

Internal Ladder Lock System

Replaces external buckles for a lower profile.

Product Care 

Routine care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/ GORE-TEX®
Be Sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instruction – typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a scent-free, gentle detergent
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.


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Terry R | 10. 04. 17
I just wore out my first pair.....after a few years of hard use (and some abuse). An absolute must have if you're busting brush on horseback before ascending a mountain for sheep or goats. These gaiters protect your legs like a thin coat of armor. They do what they're designed complaints. I'm back online for replacements!
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Adam | 04. 30. 17
Built well, but they rub against my boots when I walk and are quite noisy. Not for stalking but will keep the water out hiking to and from your glassing point. I suppose they weren't made for it, but they don't work well over trail runners either.
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Stephen P. | 11. 12. 16
After two seasons on the Stormfront Gaiter in Kodiak, AK I can say they're tough, but there is much room for improvement. Pros: Hypalon is bulletproof, laces hook works very well at keeping the gaiter in place. Upper material is lightweight and flexible. Cons: Hypalon does not allow for much flexibility and you definitely know you have them on. Cinch band on top would not stay tight so after getting it adjusted I tied a knot in it to prevent slip. I do have skinny legs making the fit a bit baggy. When frozen the zipper is a challenge. Overall the Stormfront Gaiter works as advertised, but IMO they're over engineered.
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Matt D. | 09. 23. 16
These gaiters are easy to put on and wear, provide excellent protection against the elements, and will keep you dry. They are noisy so good judgement must be used if you are stalking or otherwise need to be stealthy and unheard. IF you need to adjust the stirrup, be prepared with a lot of patience, needle-nose pliers, and be able to spend at least 3 minutes per stirrup. The inside hook definitely stays inside the stirrup hole, a testament to Sitka's quality made products. It is difficult to remove the strap from the hook and even more difficult to put it back inside a new stirrup hole, which is where the pliers came in handy for both needs. On a recent hunt, I wore them over my Ascent pants which kept the pants completely dry from the morning dew and rain-drenched grass. During heavy downpours, the Cloudburst pants over top of this setup kept me bone dry!
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Ears | 09. 20. 16
Just got back from a 7 day horseback trip in the Tetons. We rode through snow, rain, mud, wind, and everything else you can imagine. These things literally saved my trip. Had a camera guy along and within an hour of riding in the snow, his socks and feet were soaked and freezing. Sitting in the saddle for extended periods of time caused his pants to ride up, allowing the snow to fall into his boots as it fell off of the willow marshes we were riding through. We had to stop twice to dry him out. These things kept my feed dry while riding and walking. Kept mud off my boots, and performed perfectly. One of those products you don't truly appreciate until it saves you. Love them.
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Lucas | 09. 05. 16
These things are legit. Tough as nails. I wear a size 13 boot and the l/xl fight perfectly. Some say there is a noise issue with these, but I don't have that issue at all. Wore them after a slight rain on an archery elk hunt and they were just as quite as my ascent pants.
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Dr. Troy | 04. 30. 16
Even though these are from the US, they worked well here in Canada during my cold hunting in 2016! Great present from my wife and I appreciate her research into these as they were my first Sitka products. The lower cuff is stiff in the Canadian cold, otherwise, no complaints thus far!
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Cody Colvin | 12. 11. 15
These gaiters are built to wear like iron. The upper section is light weight and flexible, the lower section is extremely heavy duty. Actually too heavy duty for my needs. The material is fairly rigid and doesn't flex very well with the boot. If you are using them a lot and want extreme durability they will fit the bill, but I'd rather have a bit more flexibility and comfort since I only use gaiters occasionally.
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bart george | 12. 02. 15
These are the best gaiters I have found. They are really well built and durable in thick tough brush. I use them all winter on cougar hunts and they stay up on the leg and protect your cuffs/boots from snow. I ordered an extra pair!
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I purchased this product at field and stream. I got them and was not sure if i would like them or not. But this whitetail season i used them and i love them! they exceeded my expectations. I will always wear them when i am hunting. They worked perfect while a was walking in wet, snowy and thick brush conditions. I would recommend these to anybody who wants a high quality product that will enable them to hunt better without the annoyance of having wet pants and water in your boots and also getting brush in the top of your boot or getting brush up your pant leg. Great product!
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John Kovacs | 09. 21. 15
ABSOLUTELY BOMBPROOF GAITER! I have literally put these gaiters though the ringer and the only thing I have found wrong is that the fabric becomes a little stained. I wouldn't head to the woods without them. They really save the lower part of your pants from getting beat up, keep your boots dry and you don't end up with debris in your boots. I have also noticed in the winter these things actually do keep my feet a little bit warmer when I do wear them. Another awesome piece of gear from Sitka. No reason why these shouldn't be with you every time you step into the woods.
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Philip Glass | 02. 23. 15
I recently tested many Sitka products on my recent hunt for Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. 15 degree mornings at 12,500' found me horseback in the Tien Shan Mountains on the border of China. The Stormfront Gaiter is the most heavy duty gaiter I have ever seen. Its construction is stout to say the least. I put them to work in rocks, ice, and snow for a week in Asia with no issues at all. They really do the job of keeping you dry.
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Josh Little | 11. 29. 14
Love these gaiters for the dryness in wet snow and rain. Problem is I walk a lot and wearing my Danner hunting boots, I find the gaiters are wearing out the leather in my boots on the back of the ankle. Where the gaiter material is sewn together there is a hard knob on each gaiter in the back. This knob is wearing right through the leather in my boot after only 10 days of hunting. Is this a defect? I'm feeling very disappointed to pay $100+ and looks like not be able to use them because they will ruin a pair of $200+ boots.
Sitka Customer Service | 11. 10. 14
Hey Troy - Sorry for the inconvenience here and any blown opportunities. I experienced the same 'squeak' or noise you are describing. For me it was the strap rubbing against the rubber of the boot. I loosened the 'leather' strap a notch and it went away. Give it a shot and let me know what happens.
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Troy Schmidt | 11. 10. 14
All my hunting heart is sitka so I bought these gators along with an entire sitka rain gear set for my 2014 archery elk hunt in colorado. Quality of the gator is amazing. Once adjusted the go on easy, don't slip down and kept my feet dry during three days of rain. Unfortunately the bad outweighed the good for me. These gators are flat out noisy. Im an archery hunter and primarily spot and stalk. No way you well get in close unless its pouring rain our windy as all get out. No matter how dry your feet are if your gator is getting you busted like it did for me no with the money.
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Craig Temple | 07. 26. 13
Lightweight, durable, waterproof and comfortable are just a few words to describe these Gaiters. I wore these a lot this past winter and found that the keep your lower legs from overheating and sweating like other gaiters do. The adjustable strap on the bottom shows no sign of wear and neither does the lower cuff. Being a GORE HuntingTech I get a chance to test out a lot of gear and these are the best heavy duty gaiter I've used. The front zipper makes these easy to put on and the boot-lace hook keeps them from riding up. A couple snaps, full front velcro and the top pull cord ensure that nothing is going to get in. I wore these walking in thigh deep snow and never had any moisture underneath, not even from the top! I highly suggest these Gaiters for any deep snow or mountain hunts you plan to do. If you don't need something quite this heavy duty, checkout the Sitka Flash Gaiters as I'm sure they'll fit your needs!
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