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Built with enough room for the well-practiced backcountry bivy hunter, the Bivy 30 is made for the savvy lightweight overnight missions. An easy to remove lid allows you to decrease your pack into a manageable day pack. This lean shaped, Alpine inspired set-up has minimal pockets to reduce weight and keep you light on your feet.

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Features & Benefits

61 Ounces
3000 Cubic Inches
Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

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LUIS ZINGONI | 05. 02. 19
I guide for long walks, archery and rifle and love it, fix like a glove even with weight. the frame and mesh on your back help to breathe and you never sweat. I highly recommend it .
Dave | 12. 19. 17
I've got alot of Sitka Gear and continue to buy it...infact just received a giant box of all sorts of new things... Including a Bivy 30 Pack.... Watched a fair number of Reveiws on the Bivy 30 and was vey inpressed with the features....well.... Without knowing that its Changed and doesn't include the Bivy pad which was one of the mail reasons I purchased it nor does it include a rain cover anymore....Sitka dropped the ball on this one for sure... Very disappointed in these changes.. Not so excited about using the pack now.
Adam W | 11. 28. 17
I used this pack during archery and a 4th rifle season here in Colorado. It is a great pack large enough to hold many things but can be tightened down for a very nimble pack. You can certainly archery hunt while wearing the pack. Nice and light, and the frame keeps it off your back which made a huge difference during this years hot archery season. I packed out 2 mature cows during my hunts and helped a relative pack out a nice bull. Of course, the pack outs were extremely heavy and grueling but the pack held up nice and did the job. Perhaps a nice frame pack would be better for hauling out meat but is not something I will carry on long hikes hunting in the mountains. This pack did all that I needed it to do. Deboned bull hind quarters dont fit (at least I could not get it squeezed in) but just about all other meat will fit deboned. I found it to be very comfortable to wear while hiking. I like the top bag as it has a pocket on the underside and quick access pocket on top for must have easy access items. However, I am not a fan of the backside buckle connections. On my pack one of the buckles on the top pocket has a female part of the buckle and the other side has a male part of the buckle. One of the sides is “buried” into the small flap that partially covers the buckle and it makes it hard to buckle at times. The pockets on the main body of the pack are sufficient for knives, compass, maps, etc. water bladder fits nice. I took out the pad folded up in the pack to shed weight as it is not a feature i use but may in the future. The belt pockets are great too for calls and similar items you need to access while wearing the pack. I thought the buckles were fine, but if it didnt increase weight or impact comfort, a slightly larger buckle may be better, but I am fine with the one it has. It would be nice if the pack came with the camo rain fly, but the grey is fine. I still working on getting the external straps adjusted to my needs, but another year should get dialed in. Overall, great pack and can hold up to carrying out meat from the backcountry.
Jake K | 10. 23. 17
The Bivy 30 is one of the worst products made. I have a Walmart back back I hunted with for 3 years and hulled out several deer with including mine, friends, and brothers. My walmart bag that cost less than $40 on closeout started to rip on the seams and the lining was coming out so I thought I would make an investment and buy the SITKA Gear which is supposed to be the best on the market. 4 days hunting on the middle fork I was pumped to go etc, I really liked the fabric and the zippers and how well it backed as well as all the options. 2nd day into the trip and first time using the Bivy 30 (Bought on 9/12/17), it didn't even have half my gear in it just enough for a day hike and if I got something down I could pack it out. SO in short it was loaded light. I was coming down a ridge from the top of the mountain and my waist buckle broke and my bag was just hanging there. we hike a lot that day a total of 8 miles either straight up or down. This was at the end of the day with the sun already down and 1 1/2 miles from camp stil. I was very disappointed and said some very choice words that I won't repeat. I was very tired and didn't need that to happen. I was able to jimmy rig some stuff together to make my pack hold for the rest of the trip but it was very inconvenient. To make things far worse my incinerator coat that was tied onto my pack on the 3rd day and that buckle broke sending my coat down a 1500-2000 ft ravine that was unsurpassable without climbing gear. Every Night got down to 11-18 degrees and the last two nights without my incinerator Jacket I froze. I brought this up to customer service and said I want a full refund they said they would not because I already used it. I said bull on that I want a full refund the crap is defective. In short customer service was some of the rudest valley girls I have ever talked to. They basically called me a liar which made me very upset and I became very unpleasant. There was no customer first here! I highly suggest people go elsewhere for their gear. there are several other high quality gear manufactures. The funny thing is my brother had an inexpensive alps pack that he had no problems with and the other 2 guys had similar. The waist clip is very hard to do up when your pack is loaded especially after hiking all day. the waist strap and clips are poorly designed. If this pack mainly stays in your truck and on small excursions it is good, but for a survival/heavy out door back back its quality and my experience is it isn't worth its weight to throw off a cliff. In all it cost my very expensive trip much inconvenience and cold. They need to replace my incinerator coat but refused. I said when a car is defective they fix it or recall them, they laughed and said, "our gear is the best and just because you dropped it down a ravine isn't my fault why don't you go fetch it". Yeah it's there because your faulty equipment failed. Very let down by sitka and their gear and their customer service. Now I know people will read this and say oh this is a Debby Downer guy and there are always negative Nancy's like this. I have bought a thousands of things online and this is the first time I have left a bad review, but I have left dozens of good ones. I just hope Sitka Gear treats other customers better and don't make them feel stupid.
