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Kelvin Jacket 

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Worn as an outer layer or underneath a shell, the Kelvin Jacket is filled with Primaloft® insulation, keeping you toasty by distancing the atmospheric climate from your skin.

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Open Terrain
Ground Ambush, Spot & Stalk
Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Optifade Open Country
24.8 oz. ; Large
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Features and Benefits

PrimaLoft® Sport Insulation

PrimaLoft® is the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Articulated Patterning

Fitted forearms offer ample string clearance, and shaped arms allow for a full range of motion.

Fleece Lined Collar

For added warmth and comfort.

Zippered Fleece Lined Hand Pockets

Keep your hands warm and your necessities within reach.

Adjustable Drawcord Hem

Seals in valuable core heat.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it; and how to care for your PrimaLoft® Garment. 

Product Comments
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Mike | 01. 21. 19
I purchased the older whitetail Elevated camo for rifle season and liked it so much I purchased a second in green to wear to work. The first I have had for at least four years and have had no trouble with wear or zippers failing. The second one has been worn to work for the last two years in NWPA weather with no issues. I really like the jacket and wish it was not being discontinued.
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Travis | 01. 08. 18
I bought this coat about 15 months ago and never intended to use it in the field hunting, just as a warm daily wear item. I wear the coat to and from work and although it is extremely warm, the durability is terrible. After just a few uses I started having problems with the main zipper to the point where it failed and had to be replaced. After I received the coat back from the repair shop, the first time I wore it the area around the pocket zipper ripped wide open. A coat intended to be an in-the-field hunting piece should not be this fragile. I would not trust this jacket on one of my Alaskan hunting trips as it barely survives my daily office commute.
Tanner Robinson | 12. 14. 17
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Chuck | 01. 09. 17
It has been well over a year since I purchased the Kelvin Jacket as well as the Kelvin Vest. I like to review items after they have been put to the test. I bought the gear with a float hunt for Moose and Caribou in the Brooks Range beginning in mid September. Temperatures can greatly vary but we averaged temps in the mid 30's to lows of about 20. My greatest concern was for my body core. My plan was to wear a merino base layer under a wool "commando" type sweater and top it off with the Kelvin Jacket and the Kelvin Vest underneath the jacket in case it got really cold on the river. I never even took the vest out of my dry bag. Of course when heavy rains began, I pulled out my waterproof shell as to not get the Kelvin Jacket saturated. However, the Kelvin Jacket did perform well and repelled light rain and snow.
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Jeff A | 11. 28. 16
i bought this jacket in both xl and in xxl so that i had the option to layer either over or under the jacket depending on situation. seems like a very high quality jacket. unfortunately though, it generates an unfathomable amount of static the point that it is miserable to wear/take-off. my other sitka gear has been good, but i'll be getting rid of these jackets.
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Big Al | 01. 09. 16
Elevated Forest pattern Kelvin Jacket size XL. Plus ++++ Very warm and light. Good snug fit when zipped up around neck. Many compliments received on good looks. Minus - very static prone in dry Michigan winter. More than any other of my jackets by far. A little short in length. I am 6'1" and 220 lbs. An XL Tall size would be nice.
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scott | 12. 28. 15
The jacket is extremely warm for its weigh, but not very durable in the field. The fabric has torn several times on the sleeves by thorns or brush. I expected it to be more durable fabric considering the cost of the jacket.
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Lou | 11. 28. 15
This is a workhorse of a jacket. Works great above or below a shell. Just spent 8 days in -15d C (5d F) in windy snowy northern bc moose hunting with bow. I wore merino base layer with a little vest and the Kelvin jacket. I'd throw my stormfront on top when quadding to my hunting area. I stayed nice and toasty the whole trip. When I was hiking I'd stuff it in my backpack. This is a piece of mind jacket. I never worry about the weather. I can get it wet or dirty and it still functions great. Nice lined pockets for warmth on your hands. I do wish there was a detachable hood for extreme cold. I have a mountaineering and ice climbing background so I know the limitations of down and I get a sick pleasure at pushing gear to its limit and beyond. That way I know the limits of what I can get myself into and out of. Great gear Sitka. Keep up the good work. And your customer service is top notch. They've completely taken care of any of my issues I've ever had. Thanks!
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Mark P | 11. 07. 14
One kick butt jacket, wear it under a GORE shell steelheading in northern Michigan. Great warmth light weight and sweet looking. Handles 20 degree temps without a problem. Sitka is now my go to steelhead wear. Bad to the bone!
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Ryan | 11. 06. 14
I have had this jacket for about a year before writing this review. Besides hunting I have a decent amount of experience in mountaineering, hiking and camping. With that being said Sitka’s Kelvin jacket along with all of their other products I own has bridged the gap between technical mountaineering, high performance outdoor clothing and injected it into hunting. I never leave home without a puff jacket at least in my day bag or truck and always had to turn to other places (non hunting company’s) for that option to use for my hunting load out. When I found the Kelvin jacket and started to use it I was extremely impressed with its weight to warmth ratio, quality and just overall performance. I have used it in the dead of winter in a tree stand with temperatures ranging from 0 to mid-30s with just a wool long sleave and Sitka’s traverse pullover on and never once was cold. It did a great job at cutting out the wind even though its not “rated for wind shear”. The only kind of negative I will say is that it’s not the most packable puff I have ever had but it is most certainly doable and not something I would hold against it in any way. If you are looking for a great piece of gear to add to your hunting kit I would defiantly consider this one.
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Jamie Lilly | 10. 08. 14
A must have insulation piece and a key to staying warm in the freezing cold late whitetail season! Very impressed on how warm this jacket is, but incredibly packable. I will be purchasing the Kelvin pants very soon!
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Angelo Grippando | 09. 20. 14
Very excited about the kelvin jacket. You can feel the warmth being trapped by the insulation and creating a heat pocket around your body. Plan to wear as an insulation and outwear piece. I like it so much that I plan to buy a solid version for wearing around town. Would love to see this in the forest pattern for the lite version. Would love to see a Kelvin beanie as well.
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Remington Clark | 08. 29. 14
One of my most trusted tools for the high country. A friend turned me onto the Kelvin Jacket, explaining the warmth and comfort. After using this jacket by itself and layering it, I see what he means. This jacket cuts wind out and keeps a skinny guy, like me, warm!
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James Ellisor | 07. 12. 14
Great jacket. Does it's job and more. Used this jacket under me shell last duck season. Always kept me warm. Even in 10 degree weather on Tillamook bay here in Oregon. And for me one of the best parts is my girlfriend likes the pattern. So I get to wear it alot more around town. Always get comments and compliments from people on it. Ive had it almost one year now and it still looks like the day I bought it. And I wore it probably between 60-70 this last year. GREAT GEAR
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Cameron | 02. 15. 14
As a member of Special Operations in the United States military, I have worn just about every jacket under the sun. I purchased this set of top and bottoms before one of my more recent deployments and they performed far greater than I expected. I have worn them in about every cold environment imaginable and they have stood the test without compromise. One such trip took me above the arctic circle near the ocean...nothing is more miserable than the freezing and the wet in combination. Once again Sitka developed a product that surpasses all others. This jacket in unbelievably warm for a synthetic honestly blew me away! Bravo've done it again!
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Daniel | 01. 29. 14
This is a great insulation layer for mountain hunting, warm packable and a good fit. Thanks, Sitka!!
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James | 09. 11. 13
Pretty good jacket. Almost perfect all around jacket, except for the fact that it isn't completely waterproof. I take this on all my Alaska hunting trips.
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Product Technology


PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.