Gradient Pant

Gradient Pant

  • Waterfowl : Marsh
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The Gradient Pant is a pair you’ll want to wear long after the hunt is over. Durable high-gauge knit face fabric shields you from the wind and covers the high-loft Berber fleece backer for unrivaled warmth. The Gradient would be a welcome addition to any waterfowlers system and performs exceptionally well under a bib or waders.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • Waterfowl Marsh Waterfowl Timber

Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Equinox & Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

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    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
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  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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Performance Fit

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation. We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit.


    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Marsh is designed for layout and blind hunting in the marsh, standing crops, and cut stubble fields.

  • Weight: 26.1 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: High-Gauge Polyester Knit Face, Mechanical Stretch Bonded to a High Loft Fleece Backer.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Built-In Belt: The built-in belt allows you to customize the fit under layers.

  • Diagonal Thigh Pocket: Zippered thigh pocket keeps essentials secure and accessible.

  • Built-In Stirrups: The foot stirrups keep the pant from riding up when slipping into waders or your favorite rubber boots.

  • Articulated Fit: The Gradient Pant offers an articulated fit with a fully gusseted crotch for a maximum range of motion with minimal bulk.

Moisture Wicking
Gradient Pant
Gradient Pant

Why We Made This

A warm pair of pants to wear under waders shouldn’t be the job of your Saturday sweatpants. Our approach was focused on developing the ultimate pant that won’t compress under the weight water in waders, bunch at the boot and keep you incredibly warm. We found that the combination of high-gauge polyester knit face fabric bonded to high-loft fleece backer fits comfortably under waders. The tapered leg is the key to reducing bulk in the boot area. Rounding out this pant is the built-in belt for adjustments even when layered-up, the built-in stirrup for ease of getting into and out waders and the DWR finish to repel moisture without wetting-out the face fabric.

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34 Reviews
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Reviewed On 05/07/2020

I’ve tried many other brands, wader pants and I can say by far these are the best! The fleece lining is very comfortable and warm. These are apart of my go-to gear for every hunt and would highly recommend them!

Tim Austin
Reviewed On 11/20/2019

These pants paired with a midweight baselayer are absolutely awesome. The stir ups are great for putting on waders and keep the pants from bunching around the boots. I wear my gradient system around the house as its like wearing a sleeping bag, warm comfortable and durable. I've hunted in the low teens with these and have no doubts that when we dip below zero I'll be just fine. If your thinking about starting a sitka system you cant go wrong with these and the matching jacket for ultimate versatility

Reviewed On 11/03/2019

Hands down best Sitka purchase ever, behind the womens bibs. Got to wear these pants for the first time today under my bibs, i didn't worry about getting cold once. If you're thinking about buying these, just do it.

Eric Ortega
Reviewed On 04/18/2019

These pants are amazing. i wore them out on a goose hunt in early January in Pieere, South Dakota where there are no hills to block the wind coming in from the plains. I wore these pants with the Core Heavyweight Bottoms in -31 degrees and i was actually a bit toasty. highly recommend these pants to hunters in the Midwest where it gets bone chilling

Heath G
Reviewed On 03/29/2019

I lived in these all last fall and winter for waterfowl and fly fishing trips. As a guide in Idaho, our seasons run long and cold. These pants helped me shed excess weight in being able to switch to from neoprene waders to a breathable wader, without sacrificing comfort or warmth. When you are hiking your gear into the sacred spots, you want something breathable and lightweight with the ability to hold up to temps that drop below 0 F. I spent over 8O days in the blind on the snake river, in and out of the water (under waders of course) and these things are above anything else I’ve ever owned. Paired with the delta wader and lightweight base from Sitka you will outlast anyone you hunt with. From comfort to fit, to breathability and durability, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER under wader pant. Do yourself a favor and buy a few pairs, And then snag a pair of the Delta waders. Good bye neoprene waders, THE PERFECT WATERFOWL SET UP IS HERE!

Reviewed On 02/11/2019

Waited till the end of season to fully test and review these pants and I’m impressed. Worn with a heavy base layer these were all I wore under my waders all of late season and was more than comfortable. The stirrups are genius and help with keeping the pants in place in your waders. I wouldn’t go busting brush with these pants, but any other activity I’d 100% recommend these. Great product

Reviewed On 01/16/2019

Absolutely the best insulating layer out there. Manages moisture well and keeps you warm and comfortable. I have used these inside my waders, hunting bibs ect. Should be part of every kit.

