Men's Hunting Gloves and Hats

Mens Hunting Gloves and Hats for Warmth & Style

Do you need to replace your mens hunting hats and gloves? Perhaps you started out with cheap gloves and hats but they wore out quickly. Maybe you're shopping for your first gloves and want to invest in quality right from the start. Either way, we have you covered.

Types of Mens Hunting Caps

There are many types of mens hunting gloves and caps available today. What you select depends on your personal preferences and expected hunting conditions. Some of the most popular types of caps for hunting include:
  • Beanie – Whether insulated or lightweight, a beanie will wrap over your ears and forehead for warmth while hugging close to your head.
  • Trucker Hat – Trucker hats are stylish and offer mesh back panels for ventilation. They're great for everyday use, sun blocking, and a variety of hunting conditions.
  • Ball Cap – Ball caps are similar to trucker hats but without the durable mesh panel in back. Bright orange caps are great for visibility. These hats are great for a variety of sports beyond hunting.
  • Sun Hat – Designed to block the sun from your head and face, these hats have wide rims that extend from the head. They're lightweight and breathable.
  • GTX Hat – Often referred to as "Fudd" hats after Elmer Fudd, these hats have a unique style. They offer maximum protection from wind, rain, cold, and other elements of the weather.

Lightweight Hunting Gloves Available Now

Shop our collection of premium mens hunting gloves, including warm camo gloves that look just as good as they feel. Check back often to see what's new.