Chad K | 10. 08. 17
There are several features I really like about this pack, I like how you can easily access the main bag and all the rest of the compartments. I also really like how the pack is designed to provide an air space between your back and the pack. Both of these are very well thought out. However there are some negatives I have found that really take away from the functionality and capacity of this pack. The most glaring is the design of the waist belt. This belt is completely inadequate for support with more than 30-35 pounds in the pack. The pads are small and flimsy and the strap that goes around the front is really narrow and pretty useless, especially with any sort of weight. The clips/buckles that Sitka is using right now are not good. There is better stuff out there!!! the buckle on the waist belt is small and the size and design of it makes it really hard to line up and get fastened if you cant see it in the dark, it is blocked by your binos, or have cold hands. The cinch baffle that can extend the capacity of the main bag is made of a material that makes noise when it rubs against itself, nit a super big deal except it is right behind your head and next to your ears so this swishing/rubbing noise really dominates your hearing as you move... not good. I have used the pack while archery hunting and rifle hunting for elk. I carried some meat in it and would not recommend using it for any sort of packout beyond 35-40#. I also used the packs straps to attach some elk sheds to it and it does OK with the smaller ones and will handle about 4-5 of those pretty easily, gets cumbersome with more or bigger than that (I realize the pack isn't designed for this but it did work). Overall, this is not a heavy hauling pack but works well as a day or overnight pack with lighter loads.
Nicole D | 09. 20. 17
I am a 26 year old female and it's been really hard to find a good pack to fit my shoulders and hips without causing a lot of discomfort. I was very impressed with this pack. I took it on my first elk hunting trip in the Rockies and I couldn't have been happier with how it felt. That side zipper... one of my favorite features! You can access the full capacity of the backpack and use every inch. Overall I was very impressed. Even the hip pockets were easy to open with one hand when you need quick access to your wind checker, calls or chap stick. Wonderful job Sitka! I highly recommend this pack.
Ricky Bangerter | 08. 20. 17
I have owned and readily used all of Sitka's larger packs. As a full time guide in the fall I have not found a better looking, light weight, and functional pack, Especially with in this price range. Anyone who complains about the weight of these packs should go to the gym to loose some weight or hike in the off season to shed a couple pounds because 1-2 pounds in a pack is not nearly nearly as noticeable as your physical fitness and your own overall personal carcass weight. I would never compromise quality and comfort for weight. I just wish the newer packs had as many or more pockets to organize gadgets and small supplies.