N Rhyne
Reviewed On 01/15/2019

I just thought I knew what to wear under my waders. I decided to try these not expecting them to perform better than my old trusty system I had developed in staying warm under waders. Boy was I wrong these turned out to be a big shocker. They kept me extremely warm and enabled the sweat to easily escape. A must buy in my book, wonderful engineered product.

J. Tackett
Reviewed On 12/27/2018

Absolutely amazing!!!! These wader pants are on steroids! I've recommended these to everyone of my buddies!

Reviewed On 10/28/2018

Wear these under my lacrosse waders in low 40 temps and rain. They kept me warm (and actually dry even though the inside of my waders were soaked after day 2). They fit great and are really comfortable under my waders. Only thing I don't like, is the waist size. The large was too big in the legs and long, so I went with medium that fit great in the legs, but are very tight in the waist. I can't do the button up. I am 5'9.5", 160lbs. Luckily there is an adjustable belt that I can do up. If they put a side adjustable waist band in these pants, they would be awesome and 4 stars!

Reviewed On 10/27/2018

They’re great wader pants. They’re more or a less like sweatpants. They’re ridiculously warm. I’d recommend them for waders or a mid layer. Great product !

Micah Cano
Reviewed On 10/23/2018

Best sweatpants I have ever worn. I'm 5' 11" 185lbs and the large pits perfect.

Bob Landis
Reviewed On 10/17/2018

If you are on the fence about purchasing these pants pull the trigger. By far the most comfortable pants you will ever wear. Just got back from Saskatchewan and wore them every day for 12 days straight in weather from 15 degrees to 40's. I'm 6-3 280 and the 3xl fit perfect . The integrated belt is a great feature also. Did I mention they are comfortable? Great product

Reviewed On 08/15/2018

This pant is spectacular as an insulation layer. It is very warm, so much so that in temps lower than 0 I had to remove my outer layer to help myself cool down. The straps on the heels are great but beware, I ripped through mine trying to put my feet into boots. The straps may also make it so you feel the cuff of the pant in your waders, depending on what kind. If you wear stockingfoot waders with lace up boots you will 100% feel the cuffs. The face is not durable at all either. mine tore laying down in a cut wheat field. Be careful with them and wear them as an insulator and you will not be unhappy.

Reviewed On 06/01/2018

The Gradient Pant is an excellent wader pant that’ll keep you warm in some of the coldest conditions during the mid to late seasons. With a proper base layer I also use the Gradient Pant as my outer layer when I go goose hunting and ice fishing. Some of the features I like about the Gradient Pant is the stirrups, as they help you slide into your waders easily with out bunching up. I also like the two way zipper which really helps when you don’t want to take your gloves off on a cold day. Now the Gradient Pant isn’t water proof but they do repel water well and dry fast. The only concern I have about these pants is that when I got them the seams on the cuffs where kinda beat up and frayed. I’m not to concerned about this since the cuffs aren’t exposed outside when I’m in the field but still a little annoyed. In all the Gradient Pant is another great piece of Sitka Gear that’ll keep you warm and cozy in the field.

Reviewed On 01/28/2018

Overall, what you would expect from Sitka, great product. Sizing is tricky. They are made to be a slimmer fit for under waders. I am 6’ 180 lbs and all my pants are 32x32. I went with the medium tall size, they were within my size range, however the fit was skin tight. I returned them and got the large and they fit perfect.

Brian Jeno
Reviewed On 01/09/2018

Just get them!!! With out a shadow of a doubt these are the best wader pants available. Wear them around camp, sleep in them on cold nights in the tent, just wear them because they are comfortable and well thought out like all Sitka Gear.

If you wear them under your waders, make sure it is really cold...these bad larry's are WARM!!!!

Dr. Quack
Reviewed On 01/01/2018

These are the best wader pants period. Warm soft and fit perfect. Built in belt that works well and nice deep pockets.. If I could go through life wearing these all day every day I would. Treestand hunting Whitetails, ducks in the marsh or just hanging around the house these are the ones! Perfect!

Hunter Albea
Reviewed On 12/06/2017

Made a last minute decision to go outside and photograph the milky way. That process can be time consuming and for me it meant getting in the wide open fields away from lights to get the desired shot. That being said I wore the gradient pants out with a pair of tennis shoes for about 1.5 hours on a 34 degree night. NEVER got cold and stayed completely comfy in the process. Cant wait to try them with waders this duck season.

