Hudson GTX Hat
Hudson GTX Hat
Hudson GTX Hat
Hudson GTX Hat

Hudson GTX Hat

  • Waterfowl : Waterfowl Marsh
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Properly nicknamed the “Fudd”, the Hudson Hat will keep you, your head, and ears toasty so you remain sharp and ready. The GORE-TEX® laminate will keep the moisture out and allow your perspiration to escape, while the high loft fleece lining will effectively insulate against the cold.

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  • Lo-Pro Trucker

    Low Profile hats are generally unstructured and offer a shallow fit with curved visor profile.

  • Mid-Pro Trucker

    Our Mid Profile fit offers a modern crown shape with slight visor curve.

  • Hi-Pro Trucker

    High Profile truckers offer that classic truck stop shape with a deeper crown and slight visor curve.

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Style Circumference
Lo-Pro 55 - 61"
Mid-Pro 55 - 61"
Hi-Pro 55 - 61"
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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Marsh is designed for layout and blind hunting in the marsh, standing crops, and cut stubble fields.

  • Weight: 4.80 oz.

  • Fabric: Waterproof GORE-TEX® Membrane.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Adjustable Back Buckle: For a custom fit.

  • 100% Waterproof & Breathable GORE-TEX® 3-Layer Laminate: Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® 3-layer laminate provides complete waterproof protection.

  • High-Loft Fleece: High-loft Berber fleece backer seals out the cold without added bulk.

  • Functional Ear Flaps: The ear flaps offer additional warmth and protection with compromising hearing.

  • Imported

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20 Reviews
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Connor Rock
Reviewed On 02/13/2021

This is the best waterfowl hat I’ve owned. Keeps you so warm and dry. I love it. Might not be the best for your September and October warm hunts but great anything November and beyond. Amazing!

Jolene Connelly
Reviewed On 12/30/2020

This hat is an all-around winner. Ear flaps up. Ear flaps down. Hoodie underneath and a neck gaiter for those super cold days. This hat gets a lot of wear. I use it when casually out snow blowing, or trips out in the boat, when I'm not wearing it hunting.

(Bonus points for the closure on the back to keep it fitted. I can even have my hair in a bun under this hat and it stays put!)

Reviewed On 03/22/2020

This hat is spectacular. Warm, adjustable, I think it looks great. I wear mine both hunting and fishing- probably fishing more! Only way to improve is to offer it in Timber.

Garrett Bell
Reviewed On 01/28/2020

Great hat all around, hopefully the 2020-2021 season they will have it in timber

Reviewed On 12/30/2019

This hat is a highly specialized winner. It’s super warm, only thing warmer is the Boreal beanie. It does tend to ride down a bit, especially with a hood up, but that is purely because I do not use the provided fit strap on the back. Only suggestion that needs to emphatically made is I need a Timber camo one too for diver hunting and steelhead fishing. Please!?!

Zach bishop
Reviewed On 12/18/2019

Fantastic hat. I own one and am ordering a second. One to keep for hunting, and the other everyday wear from late fall until early spring in the Upper Peninsula

Heath Buffington
Reviewed On 11/13/2019

Sitka you need to make this hat in the waterfowl timber pattern!

Reviewed On 11/03/2019

BEST. HAT. EVER. Nothing else needs to be said about this one, go ahead and add it to your cart. You wont regret it.

Dan M - DMOA
Reviewed On 10/02/2019

This is the warmest hat I own. I even like it better than the beanies that Sitka makes. The only think I wish for.... I wish it came in more patterns. I would own one for every situation.

Doug Manzer
Reviewed On 03/15/2019

I've had this hat over one waterfowl season and have used it sparingly. First off the hat is warm and adjustable so the overall fit and comfort in cold weather is great. The ear laps are well designed - far better (soft and comfortable) than other ear flap hats that I've worn. The hat is warm, so much so that I use more breathable toques for set up and take down. But once the wind howls this piece is in its element and keeps my head snug over long periods waiting for birds to show up. However, I find the shape of the brim negatively affects my vision while trying to pick up birds, and particularly when I'm in the gun at the shot. The brim has quite an oval shape and the sides tend to sit a bit too close to my glasses. The curve of the brim occasionally blocks out my pick up point on crossing birds. So when things get busy in the blind I prefer to wear other head gear. My preference would be a flatter brim and one that is slightly shorter. I have a big head @ 7 5/8 + and fairly oval in shape so finding a hat that fits well can be tough. The adjustability of this hat allows it to fit my big head apart from the brim issue. If the brim fit me better I would rate this hat much higher.

Vincent Monheim
Reviewed On 12/13/2018

Best hat ever. Keeps your noggin, ears, neck warm. Also gives your face a shadow with a small bill. Great design. You will sweat when moving around in it

Reviewed On 02/13/2018

This is a very warm hat and one of the best that I own. I really like it because it is like a mix between a hat and a beanie. It also keeps your ears warm while concealing your eyes when the birds are circling.

Reviewed On 12/11/2017

Great hat that keeps you ears toasty. I like it because it is a mix between a hat and a beanie. The bill keeps you from cow facing

Reviewed On 11/10/2017

I hunt my ducks in NW WA. The Nor eastern winds coming out of Canada, can be fierce to just downright wintery cold. At 60, I finally found the best duck hunting cap that will ever be made hands down. The wind that day was going through me bc I forgot to change jackets. My head and ears were no match for the wind. This hat will never fall off your head at overhead shots. Get this cap it's the best out there.

Reviewed On 12/29/2016

Super warm hat. Fits my large head fine. This is a sit in the cold and don't walk kind of hat. Once you start moving you will heat up!

Reviewed On 08/04/2016

Exactly what you need on a cold drizzly north wind day! Keeps the wind and wetness off your neck while allowing your head to stay warm and dry. Also, this is a very durable hat.

Reviewed On 02/18/2016

This hat is fantastic! I thought the Boreal was my favorite. I think it just got replaced. The brim helps a lot while looking East at the sunrise and the "flap" on the back keeps your neck warm when that wind is creeping up behind you. Fantastic piece of gear. Very warm and functional. It exceeded my expectations for sure!

Bob Farrell
Reviewed On 01/23/2016

Hat seems like it would be very warm and dry if I could wear it. These hats run VERY small, and I have passed that on to Sitka a couple times. Hopefully, the 2016 lineup has taken this into consideration.

Steve Jackson
Reviewed On 12/27/2014

This is the warmest piece of head gear that I have found. In fact, I have started putting it in my pack for the walk in then switching to it once in the blind or pit. This is definitely a hat for the coldest days.

Reviewed On 12/11/2014

This hat is everything I've wanted in a cold weather hat for years. Brim, waterproof, breathable, camo, warm, adjustable, soft inside. I wore it for the first time today, for a coastal marsh hunt in the snow. I never got cold or wet or over heated. I've worn three things at once on my head before, trying to duplicate what this hat does. I can't over emphasize how happy I am with way it fits and works. Great piece of gear! My forth Sitka Gear purchase, no regrets yet. Now, if I could just come up with the extra funds for a Delta Wadding Jacket....

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SITKA Gear - 08.03.2018

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