Billy Tutor | 08. 16. 17
So I ordered two of the Bivy 30 packs and I didn't realize they had not yet changed the reviews to match the new pack without the pad and cover. After a few emails, Sitka did stand behind their product as well as could be done. Even better than expected with the way other companies threat their customers. Thanks this will help me enjoy my hunt
Billy Tutor | 08. 09. 17
I decided this year to purchase a set of Sitka for my wife's and my annual hunts and hikes. The final piece of our sets were the bivy 30. When I received them I was ready for the large job of loading gear into them I noticed right away there was no pad and once we started looking there were no rain flys! so even though they advertise them via comments on this site and others they have removed the pad and now they charge 70$ for a rain fly but they made sure to keep the same inflated price of 350$ even after removing key parts! I contacted Sitka they said they changed the bag? Very disappointed I was looking for a company that regardless of price they would stand behind their gear I'm willing to pay the high cost but I expect the gear they advertise
Ken | 05. 25. 16
Fit and function of this pack are pretty good. 3 stars for me comes from the wear point where the bottom of the shoulder straps come over the hip pockets. I have small holes wearing through the hip pockets and the bottom webbing of the shoulder straps are beginning to get thin. I do like sitka gear, but not sure on the longevity of this pack.
Lucas | 09. 13. 15
Last year during my first ever archery elk season I was scolded for not having a decent pack. I went with the Bivy 30 since it seemed to be in-between a light and heavy pack. One thing I wish this pack came with was a manual. I was new to packing out game and felt a little overwhelmed with all the stuff that this pack has. Yesterday morning I took my first 6x6 bull with a bow and this pack performed awesomely. I squeezed a hind quarter one one trip and front quarter with bs and tenders on the second trip. The pack was extremely comfortable. The pack is also awesome when drawing back on my bow while wearing it. Couldn't have asked for a better pack!
Rene Cantu | 04. 02. 15
It is a great hunting-hiking pack, the way the weight is distributed is truly amazing, and because of its frame you dont have it agains you so it keeps you cool. I definitely recomend it.
David | 11. 05. 14
This is the best all around pack I own. The weight distribution is second to none, and the frame of the pack keeps it from resting on your back to keep you cool on all day hunts. Large enough to get all of my essential gear in but not so overbearing that its uncomfortable. I have put it through hell and it seems indestructible to this point.
TJ | 07. 22. 14
A great pack, well built. Have only had it for a year but love the fit compared to the the flash series. I think it's light, unlike the other reviews. I compared it to a comparable size Bad Lands and the Bad Lands was at least a 1/3 heavier. Although it was about the same cheaper, but I love Sitka. The only changes I would do is make the rain fly camo as well if possible and include a water bladder. Hard to spend that much on a pack, but once you do, you will love it.
Daniel | 03. 04. 14
This pack is all around good. It is tough, carries a load ok, (nothing over 60 pounds) and blends with the environment that I hunt well. My only real complaint it the weight. It weighs kind of a lot considering that it is only 3000 cubic inches. It is almost worth it to get an osprey pack and save a ton of money, because of the weight savings, to me. But then I wouldn't get Optifade, so its worth it, I guess. Just wish Sitka would make it a pound and a half lighter, somehow.
Mike | 10. 07. 13
This pack is exceptional in every way however the "dry weight" is just unacceptable. Those extra 3 or so pounds that should in my opinion be eliminated really make a big difference when scaling mountains all day carrying a rifle and binoculars. Anyone can make a tough heavy pack, the trick is to make a tough light pack. Great pack, great design, get the weight down and it would be 4 stars for me.
kevin | 09. 29. 13
This pack is hand down the best on the market. I have use almost every brand of pack and nothing compares to this one. The weight distribution is a amazing, and the way the pack is not against your back keeps you cool on those long hikes. I feel every serious hunter should own one of these. The pack cleans very easy as well there are next to no blood stains on my pack even after many Elk and Deer have been packed out in it.
bryan | 07. 10. 13
Beautifully constructed, this pack is an absolutely bombproof examples of quality and elegance. However, it comes in just shy of six pounds and features some redundancies. For example the pack features a mesh suspension keeping your body from the frame to help with breath-ability. The lumbar pad does not cover the frame sheet at the bottom where the pack meets the top of the gluts. Then comes the awesome aluminum frame, followed by padding? Then a frame sheet? Then the bivy pad? I feel that this design features redundancies that add the the whopping weight of the bag. My body comes nowhere near these extra layers of padding. Even if it did, the bivy pad should serve that function as well. Those resources could be allocated towards the lumbar pad to fix where the frame sheet touches the body at the bottom. This bag, being only 30L is still over 2lbs heavier than my backpacking 65L pack. Other than that, It is awesome in every way.
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