Reviewed On 10/23/2017

Ohhhh boy, these get worn more than any piece i have. Ill throw them on just to lay on the couch and watch tv. Then hop up, throw on my waders and go hunt. Great when the temps drop. However might be alittle warm for your early season hunts

Team Foskey
Reviewed On 10/17/2017

My goose hunting pants and wader pants.. great wearing pants, there warm and very comfortable can’t go wrong with Gradient pants and Jacket

Nick Kravitz
Reviewed On 03/01/2017

Talk about comfort.

The stirrups are on of my favorite features - great for layering and not having to worry about them sliding up your leg.

they are the most comfortable "sweatpants" that I have ever worn and I even use them as an outer as well.

Highly recommend buying these to add to your late season arsenal!

Reviewed On 12/15/2016

By far the best layer I've ever used!!! don't do anything under 30 degrees out side without these bad boys. Very comfy,

Bob Farrell
Reviewed On 12/11/2016

Great layer for waders/extreme cold. Like other folks mention, extremely warm, comfortable and well designed for their purpose. I recently wore mine on an exceptionally cold hunt here in MT (daytime highs below zero) under my layout pants, and was very warm.

Matt Roy
Reviewed On 11/29/2016

As my other reviews, I use the waterfowl marsh gear to hunt coyote on the edge of grassy fields. The pants are very comfy and are perfect for early fall sits.

Walker Carrell
Reviewed On 10/20/2016

One word to describe these pants.. COMFORTABLE!! I received my pair in the mail last week and tried them on when I got home. They fit exactly like they should and I didn't take them off! They're the most comfortable pants I've ever owned! I can't wait to see how well they perform this season! I'd definitely recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed On 07/23/2016

You know we spend long days setting decoys, breaking ice, brushing in blinds, and cleaning birds. So why would you not want to do it in the most comfortable wader pants out there? I'm talking go straight from the blind to the couch and pass out only to realize you're still dressed for the hunt. Do yourself a favor and get a pair of these you won't regret it!

Reviewed On 03/10/2016

After wearing these pants this season I must say that these are by far the most comfortable pair of wader pants I have ever slid into. They have also worked well under my Pantenal Bibs. I will say this, if the temperature is going to be much warmer than 40 degrees, I wouldn't recommend wearing them with a pair of neoprene waders but with a pair of breathable waders they were perfect.

Reviewed On 01/12/2016

Without a doubt the best wader pants on the market. Even after the hunt, I still wear them all day. Comfort is an understatement. If you do not have these you are missing out.

Ron Duncombe
Reviewed On 01/11/2016

The most comfortable pant I have ever worn under waders or bibs! No bunching and great fitting. They work so well you'll find yourself lounging in them after you strip off your outerwear.

Matthew Knutson
Reviewed On 12/17/2015

This is a fantastic pair of pants, I just hunted a weekend in North Dakota with temps in the teens and I paired the Gradient pant with the Core Heavyweight Bottoms and I stayed more than comfortable laying in the blind. I really like that I can wear them tucked into my Rubber Muck Boots and there is absolutely zero bunching up and they stay in place and do not ride up.

Reviewed On 12/09/2015

These pants are simply amazing! I have fallen in love with a pair of pants for sure! Not only are these things super warm, but I may have to buy another pair because i think I may lounge in them all winter long! Today I wore them while duck hunting with merino wool bottoms under and Pantanal Bibs over. That combination was the best I have worn in years...if not ever! The gore-tex under my neoprenes with pin hole leaks even kept me dry where I typically have damp fleece liners. The Gradient is so much more than I had imagined and I HIGHLY recommend this as an insulation piece if not just a comfortable around camp piece! Today was my first experience with Sitka gear and I am more than thoroughly impressed! They pay attention to detail in their designs for sure.

Shane R.
Reviewed On 11/29/2015

By far the best wader pants out there.

Brady L
Reviewed On 11/04/2015

Hands down the best piece to wear under a bib or waders, by far the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned.

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Sitka Prostaffer Greig McAlpin - 03.06.2014

Finding Beauty One Duck At A Time

"Growing as an outdoorsman and conservationist has always been important to me and this year was one of the best to date. My respect for these gorgeous creatures grew almost as much as my taxidermy bill." - Sitka Prostaffer Greig McAlpin