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Bivy 45 

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The Bivy 45 is the largest pack in the Sitka pack line. Three access points to the pack’s main compartment (top, bottom, and side), give the user quick access to all his/her gear. An adjustable blaze orange gear shelf can be deployed from the bottom partition and employed to lash additional cargo to the pack’s exterior. A quick-release rfile/bow cable system, removable pack lid, quick detach rain fly, and designated spotting scope pocket are only a few of the pack’s many features. *Product discontinued in 2018.

Open Terrain
Spot & Stalk
Optifade Open Country
7.60 lbs.
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James Hurd | 04. 27. 17
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John McElfresh | 02. 03. 17
Great pack! Roomy, quiet, carries well. The buckles are beefier now, too. I like it so much I bought two, one for hunting and one for hiking.
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John McElfresh | 01. 28. 17
I have the newest iteration of this pack and it is simply stellar. I'm a sun-up to sun-down Ohio whitetail bow hunter and with this pack, when I leave the truck, I'm good to go all day and want for nothing. I can easily carry enough layers to handle whatever conditions come my way, along with my gear, food and water. And it has a nice rain cover included, too. Mine has the new toggle-and-cord (for the lower cam) bow carry system, which is connected to the cam-lockable strap up top (for the riser) and it works great. As you tighten up the top strap, it shortens the cord and toggle, securing the bow on the left side of the pack. You then flip down the cam lock on the upper strap and your bow stays put. Pretty handy as it frees up both hands so you can drag a deer out after field dressing it. This pack is great. It's well thought out, and now I'd hate to hunt without it!
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John McElfresh | 01. 28. 17
We all know Sitka tweaks their products, and I just received the latest iteration of the Bivy 45, their largest pack. Slight redesigns have not only beefed the buckles up, but the bow holding system has also been changed to their toggle-and-cord system. The toggle can go through a lower cam hole, or the cord can go around the lower cam, which is tied in at the top with a lockable-down strap that can go around (or through) the riser, whichever you prefer. When you tighten up the top strap, the cord/toggle shortens, which secures it up against the pack. Nice. This thing is stellar. Plenty of pockets, and the included rain cover will keep your stuff dry if you unexpectedly get caught in inclement weather. The pull out meat shelf also deserves mention. It is actually a cover, attached to the pack itself, that comes out of the bottom pocket and allows you to either carry more gear outside the pack and easily access it, or you can move your stuff inside the pack outside it so you can carry out meat bags inside the pack itself and keep that weight closer to your body for easier carrying. It is cleverly designed to allow one to close the pocket back up during deployment. Pretty cool when you see how it works, and someone had their coffee that morning when they designed it. As a daylight-to-dark Ohio whitetail deer hunter, using both blinds, climber and hang on stands I can pack enough in this to stay all day and have clothing choices if I need to warm up or cool down, have food and water, and the tools with me to field dress. I can attach my bow to the pack and drag a deer out with both hands, and can shoot my bow with it on while going to my spot that day if I need to. When I leave the truck, with this pack, I'm good to go all day (or longer) and want for nothing. I highly recommend it.
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Jonathan gregson | 01. 04. 17
Haven't used it yet as I just got it, but a product video would be nice. I don't fully understand how the "quick release" bow/rifle design works. Or maybe someone can enlighten me? Much appreciated.
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Jaron | 11. 04. 15
My last 7 day sheep hunt I broke 4 buckles, I also find there isn't enough small pocket storage for first aid stuff/ knives ect... One thing I really like is how it folds down to a great size day pack. If I could build my own I would ask for a slightly bigger pack say 60l with big zippers on both sides for easy access and a bigger spotting scope pocket also more small compartments to keep me from packing extra bags to hold and keep my small stuff organized.
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Kasey Mock | 10. 06. 15
I have tried multiple different packs over the years, from external frames, internal frames, ultra light packs and everything in between. Hands down, the Sitka Bivy 45 is the best pack I have ever used. It does weigh a bit more than the competitors, but it carries lighter and organizes very well. The stability, balance and function of this pack is unmatched. I killed a bull in some steep nasty country this September. We were 3 miles from the trail head with our camps on our back. With four of us, we divided the load, shuffled camp gear around, and ended up getting the elk out in one trip. I put a full boned-out front quarter and hind quarter inside the Sitka Bivy 45, stuffed gear into the compartments, strapped the rest to the outside and walked out! Even with 100 pounds of meat inside the pack the frame was solid and stable. Awesome product.
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Gareth Rhys Williams | 07. 14. 15
This is an outstanding pack, and Sitka are great people to deal with. Pack is light, very strong and very flexible, with plenty of ways of expanding / cinching it to take varying loads. It easily handled a 50lb load of gear for a 10 day spike camp on Kodiak, and survived pretty terrible conditions in great shape. On the way out I loaded it up to 75lb and it was still very comfortable and well balanced. It could have taken more weight, but space was getting tight - If you need more volume than that, you'll need a heavy frame pack, but then you'll be carrying all of that around empty for most of the time. This pack can double for in / out loads as well as what you need during the day. The features on this pack are well thought through; eg the inward tightening belt straps. The scope pocket works well, the blaze carry flap is very clever, and the rifle carry cable system is near genius, keeping the rifle tight to the pack, but accessible, freeing hands for using trekking poles on the way out. Someone who has done a lot of hard hunts designed this pack.
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Thor | 06. 26. 15
This pack is my favorite pack yet!!! The pack is a tiny bit heavy at first but sits nice on your back causing no fatigue. If your looking for a solid pack you better add this one to your arsenal.
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william boettcher | 09. 27. 14
love the pack but the straps are already tearing after one season.
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Joe St. John | 09. 04. 14
If you read my last review on this product, I was having issues with clips breaking not just once, but 3 times!! After hearing about this reoccurring problem, the guys at Sitka Gear decided it was time for a new pack. I was a little skeptical about the clips but Corey reassured me that they had changed them, so, what does a guy that tests product for GORE do? Give 'em heck!! I loaded more gear and tried to break them. These clips held up better than ever before!! Thanks guys!! absolutely no problems with this pack anymore.
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Bridger Miller | 11. 22. 13
Awesome pack! Along with Joe, I also test gear for GORE. This was my first season with the bivy 45 and my expectations were not only met but exceeded. Took this bad boy on quite a few adventures, from multi-day hunts to packing out elk. Not only will it shrink down to fit the hunter profile on a fast paced hunt, but also haul out comfortably the hind quarter and head of a mature 6x6 bull! Tough to beat a combo like that. I love the versatility of this pack and the quality that goes with the brand! Buy it.
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Joe St. John | 07. 24. 13
This is a great pack, it's comfortable, lightweight and tough, which are in my opinion three of the most important things in a multiday pack. I test Product for GORE, and as a hunter I have found that Sitka Gear doesn't overlook any details. One of the deciding factors for me on this pack was how tight it packs down when its empty. This is huge because I can unload my pack at camp and not have this massive blob to carry while I'm out for the day. Just cinch it down, and it's like its not even there. Then after the animal is down I can expand the pack and carry out a full load. The only problem I've had with the pack so far is that the small accessory buckles (none of the critical ones) have broken a few times. However, the crew at Sitka Gear sent me a shipping label and fixed the problem at no cost to me! Thanks for the great products! Keep up the good work!
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